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high Resolution Multimedia

High resolution, multimedia capabilities, high-quality picture and reasonable price – these are the three components of success of modern visualization tools. When we are talking about computer monitors do not always mean device whose function is only one display of information. Today, the monitor is more a center of a home media system and that this monitor is BenQ M2400HD Introduction One of the novelties of the firm BenQ – Widescreen 24 "Full hd Monitor M2400HD, fit and gamers and fans to watch a movie from your computer, as well as provide the most comfortable working with applications. Included with the monitor is 2 megapixel camera, which can be used arrange video calls over the Internet. And not just video calling, and this teleconference in hd format – after all no coincidence resolution camera coincides with the resolution matrix screen. Large diagonal 24 "will allow many people abandon individual televisions and switch completely to watch movies from your computer, because the image becomes really large, crisp and attractive.

This is facilitated and enhanced patch Monitor features – input D-Sub, dvi and hdmi will simultaneously connect three different devices, such as computers, laptops and Blu-ray player. In addition, BenQ M2400HD has also built-in acoustics. Technology TN-technology matrix Monitor time-tested. Inexpensive, with fast response time and good color rendition, it is used in many popular models of high-quality monitors. The real contrast of the matrix is higher than average – 1000:1. This is quite enough for comfortable viewing of movies and games.


What to Look for When Choosing a Door

The choice of entrance steel doors – a responsible, since it is from it will depend on the safety and comfort of your home. Therefore, in choosing the doors must be very thoughtful. There are several key points on the that need to pay attention to later do not have to regret a purchase. The first step is to decide on the whether you want to acquire a steel door on foreign or domestic producers. The cost of good doors of foreign production starts from $ 1000, while domestic counterparts are estimated at about 0. Agree, this price looks a lot nicer. The question arises as domestic metal entrance doors – does not say whether the low price that they lose much Western counterparts? Fortunately, the answer to this question – no. Today the Russian market is domestic companies that produce doors with modern equipment and latest technology.

Accordingly, the doors of such manufacturers or slightly better than imported because overseas. For example, all the above in full refers to steel doors, "Outpost", meeting the highest standards of quality. A big plus domestic doors and that they are easy to order and receive an individual performance – the right size and design. Domestic company usually performs such orders in the short term, while imports doors, performed on individual needs, you can wait a couple of months. When choosing doors, first turn, is to ask the door construction. Today is a good front metal door, usually made as a steel frame with internal ribs are made of steel. With one or two sides are welded steel sheets.

Again, steel must be carried out door-frame, into which she placed the door. Outside the door can be arranged in practically any material that can afford let her boss – wood, leather, mdf, etc. In the inner space of the input metal door placed the materials responsible for its sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Close attention when buying the front door, of course, should be paid to the choice of the castle. Today, experts advise to be installed on the front door two locks of different designs. For example, one of the most popular models – the so-called multi-locks, "Tongues"-bolts which go into 2-4 directions on different sides of the door leaf. In addition thereto, in accordance with advice from the Interior Ministry can also set the lever lock. It is important to choose the locks tested manufacturers as well as on them depends largely on the level of your security. In particular, we can advise proven locks Master Lock. For example, it is they usually are equipped with entrance steel doors "Outpost". It is not necessary and forget about such "trivialities" as hinges, peephole, casings – the quality of these items has also played a significant role and should be considered when choosing a door. For example, the eye can be installed not only on the standard, but also "children" height so that your child can see who rings the doorbell. You can also recommend buying the door with concealed hinges – in cases of attacks, attackers would have to invent other ways as well as access to loops in They will not do. Well, if we talk about design, but today the domestic input, metal doors are also not inferior to Western counterparts. Domestic manufacturers are constantly pampered us with new releases, responding to the latest trends or can translate your vision of the perfect front door, prepare it to order. We wish you a successful purchase!