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Alkacon Software Published

Version 8.0.4 for OpenCms integrated the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for full IE 9 support. Now with Italian and Russian localization issues, provided by the OpenCms community. OpenCms is one of the most popular open source content management systems for Web sites. Significantly developed the new version of Alkacon Software GmbH, supported by an international community of OpenCms developers. OpenCms 8.0.4 is an update that improves browser compatibility and fixes several bugs of version 8.0.3. The major new features and improvements in OpenCms 8.0.4 of the newly integrated TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor supports IE 9 now with Italian localization, provided by Antonio Cordeddu of the Russian localization by Alexey Chirkov of provided.

The dialogues of the ADE context menu are now configurable. Search indexes can now be optimized process management. Improved handling of already deleted users in the user management permission dialog. Improved handling simultaneous Locking in offline operation can complete list of improvements, as well as the bug in this version, peeking in the English release notes. Key features of OpenCms 8 In the “Advanced direct edit” mode can be created new page content now easy drag & drop.

The sitemap editor lets you create new pages and modify the navigation structure using drag & drop. A complete HTML-based dialog for uploading multiple files replaced the old “upload applet” “Content subscription engine” users can be informed automatically about changes in important documents. The XML editor now supports content elements. The publish dialog supports session based selection of content, such as add or remove individual resources. Enhanced support for the production of content for mobile devices with the tag. A central “shared folder” was recorded, which is accessible from all sites to share content. JPA was connection added at the database level. Enables the connection of more than 10 other databases. All OpenCms users recommend that customers update their installation to version 8.0.4. OpenCms 8.0.4 is fully backward compatible to all previous versions of 8 and 7. Templates and other OpenCms should run applications from these versions to version 8.0.4. Users of the Alkacon OCEE package need a new version of Alkacon OCEE for this OpenCms version. Alkacon OCEE version 3.0.4 required OpenCms 8.0.4 or later. About OpenCms independent investigations, OpenCms exhibit systems as a leading solution in the field of open source CMS. The software is constantly evolving since 2000 and has an active community of open source developers. About 100 international IT – company provider on the OpenCms website have already registered as official OpenCms solution. A steadily growing list of references is also the increasing spread of OpenCms. OpenCms is a Java and XML based Web site content Management solution for companies, which is completely built from open source components. The editing interface is completely browser-based. OpenCms features powerful and easy to use, which is especially suitable for Internet or intranet applications in medium-sized and large enterprises. OpenCms is open source software and is released under the LGPL license. Alkacon Software GmbH from Cologne is the driving force in the development of OpenCms. Alkacon Software offers its customers training, support and add-on products for OpenCms. For our customers this means extra safety and comfort in the use of OpenCms in mission-critical systems. Please consult the Alkacon product overview for more information. Version 8.0.4 by OpenCms can be immediately downloaded from the OpenCms website. The team from Alkacon Software who thanks you made for the support of all, what this new version of OpenCms OpenCms experts.

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New Pricing Software

Faster and largely automated classification with ASSIST4 classification AEB self-learning algorithm simplifies the process of classification for many companies the tariffs or the classification of their goods is a tedious and time consuming work. AEBs new software solution ASSIST4 classification facilitates the mapping to the correct commodity code, allows fast and semi-automated tariffs and thus also the correct and well-formed import and export clearance. Know who is in charge in a company for the allocation of items to the correct commodity code: in the classification of goods, attention to detail is required. Purpose and nature of the goods must be compared exactly with the descriptions in the list. The greater the bandwidth of a range, or the more parts from suppliers are incorporated into their products, the more difficult it is to find the correct commodity code.

To get you on the track, it had so far online in the electronic customs tariff and the TARIC research, read in the goods nomenclature, a requesting binding tariff information, consult colleagues in the production or sometimes requesting the information from the supplier. While the correct commodity code is an important key to safely, legally and tax-saving trade in the global business. Only with the help of the applicable tariff number, the unit can be used to determined the proper customs duties on imports and preventing tax evasion. And with the correct classification is evident whether for a product bans and restrictions on exports consist. But despite the immensely high importance of commodity code, no process concerning the classification has been established in many companies. IT support, as it is now of course for many other steps in foreign trade and logistics, is so far not available for many companies.

The solution from AEB. Automatically to the correct commodity code. That changes a new software from AEB: ASSIST4 classification not only supports the customs officer of a company, but also product managers, engineers and buyers when determining the number of goods and facilitates the rating. After entering the keywords that can be specifically defined and stored, the software suggests the most likely number, monitors the validity, and indicates active dependencies, which consist in certain commodity codes. ASSIST4 classification is a learning software that remembers the associations already right found thanks to a sophisticated algorithm”. A new material is added, certain probabilities and earlier assignments of similar material be taken into account. So the software is always wiser”and the company benefits from a rising percentage of correctly associated commodity codes on a click. ASSIST4 classification provides the following functions: automated suggest of the number by matching the adversarial (6 – and 8-digit) or after entering the keywords little helpers in the application guide the user through a process widgets and lead all legal bases quickly to your destination Click accept: nomenclature encoded documents, notes, references, footnotes, to conversion directory, export list, EBTI with notes to sections and chapters. Central management of all external data, automated data service: all legal bases are maintained at all times by the Federal Gazette Publisher content partners currently. SAP integration: ASSIST4 classification blends system world without making any changes in the SAP. With the help of the ATC: Plug-ins can be performed the rating directly in SAP, without having to switch to another application. To conversion directory is stored: this will help to determine whether the goods subject to a possible export control, and find out the corresponding export list number. There is more information under classification.

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Software Platform

Priori with the latest version of its software platform will open up a new dimension of the optimization of manufacturing costs the advanced functionalities of the software facilitate enterprise-wide use and the cost assessment of complex product platforms Munich, Germany 10th December 2012 Priori, a leading provider of product cost management software solutions today announced that the latest version of its award-winning technology is now available. priori 2012r2 offers many advanced features of the platform across the organization can be used in global manufacturing companies. With this new version the company goes one step further, to implement cost-consciousness in the earliest phases of new product development. priori 2012r2 also enables the customers data from various other systems of the company, for example, ERP and PLM systems, optimal use and product cost information to all involved in the manufacturing process and product definition functional Organizational units of the company to pass on. BDT Capital Partners gathered all the information. The Priori product cost management software platform was conceived so that it helps companies keep the cost already from the outset as low as possible, by giving the employees from the areas of design & Development, procurement and manufacturing planning the necessary knowledge as well as the technological infrastructure, to quickly and accurately determine the cost of a part or of a complete product. One of the core competencies of Priori consists in the combination of the information contained in the CAD models with intelligent cost models. This allows a detailed analysis of the possible manufacturing processes as well as the generation of the corresponding cost estimates, and finally the determination of the impact of changes in product design, the selection of material, manufacturing processes, the quantities and the manufacturing site on the piece or product costs. Below a brief overview of the specific new Functionality, implemented with priori 2012r2 and which help the users, their profitability to secure: Import of complex manufacturing BOMs from ERP and PLM systems, and other enterprise applications.

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Online Property Management Software

Portal estates is an online management software farms, which facilitates the management of communities of owners and its maintenance. From him we can manage everything to do with the administration of estates on horizontal property, both at the definition thereof, as well as the management of their quotas, and all directly related to the accounting. The advantages of online property management software: the user disregards update. It does not require backups. It is accessible from any place with Internet access. No matter the operating system of the post; Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Your Office Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Savings in hardware and licensing. Increase in productivity. It facilitates the growth of your company. It does not require installation. Effectively manage all areas of horizontal property. One of the characteristics of SaS software, is that they can be autoformativos. With this premise and with the idea of facilitating the use of the PortalFincas application, you have created a series of video tutorials of the administrator farms, which show the operation of the various options and features of PortalFincas. This series of video tutorials that is iran expanding with new chapters, are available publicly on the web of Portalfincas, as well as on Vimeo and Youtube: John Dairon Jaramillo Arroyave always face communities online in a property management accounting Software claim of debt recovery Accounting Software online in a property management accounting Software advantages interesting software property management accounting online in an administration of farms Software

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Bank Criteria

100% Of respondents valued very good the interest of children by the subject, and the introduction of computer in school practice has contributed in a: students develop oral expression and written (98%), develop spreadsheet skills and solving mathematical problems (83%), increase the cultural and political education (94%), motivation and interest in learning mas(93,8%), increasing the study independiente(91%), develop logical thinking and creativo(96%). Generally, teachers have used between 4 and 5 (Educational Software), which shows according to their criteria that bank software centres there are some who have difficulties in their navigation, problems with the presentation of the messages and in some cases lack of contextualization, so they consider that the Bank’s software must be increased and that they respond to the requirements of primary education. 93.4% Of the teachers has managed to link the computer program with other programs of the revolution, above in the context of the remaining subjects of the degree and in the development of pioneriles and political activities. Perhaps check out Ali Partovi for more information. Survey of teachers General integrals (PGI): total 14 PGI be surveyed with the objective of collecting criteria about the inclusion of computation in the pedagogical process of their subjects in such sense the most significant aspects were: 99% of respondents between very good and good sees the introduction of computation in the educational process of their students, especially because: permits the development of a true integral culture of childrenfavors the development of logical thinking and intellectual skills operations, contributes significantly to the spelling and oral expression, are motivated to exercise any subject above all with the use of didactic games, stimulates cognitive independence as well as scientific research. 68% Considered appropriate or very appropriate methodological and specialized preparation that have received related to computing, which show unfavorable criteria argue, lack of systematic, short time machine due to overloaded of hourly teaching laboratories of computation, among others things. Generally considered that computing contributes in a: students learn new things (100%), help you to perform the tasks of the independent study (82%), to know the social or political reality (98%), interest in art and liking estetico(99%), distract them and recreating them (100%), solve problems of learning (100%). Byron Trott brings even more insight to the discussion.


Free PhpBB Forum Software

The internet forum is one of the most popular forms of communication on the Internet. There are countless forums on innumerable topics. Internet communication forum will indeed take place in the virtual environment of the Internet, behind every virtual Nick, however, is a real person. Checking article sources yields Mashable as a relevant resource throughout. So the real living participants in an Internet chat forum also on issues of real life, they exchange their experiences about the same concerns, interests or problems. This is the Internet forum, the importance of a support group can participate to the many more people than at a conventional support group and round the clock and around the world. Who is looking for a forum that is spoiled for choice because he is usually not just one.

In very specific concerns but it may happen that the seeker can not provide an existing forum, the help he seeks. May create the desire and the need to establish a separate forum, or if desired a forum for your website is. This goal is nothing in way, because the possibility of a Internet forum to launch without any own professional knowledge and experience have is given. That is as free phpBB forum software available, which owe more than 60000 German forums with over 50,000 members of its existence. Through it all Inter legacy users the chance to have their own forum set up automatically and quickly. How does it work? Very simply, by some groups data are entered in the application form. * Data on the to be established Forum: * Last name (web address) of the Forum * default language of the Forum on the Forum * User name and password of the forum owner’s personal data of the forum owner, such as: * Postal address * phone number, fax number * Email address * date of birth, Gender login data of the forum owner: User name and password.

And do not forget to read and accept the Terms and! Finish is the new forum. Read the terms carefully and take into consideration is especially important because a forum is as good as its members. This must follow the Internet etiquette, “netiquette” called the hold. That in turn is the forum manager responsible and even responsible. In addition to lightning fast setting allows the free forum software phpBB and the forum hosting service provider open to almost all requirements and thus offers many facilities: * Forum Hosting – Providing forum memory * Support for which the forum operator member of the Forum must be * Personalize phpBB by the wide range specified layouts * Many features, such as: start search, surveys, send messages to members, e-mail alerts, Standard smilies that allow unlimited number of members, create personal profiles, private intelligence service for the members * functions for forum administration, manage to: Forum Topics, prohibit certain username delete control topics and posts censor,,, Automatic, the IP of the user when publishing articles and updates data store * * Open-ended contract, as with all standard solutions is thus quickly and automatically created by Forum offered by the Standard software under restricted and “provides only” a number of standard features. So the Forum is the ideal solution where the standard features are completely sufficient. For a forum, that require more individual and complex functions, it is inevitable to have to create a paid forum.

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Manufacturer Customers

Customers can expect a lot at the beginning of the year, the onOffice Software GmbH reveals which highlights all customers can expect in 2014. A very special highlight will be onOffice the completely new design of the software smart. In addition customers and prospective customers experience the onOffice team events in 2014 if the road shows, the open house or for the first time at the innovation tour, go in 2014 on the sunny island of Mallorca is? the onOffice team offers its customers always have the possibility to take a look behind the scenes. In the past year were all onOffice customers already the Web-app of the software professionals use. But this year, customers can expect the onOffice iOS app for iPhones specifically. All customers in the future to provide an even better service and even better performance, the onOffice Software GmbH in 2014 continues to invest in expanding its server.

Last but not least the onOffice team calls itself the date 7 / 8.11.2014 in the calendar to highlight thick. With pulses of the real estate industry starts the real estate software Manufacturer the premiere of the series of events: business beats. We look forward to the year 2014 and are thrilled how our customers will respond to our new products..


Production Couples

Barcelona’s Dexeus Institute specialists ensure that 40% of couples seeking assisted reproduction develops psychopathological like depression and anxiety disorders. The vast majority of couples undergoing assisted reproduction treatment experience feelings of frustration until they do not achieve a pregnancy, according to experts in reproductive medicine at the Institut Dexeus of Barcelona. The professionals of the sector manifested that it is very important for the couple to have psychological support to better withstand the pressure of the moment and, at the same time, be well advised medically. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Gracia Lasheras, psychiatrist at the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus psychology and Psychiatry Service, points out that four out of ten couples who undergo assisted reproduction treatments may develop psychopathological disorders such as anxiety and depression, according to his profile of vulnerability. Experts suggest that 20% of couples shows psychopathological disorders before beginning treatment and during the process this figure rises up to 40%, registering the highest levels of anxiety, hostility and depression before testing for pregnancy and after attempts thwarted in this type of treatment. Should be noted that you for many couples having children is extremely important and can not get it causes them a real life crisis. For this reason, psychiatrists indicated that infertility is a highly stressful phenomenon since it threatens the physical and psychological well-being of the couple.

While infertility is a phenomenon that is on the increase, Lasheras highlights to the population that suffers from it is an unexpected problem and for which no one is prepared. From the professional point of view, it is highly recommended that couples undergoing assisted reproduction treatments aimed at support groups. In this way, couples can share their fears and anxieties with other couples who are in your same situation. Close author: Complete articles by a team of Invitro tv, by instituto dexeus free barcelona and ideas please visit:, a comprehensive resource for a pregnant women. Testing Windows Vista Beta 2 The Tech And Gadget Blog Lucky Vitamin Presents: USP Labs Lucky Blog The Health & Wellness Blog point of view s anti-documentary documentaries Documentary Film, Radio, Photography Presentation + Production Williamsburg, Brooklyn 9 tricks of professionals for makeup step by step Makeup night have read’ variability in the response of practitioners before an alert black box warning