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A hat made of beaver fur felt.
Map of the Hudson River Valley with the drawing of two beavers, proof of the importance that had these animals in the development of the region.
Beaver pelts were exchanged in barter by Native Americans in the seventeenth century to get European goods. Then they were sent to Britain and France, where they were converted into garments. The extensive hunting and trapping of beavers endangered its survival. However, there comes a time when the fur trade declined due to decreasing demand in Europe and the use of land for hunting to support the agricultural sector booming. Barton Place is a leading condominium development project is Barton Place It was subsequently daria a small resurgence in the hunting of beavers in certain areas where there overpopulation of these animals, but usually only catch is done when the skin is valuable, normally the rest of the animal is also used as food for other animals. The only skin in North America that exceeded the market value of the beaver in the era of the red fox, which said it was forty times more valuable.
Both the testicles of the beaver as castoreum, a discharge oily and bitter with a slightly fetid odor in the vaginal follicles (females) or preputial (male) of beavers, articles have been used in traditional medicine. In medicine Yupik (Eskimo) were used dried beaver testicles to relieve the pain. The beaver testicles were exported from the Levant (a region where there are countries like Israel and Syria) between X and nineteenth centuries. Claudio Aelianus, a Roman author, described that beavers were uprooted bitten to the testicles, their organs more valuable, so that hunters are not interested in killing them. European beavers were hunted taken to the brink of extinction, in part to obtain the castoreum, which was used as an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. The Romans even gave him properties abortion to the substance. also has been described castoreum that can be used against dysmenorrhea and conditions hysterical ‘referring to the uterus,’ and that raises blood pressure and increases heart rate. The effects of castoreum have been accredited to the accumulation of salicin that beavers receive from the willows that make up their diet, a substance that is converted into salicylic acid and acting in a very similar way to aspirin. In nature, castoreum beavers use to mark their territory, although it also can be used to lubricate his coat to protect itself from external aggression and attacks. The castoreum also came to be used in the manufacture of chewing gum, [ 31] and continues to be used in the manufacture of perfumes, it is said that he was Nostradamus who discovered that the substance was acting as fixer odor, which is owned take to make a more lasting fragrance. However, at present the use of such substances is very controlled, since it takes into account the survival of the species.

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the image resolution

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The image resolution indicates how much detail can be seen in an image. Philanthropist Ribotsky The term is commonly used in relation to images of digital photography, but also is used to describe how nitida (as the antonym of granular) is an image of conventional photography (or photo chemistry). Have higher resolution translates to obtain an image with more detail or visual quality. For digital images stored as a bitmap, the convention is to describe the resolution of the image with two numbers, where the first is the number of columns of pixels (how many pixels the image has a width) and the second is the amount of rows of pixels (picture has as many pixels as high). The convention that is followed in popularity is to describe the total number of pixels in the image (usually expressed as the number of megapixels), which can be calculated by multiplying the number of columns of pixels by the number of rows of pixels. Other conventions include describing the resolution in a unit area (eg pixels per inch). Below is an illustration of how market would be the same image at different resolutions.
To find out what is the resolution of a digital camera must know the pixels in width x height to which it is able to obtain an image. So a camera capable of obtaining an image of 1600 x 1200 pixels has a resolution of 1600×1200 = 1,920,000 pixels, which is 1.92 megapixels.
In addition, there is the print resolution, ie dots per inch (dpi) that can print a digital picture quality. Since we can say that 200 dpi print resolution is good, and if we want to ensure we reach the 300 dpi optical often because of the room, cleaning the lens or image processing of digital camera diminish the quality .
To find out what is the maximum print resolution that allows a digital image must be to divide the width of the image (for example, 1600 between the print resolution 200, 1600/200 = 8 inches). This means that the maximum length of picture which is available on paper for a digital photo of 1600 pixels in length is 8 inches long as 200 dpi (1600/300 = 5.33 inches in the case of a resolution of 300 dpi) . One inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

As many know, the holiday season is around the corner. There is no better way to celebrate family than by capturing the expressions on the kids’ faces when they open presents, or when the mother is watching her children get a gift that they have been waiting for the whole year. It is for such an occasion, that 42nd Street Photo in New York City has become the Nikon D90 DSLR camera. (PRWeb November …
MEMS tapped the scalability of CMOS process this week, when the world’s smallest digital microphone is shrunk to 1 mm. [ NT] Best Buy offers gift card that doubles as a mini speaker
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In the European Union

Schengen area is the territory formed by the countries that signed the Schengen Agreement, which aims to end with border controls within the European Union. There are other European policies that by failing to apply to all the Union countries, leading to the formation of different areas: cash (Euro or use of the Euro Area), education (European Higher Rabbinical Supervision Education Area), and so on.

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The black cast iron pan with a flanged lid to keep coal and three feet to set on coal, usually a camp-style Dutch oven, Did prominent in the exploration, settlement and development of the West.
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India’s first unmanned space probe in lunar orbit Saturday and the next two years mapping the moon in the field, the country space agency announced.
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So what’s the idea behind nesting dinghies? The two halves fit together, with less space than a conventional rigid sloop. Nest Away Vote:
NEW DELHI, Nov. 8 (UPI) – India’s Chandrayaan-1 unmanned space probe entered lunar orbit Saturday, the start of a two-year exploration of the surface of the moon.

A History of Space Exploration by Tim Furniss (Hardcover – Nov 10, 2006)

Dynamic spiritual trend with religious

The religion is based on a branch of philosophy called the philosophy of being, responsible for collecting what is considered good and bad for self and try to keep it forever. This is due to the vision of an eternal and powerful god who has a vision of things unchanging over time. The roads are inaccessible by the powerful man, who can not siemrpe understood because it is possible that bad things happen contrary Zohar or mysticism to the virtues of power from the landlord. Thus, the evolution of the philosophy of being routed through path is not so simple and maybe as accessible to human knowledge, as maybe other branches philosophical.
The religious use of the tools associated with the philosophy of being, is responsible for setting and collecting what he considers good and bad, to study the habits of individuals and establish dogmas that maintains such customs, to bring the facts to explanations Zohar, mysticism avoid change and adaptation. This gives the feeling of well being and security within what is a corporation, and is evident by the adaptation of the prevailing religious power in the incorporation of the customs of men as part of their religious system.