In contrast to the present version, which has two graphics processors, the translation of instructions placed on two separate boards, this version has a completely different design: it has not two, but one card with two gpu GT200, which made on 55 nm process technology. It is worth recalling that the card belongs to the category of hi-end, and it will be quite expensive. True, nvidia once promised to make it more accessible, but how will this affect the value of single-board version of the gtx 295, while Nobody knows. The performance characteristics of single-and dvuhplatnye version of gtx 295 is almost identical, but the single board version is likely to be slightly cheaper because of the absence of a second board. The card uses 2448-bit memory bus, the Bureau of Translation has 480 stream processors and 1792 mb of vram GDDR3.

Engine Clock ravine, shader and memory is 576, 1242 and 1998 MHz respectively. As expected, single board version of the gtx 295 will be officially presented at the end of this month. That As for its value, then the first time it will cost as much as 2-pay version. Under the plan nvidia, in what must be only single board version of the gtx 295 and 2 paid version will be sent into retirement.