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Desktop Search

How do you understand that we are in this article will focus on the banners. At my practice I have seen too many virus programs. Here we discuss the specific "viral advertising banner." One of the most common banner which opens on your desktop, while fully closing the desktop. What should I do? Try to understand … Credit: Mashable-2011. The main thing – never send SMS payments. The Internet offered a lot of ways solutions to this problem. We focus on one and in all my cases, the only effective way. The virus enters a computer as an application file type: porno_video.avi.exe It replaces the windows boot process explorer.exe In order to remove this file should be in a program of Live CD – ERD system.

Load the system from it. After afford any built-in File Manager, find the folders porno_video.avi.exe in which you can download the file. Find delete, reboot the system normally. When loading windows will not open the desktop, and simply show a background image. This is not frightened, no need to re install the operating system. Do this: On the keyboard press the keys win + u open the manager of special features. In this window there is a link to go to the site of microsoft, press, and the browser opens.

In the address bar of your browser write: C: Windows egedit.exe Start Registry Editor. It's simple we find this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon option Shell. In this case, the value here is C: …. porno_video.avi.exe completely replace the line on explorer.exe and again restart your computer. On the next boot all will work. I advise you to put a good antivirus and do not go to questionable web pages.

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Start Learning Mental Ray Setting

Now more and more people begin their acquaintance with unjustly deprived of proper attention visualizer mental ray, the included software 3d studio max, and hence free. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. When I first met him in the second version of 3ds max, then while still quite green trideshnikom without the internet, picked at it, poked, but so do nothing coherent I did not succeed. Not really helped and helpovsky file with the lessons of 3ds max, because on my license disk is not very there was no scene files for these lessons. It is unfortunate that the internet and I was not there, otherwise we would avoid many mistakes. In the wake of the public obsession with popular visualizer VRay, I also joined him. He became standard for rendering interiors and exteriors.

But with his bunch of obscure settings can deal indefinitely, and the result is quite unpredictable. In the meantime, was released the next version of 3ds max – 2008. And then people began to understand that why you need something a third-party, something to quack or, in extreme cases, to buy when there is already a complete, intuitive, high-quality renderer – mental ray. Unfortunately, the lessons it there is at times less than in VRay. Still, I managed to find high-quality lessons in mental ray. He was incredibly happy when wandering the web in search of new and interesting lessons came to a good site for 3D-graphics. The site features rare Lessons for rendering in mental ray.

A collection of teaching materials is a course of lessons. The first thing I recommend to pay attention to the lesson for the visualization of the interior in mental ray. Here, in the course of the lesson covers the basic adjust the lighting and rendering the room. If you think that a quality rendered in mental ray interior is not possible, err. It makes no sense to install VRay and re-mount manual. Everything is already there at the max. For beginners – the most it. I, in particular, to fulfill the order of a famous jewelry company for rendering of diamonds and other precious stones needed to create caustics in mental ray. Based on this lesson I settings were made and the process of rendering. The process of creating materials of precious stones in mental ray, shaders, lighting and rendering. The resulting diamonds are easily confused with the real thing. The result looks amazing. If you still doubt whether the mental ray to perform tasks that you have decided to VRay, hesitate away. Mental ray is able to easily digest the heavy scene and produce photorealistic image. Not for nothing that Hollywood film companies often use it to create computer graphics in his films. In these cases, VRay will look simply ridiculous joke J Therefore I propose to evaluate the possibility of a visualizer and myself to decide whether go to mental ray.

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Advanced Audio Codes

Since transmission of a video stream can be carried in H.264 or MPEG-4 Part 2 at its maximum VGA resolution and a frequency of 30 c / s, and two or more fluxes in M-JPEG will be transmitted with the same parameters and smaller images, as in wired and wi-fi channels. Used to the maximum functionality of the M1031-W allows software Axis Camera Station v.3.0, which is installed on your PC or laptop. At implementation of surveillance with mobile wi-fi camera can be operated and controlled by software Axis Mobile Monitor. Russified software Axis Camera Station supports all the features of the new camera, and view "live" video in a single- multiscreen mode or in any of three compression formats H.264, M-JPEG or MPEG-4 Part-2 video recording to your hard drive, search and play it from the archive. Another competitive advantage M1031-W – this is a built-in microphone and active dynamics, which provide two-way audio between the location of the camera operator and using a digital format, AAC (Advanced Audio Codes). Through an audio interface, wi-fi camera can transmit video monitoring center synchronized audio with video, which increases the information content of video. The operator can broadcast video camera recorded through the speaker on audio or recording voice ad.

In addition to the M1031-W is equipped with still and video audiodetektorami movement and supports the active warning about attempts to staining or close the lens, damaging the camera or change its direction of view. When you receive an alarm, wi-fi camera can trigger recording of video sequences disturbing in its own buffer capacity of 16 MB to your hard drive, as well as send a message with the attached staff events specified e-mail, and put disturbing images on the FTP-server. New miniature wi-fi camera M1031-W Axis, has already arrived in the Russian market and their retail price is 240 EURO, including VAT. For more information on the M1031-W, as well as other IP-cameras and software brands AXIS please e-mail or by phone: (495) 787-3342, 937-9057 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", which is the official Russian distributor of IP- hardware and software companies AXIS. Swedish company Axis Communications is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of network equipment for IP-Surveillance. It produces and markets a classic and mega-pixel color and the "day-night" IP-cameras, dome cameras and swivel, wi-fi cameras, decoders, one-, four-and multi-channel video servers and software for digital video surveillance systems based on local area networks and the Internet. AXIS has offices in 18 countries and staff of over 500 people. Over the years, it has more than 1.5 million network cameras and servers, AXIS at sites in 70 countries. About 95% of the company's sales account for foreign markets.

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Where there is no vision, the people perish proverbs 29: 18 La Bible thinking strategically means something else to be alert to the opportunities presented to us. You need to have a specific purpose, a clear sense of purpose. It requires also have a clear vision: sense of direction of where you want to move forward. A saying goes without vision there is no occasion. Whenever Kai-Fu Lee listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The key element that moves the mind of the strategist is the projected long-term vision. In this sense, the mind of the strategist always has plans for the future, they are constantly viewing options and evaluating scenarios, because they have a purpose clear, articulated in objectives. He not only sees the present circumstances, but that it is picking up patterns and alternatives that others do not see, as a result of having developed the habit of raising his eyes toward the horizon and look beyond the situation in which they live, which allows you to have capacity of response to unforeseen situations, to anticipate problems and their solutions, because the mind of the strategist thinks with a vision of long term, with a sense of purpose, not be entertaining on a daily basis and short-term. Now the vision that guides the strategist not only is in his thinking but is also present in their emotions; It emerges from its own needs.

The strategist (leader or Manager) need to take emotional contact with the vision, as well as he assumes the commitment and the responsibility for achieving this. >. It is the passion that develops by the vision, what keeps you motivated to carry out strategic actions aimed at realizing this. His emotional contact with the vision and their own needs, your vision becomes an internal compass that guides the strategist. If at some point you lose that internal reviews and events force him to act, it will no longer operate in a strategic way, and will start to react to crisis situations.



You create new markets, how open innovation, open innovation process in the companies designed to while some companies still waiting, that the crisis is temporary, others are long, to create new markets. These companies develop their products by adding new values to them. Provided the functionality and quality of the new benefit, for example, in the design, in the emotional or the targeting of a clean environment can be. The designer of bathing cultures Dornbracht presents itself a successful innovation on the example of the shower. Kai-Fu Lee insists that this is the case. Innovative ideas come not only from the development departments of the companies, but are contributed by all employees and external partners, in the innovation community discussed and evaluated. Successful companies rely on the collective intelligence. Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps, an expert on open innovation in manufacturing SMEs in Germany invites in the context of this lecture to a round of Joint creativity.

Participants This lecture impulses take home, to make the products of the future. Dr.-ing. Angelica Kolb-Telieps builds on long-term success as a consultant and Director of research and development in the industry and has received the best Innovator Award for an innovation management 2003. More information is available on the website of the StrategieCentrums of South Westphalia:

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Online Strategy Trends

Why should owners decide on responsives Web design? Interested in the digital industry stumbled probably often briefly RWD – lately about the term responsive Web design “or responsives Web design”. Technology as a medium for design is subject to constant change – RWD offers great benefits for all applications. Why? Because of the trend of responsive Web design allows to create a concept that is also device friendly as user friendly – in one and the same design on various devices using screen layout. Truly a new trend in innovative Web design. In the past, designers needed to create different websites for their clients to meet the demands of laptop, cell phone and PC alike. This resulted, in view of the many different platforms, often interruptions for maintenance and service or delays in updating the content offered on the different pages. Responsives webdesign does not need different Web pages, as it allows the representation of a single design in relation to the properties of different output devices.

How can I tell that I consider a responsive website? One way to determine this is the resizing of the browser window. If the page elements or the represented contents independently adapt to fit in the display of the respective output medium, then you know that the page responsivem Web design has been optimized. How does responsives Web design work? Responsives Web design works with so-called media queries, which in turn are based on CSS3. Task of queries is to allow the developer to edit the screen layout. CSS3 queries read from the screen properties such as height and width of the device-dependent browser window. You also determine whether a mobile phone in portrait or landscape mode works. These parameters are different from device to device, however, is depending on the displayed page – from the actual main page- all represented. Another advantage: the screen sizes of different end devices vary greatly.