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Asatru, Viking Poetry,

Asatru, Viking Poetry, New Wave, Punk, Folk Pagan and Viking Metal satr arf lagi founder, Sveinbj rn Beiteinsson, was one of the great traditional poets. The traditional Scandinavian poetry called R mur. During the 70s and 80s, was Beiteinsson Sveinbj rn groups working with new wave, Icelandic punk and industrial rock. The artists who contributed were the Psychic TV eyr, Killing Joke, Kukl, Sugarcubes (groups in which the artist was singer Bj rk), Frostbite and Purkur Pilnikk. Sveinbj rn always had a keen interest in youth. The current Hilmar rn Hilmarsson Allsherjargo i was a member of the band Punk eyr and has collaborated with the punk group Psychic TV. Today is dedicated to making soundtracks for movies. The second wave of Asatru Folk rock and can be found in the folk music phenomenon of Scandinavia and Viking Metal: Scandinavian Folk groups recover traditional music-themed pagan Asatru.The reference groups are Hedningarna, Gamarna, Gjallarhorn, and Krauka Valravn. Some of these groups are very popular within the groups and Asatru Scandinavian Forn Sed. The other phenomenon within the rock is found in the Viking Metal, a style that evolved from the Black Metal and Folk. The precursor was Bathory group that has given the lines to the groups that have continued. Within the groups there are many who have continued to respond to the name of this genus: M negarm, Einherjer, Equilibrium, Odroerir, Mithotyn, Svartsot, Heidevolk, Turisas, Thyrfing, Tyr and Amon Amarth. The lyrics of these groups seek a greater or lesser extent topics related to Scandinavian folklore, although many of them deal with many other philosophical issues such as death or fate in life. Among all of these two groups should be emphasized nothing commercial for their dedication to the dissemination of these philosophies: with Vratya Vakya Falkenbach and Windir with Valfar (3 September 1978 – January 15, 2004), or Moonsorrow.These groups, along with a small minority, account for most of the songs stories of Norse mythology, not to widen the songs that perhaps were most successful as songs of war or party, as do, among others, the famous Ensiferum and Korpiklaani. In fact, these groups have argued that the term Viking Metal is not appropriate to describe them. According to them, or even Pagan Metal skaldic are terms that fit much better than his style of music. All this comes from the growing importance of the Nordic culture, which, by the stereotyped image of Viking helmets with horns, or the bloody battles, trying to settle in the same genre in which they are from the first named groups before addressing issues purely pagan. There are also Viking Rock groups, these are headed by Ultima-Thule group who also have a stamp that publish or groups like V lund Glittertind smed.We may note at the scene Viking Rock bands like Hel with (two female vocalists), Midgards S ner, Elgrind or Carolinerna. Out of these modern groups, were within the Heavy Metal Manowar that since 1979 until today remains firmly the ideals of the Viking culture from the hand of Joey DiMaio and Eric Adams.

Lunch and dinner

As in almost any country, the food can be found in restaurants is usually more abundant than that consumed by ordinary people in their homes. However, if you are one of these establishments or if invited by a Frenchman at a fairly formal meal at home, the usual order of the plates (saving the regional differences that may be) shall be as follows: Ap ritif. It is customary to welcome with an alcoholic beverage: sweet wines such as Porto, mistelas as Pineau des Charentes, alcoholic drinks herbal or cocktail as kir (white wine and cranberry or blackcurrant liqueur). It is accompanied by some food (usually cold) as appetizers, pickles, sausage, nuts, olives, etc.. The concept is similar to Spanish tapas. Entr e or hors d’oeuvre. The first course is usually lighter than in other cuisines, closer to the Italian antipasti.Salads are common (salades), soup (Soup) for dinner, platters of raw vegetables (crudit s), varied sausages, pates, certain fruits such as avocados or eat grapefruit starter, cakes and pies as p t Lorrain or quiche. Plat principal or plat de r sistance. Here is serving meat or fish in its different preparations, but can also be made with rice, pasta or vegetables. Valen ay table cheese, Ossau-Iraty, Bleu d’Auvergne (cheese), Epoisses de Bourgogne, Neufch tel, Saint-F licien. Fromage. Among the main course and dessert is customary to serve a selection of cheeses to taste. Dessert. The dessert can range from simple fruit or yogurt to candy any more elaborate. It is usual to conclude the meal with an espresso, and if desired with a small glass of liquor (digestif), such as Armagnac, Cognac, or various fruit spirits, to help it down.Although in some areas north and east part of the beer culture, it is usual that the meals are accompanied by wine (whose color varies according to the dishes served.) In the Champagne region, it is traditional to serve champagne throughout the meal. During the week, regular schedule for meals is between twelve noon and one thirty in the afternoon, while for dinner at restaurants open from 8 to 10 and half of the night. While these are the shopping hours, family meals on weekends can be extended considerably.

The First Truly Simple Calorie Chart

With the diet by an experienced expert Peverell Vaillancourt developed calorie calorie calculation traffic light is finally obsolete. The calorie-light is probably the quickest and easiest to use calorie chart of the world and is also ideal to take away. Thus, the calorie-light, are listed in more than 2,600 foods and many branded products, the perfect companion of any low-calorie diet. Many nutrition experts and doctors recommend that their overweight patients, the calorie-light. My experience in nutrition has shown me that many overweight people have traditional tables, I find impractical and therefore developed the traffic light concept, says Peverell Vaillancourt from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne. The principle of calorie-light is as easy as it is revolutionary: Here show the traffic light colors green, yellow and red, very clear whether a product is suitable for losing weight, or should be rare on the menu. The table works, the author hasa concise introduction to a healthy diet with lots of tips for effective weight loss preceded. At over 100 pages in all major calorie-light foods and many brand name products from A to Z list. This eliminates tedious searching. My goal was to create a calorie table, where everyone can find everything right away, says the author. The expert has developed six years ago, the traffic light concept, based on the evaluation of the ingredients on the basis of nutrient density. The data are based on calorie-light of the Federal Food and key manufacturer’s instructions. Decrease after the traffic light is really easy with the calorie-light a breeze, because if the Sattfaktor shows the color green, it means a full meal is allowed. While the conventional table works to revert to nutritionists, dieticians and physicians, is the calorie-light even when the format and the equipment that is kchentauglich, fully focused on the consumer. In the light of the number of Knaur publishers are stillpublished: 1 The GX-2nd traffic light diet The vitamin 3rd traffic light The diabetes 4th traffic light The cholesterol and fat-5th traffic light The rheumatoid arthritis and gout traffic Bibliographic Data: Calories traffic lights, Peverell Vaillancourt, Knaur Verlag, ISBN 3426643162, 8.90 euros Editorial Service: review-copies can be requested under. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The CEC is a group of nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and other natural and social scientists. The well-known medicine journalist Peverell Vaillancourt directs the CEC and is the first chairman of the German Competence Center for Health Promotion and Dietetic Association nutrition communication and health journalism (CEC), Attn: Peverell Vaillancourt,Gotenring 37, 50679 Kln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,,

Likrelle By Udo Lindenberg

“Art” in itself is a very broad term, and ultimately it will hardly take the two people are equally accurate for the term to define. The famous singer Udo Lindenberg example, is well on its way also a respected artist, because he has developed an entirely new kind of art. His paintings, which he described as “panic painting” that is there in most cases from a very unusual materials, from liqueurs. Mostly he uses colorful liqueurs, and use it similar to water colors. Thematically, the artist painted this mostly deals with issues that he addressed in his songs. Often deals with alcohol and human destinies. Meanwhile, one can say that painting Udo Lindenberg more than that, he sings – his work on canvas has now become a veritable assembly line work. But one that pays off. The pictures of Udo Lindenberg are also very popular among the connoisseurs of the art scene and will be recognized and long established galleries, such as in the Galerie Zimmermann &Heitmann in Dortmund, sold. Many times the famous artist was honored for his work. The works of art sometimes achieve top prices. Many of the images he painted also the same in different variations and in different formats. This allows each customer to choose his image just after its creation – whether now or under consideration in aspects of the color of greatness. Udo Lindenberg’s just brilliant in all areas – even as a businessman. Will continue as long as the creative period of Udo Lindenberg can not say, and even the artist himself is silent on this subject. But while he has fun at work and this will be suitably rewarded in art circles, we must still look forward to many works of the painter.

And for the

And for the record that on vacation, nothing, it was not possible, since neither we are dedicated to banking or politics, only characters who this year have been going on vacation good. But this is something we are not going to play, because at least here, is irrelevant. Comment that, as usual, and without a precedent, we have not (yet), find support, sponsor, sponsor, etc. Things are bad, they say in Cuba, and at this stage, we should be preparing the equipment and luggage, we are still waiting for a sponsor of the sky falling, but that I no longer possible, the only thing falling sky is water, where no ice, so we’re going to have to rely on our own, which only contributes to further delay the start of this blogcumental.What can we do, s tough, we were unable to adequately document the carnival guajiro, hurricanes, luckily, at least until the time of this writing, have been nothing spectacular or destructive harvesting, migration of various birds from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and so on. … Anyway, better not think about it. Anyway, do not lose hope and possibly in the next three months we get support, you never know. And if we do not find, as he or they will lose. The problem is to get our share of funding going to take us a few months. So we ask all our visitors and supporters a little patience, we do what we can to bring this project to fruition, even without help. For now, what it does mention that we lost today was the carnival, to attend the beginning of the school and the controversial concert of Juanes, Victor Manuel, Los Van Van, Miguel Bose and Luis Eduardo Aute, among others, in Havana.

Heating Oil Hire Purchase – A Good And Cheap Alternative

Financing, payment in installments, installments or finance purchase – no matter how known – are becoming increasingly popular. And not just because the financial health of the citizens in recent years has disappeared, but also because for many consumers, it is more convenient and easier. When buying heating oil, in addition to the convenient monthly installments also the great advantage that much when ordering the entire annual requirement over a smaller subset ordered cheaper and thus the cost of financing is typically more than can be reabsorbed. So the price is purchase of 3000 liters is usually cheaper by about 3 cents / liter than at 1000 liter batches. Thus, 90 euro will be saved, which are at the present level in about the cost of financing. In addition, the customer can order heating oil when the price of its opinion, is most favorable. Differences in the course of more than ten cents per liter are reported almost every year. Because it makes a difference when the oil is stored. In FastEnergy, the greatOnline marketer of heating oil that is certified as the sole online provider in this segment by an auditing firm (Trusted Shops), the purchase of fuel oil on the installment now being offered for almost a year and also well received by customers. A preliminary review has already taken place online during the ordering process, so that our customers know within a very short time, if his application is approved. The process is very simple and the fuel delivery can normally be made within days.

Huge Collection Of Recipes

Who of you has not at least one or two recipe books are in the closet, which he has acknowledged for years not even look anymore because they are outdated, or the recipes in it are usually too expensive, so it almost never happens. This problem has certainly not only you but many of your fellow citizens as well. The operators of this site has now considering a slightly different concept for a cookbook, because it offers a huge cookbook on the Internet. Great food and great service at Great prices, too. There are numerous recipes sorted into different categories. Like lots cookbooks together. Many of these recipes are also provided with a still picture, so you already know beforehand how it will look like afterward. The best part is that these recipes are not provided by a master chef, but that there are recipes in the daily lives because is a cooking community for “hobby cooks and amateur chefs. The recipes are therefore also suitable for everyday use and master of a non-full-time chef. Anyonethe read of the recipe is not quite sure can themselves like too see what other users to the recipe, for some recipes have been tried by other users and comments, making it easier for inappropriate prescriptions is select it. Let’s go and search through the recipes in the categories: casseroles, Foreign kitchen, baby and infant foods, bakery products, bread dishes, egg dishes, meat, vegetables, fruit, pizza and many other categories over a recipe and try it directly. The best part of this service is that it is completely free for you. As well as the cost of freedom is that the operator is also distracting ads waived superimpose the entire image. So have fun while cooking.

Downshifting – The Job Downshift

Plow all day long, from morning till late at the office slaving, and continually making overtime – as the everyday look of many career people. However, this way of life is far from healthy: With time, the body begins to defend himself. The number of managers who suffers from the so-called burnout syndrome, is increasing steadily. Also keep a Karrierejob not only to ensure that affected the health of the people affected – no, most will also destroy their privacy. But there are more people who consciously choose against this development and are committed to the so-called down-shifting. Switch back Down Under Shifting () one knows how to set limits on the job and not to run all the loads. Most Down Shifter change so in a job which, although with less responsibility and pay is linked to a poorer, but this is less stressful and more leisure time allows,. For several years, must be held in Germany, too, that the down trend is shifting more and more popular. OriginallyThis trend comes from the U.S., but now he is spreading within Europe. Thus it is mainly the British who are no longer willing to slave away in the break job. In Europe, the British take matters into Downshifting in any case a kind of leadership. In Britain the number of Down Shifter is particularly high – it is so large that there is the issue of Downshifting become a major concern. In Britain, most workers are familiar with the concept – and many workers know all too well. For, in addition to the workers there are also the employers who need to be faced with this development and devise appropriate solutions. Otherwise they run the risk of having to constantly fill some positions with new employees. Because the employee search usually very ornately decorated – and particularly in filling leadership positions – is often associated with high costs, more companies are still working out appropriate measures to implement employee retention.

The Headset Phone Accessories

Calls to the mobile phone can quickly become quite expensive. This has nothing to do with a suboptimal rate have to do. This is the case when one is caught driving a car there when you take a cell phone only in the hand. However, it is completely free of charge if you use the headset as mobile phone accessories for mobile use. Also health, it is essential to use the headset as a convenient cell phone accessories. Because the antenna of the mobile phone is thus further removed from the head. The burden of the electromagnetic field of mobile phones this fall. Therefore, many handset vendors headset as a standard accessory with the sale equally offer. On some models, the headset is on sale is by default a member yet. Are important to the headset snug, comfortable headphones and a lightweight and ergonomic operation. Elastic earhook not press on the ear, are advantageous and convenient. It is also advantageous to be able to wear the ear hook either left or right. Modern Bluetooth technology allows wireless headset with the mobile. connect This is a great advantage and contributes greatly to safety when driving. Especially important is a good sound quality of headsets. The trade offers even special headsets for motorcycle riders. The perfect headset phone accessories can be found in technology markets, and of course the Internet. Due to the large, unwieldy supply it can not hurt if we can advise you. Kl.-M. Meyer

Kill Bill Volume 2 By Quentin Tarantino

At the beginning of the film the viewer has again the experiences from the movie “Kill Bill Volume 1 freshened up”. The lead actress “Kiddo (Uma Thurman) also mentions, who else is on their bill, which must be settled. The 2 Part is indeed an independent film, but you should at least have seen the first part or informed. Her last opponent in front of Bill, is a guy named Sidewinder, defenseless raises the experienced ex-assassin, incidentally, no one in his way. It will certainly not be easy, because Sidewinder is the brother of Bill. The actor Michael Madsen plays Budd, aka Sidewinder. He lives in the desert in a bad camper. Of course, Sidewinder has been forewarned and Kiddo spirited runs into the trap. A shot from a shotgun, she stretched down, and shortly afterwards a real film follows highlight. The cinema hall is suddenly the coffin, the viewer is sitting in front of a black screen and sounds like Kiddo is buried alive by Sidewinder. But is that really the right solution was disposed of, to KiddoKiddo had learned some time with the best Chinese teacher of all time. Kill Bill 2 thus provides a unique new movie experience. Again, Quentin Tarantino’s unique style comes to light: The unchronologische narrative style, as one knows from his films such as Pulp Fiction. He is one of the few directors who understand how a story so cleverly staged. Conclusion watch: Both parties necessarily, Kill Bill is a cult and a genuine masterpiece by the best current director.