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Shipyards In Korea

This modern shipyards, ship repair base, dry and floating docks, factories, marine equipment and ship equipment, design institutes, on the west and the east coast of Korea. In accordance with the latest trends in the development of the shipbuilding industry, creating favorable conditions for construction and repair of various vessels, including the construction of dry cargo vessels universal dwt to 15000t, cargo, fishing and special technical. The dprk has a vast experience of construction of ships at its shipbuilding facilities with modern equipment, technology and qualified personnel. Many foreign companies have shown interest to cooperate and to place their orders at the shipyards of Korea. Government was committed to the development of shipbuilding industry in the new high-level, in every way encourages foreign investment, and welcomed the joint construction of enterprises and technological exchange. In the past, South Korean factories are built many vessels for the former Soviet Union. These days, by exports to Indonesia and other countries in South-West Asia vessels, including ships dwt 500 tons and 1,000 tons, built their own. They got a good evaluation from customers for its quality, reliability of stability and maneuverability, low fuel consumption and comfortable living conditions for the crews.

Enterprises in the country can produce and export the modern propellers, fuel equipment, anchor chains, pumps, cast steel products and other ship parts. Korea Foreign Trade Company 'Sonbak' represents the dprk as the only and reliable exporter of ships. Founded in 1985. Gained a good reputation, both at the country and abroad. The main activities of the Company are import and export of ships, ship repair and recycling of decommissioned vessels to be scrapped. For faster issues in other countries, society has its representative offices in China, Russia and Indonesia. The Korean side there is a desire to develop partnerships in the field of shipbuilding and industry in general. The Company has in its management of the shipbuilding plant, marine engines and equipment, shipbuilding institute, design institutes, ship repair base, dry and floating docks. We can build a cargo and fishing vessels, reefers, tugs, barges, technical ships and other vessels, have experience building dredger capacity of more than 1000 hp and floating cranes with lifting capacity up to 250 tons Korean shipbuilders are ready to build any court of your choice.


Incorporate System

The body produces several types of defence, the most important protector of the body’s immune system cells, they are white blood cells of type T, which produce antibodies that destroy or neutralize the diseases that the invaders may cause. Knowing this, anyone can help the defense of his own body, stimulating the production of its defense cells. The immune system cells need energy and nutrients to achieve a proper protective function. As we age, changes in the immune system exacerbate susceptibility to infectious diseases. So-called T cells, seem to be the most affected by aging part of the immune system. The nutrients that help the immune system responsible for controlling the aggressions that produce the bacteria, viruses and parasites are vitamins (A, and C), minerals (zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and selenium), fatty acids (omega 6 and omega 3) and rich protein sources in amino acids.

12 steps that would help you to invigorate your immune system: 1 Add to your diet more fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and seafood. Broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, radish and garlic that help the immune system. 2-Whole foods, such as cereals or breads that they provide benefits to the health and the body’s defenses in particular. 3 Incorporate into their feeding yogurts, cheeses or any fermented milk. These products provide probiotics are live microorganisms that have a beneficial effect against diarrhea especially for bacteria and viruses. 4 – Limit the consumption of calories, (saturated fats) as they have related to the decline in the key cells in the immune system.

5 – Make an appropriate daily rest, try sleeping between 8 and 10 hours a day. This could boost your immune system. 6 – Practice exercises daily. Walk at least 20 to 30 minutes day. 7-Take 1 cup of green tea to the day. It could stimulate the production of immune cells. 8. Recommended daily consumption of one tablespoon of honey bees. 9-Also could help with natural products with high antioxidant such as the Antioxiblend – Pro power since they increase the production of lymphocytes, at the same time that reduce free radicals that damage the tissues. 10 – Smart-releaser-Pro contains amino acids that stimulate the synthesis of lymphocytes. 11. The stress decreases immune response so it is recommended the use of Dr. Relax-pro. In the same way that could help decrease the problems of insomnia. 12. Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol and coffee consumption.

Championship Series

There are many SpongeBob games based on the hit cartoon series. It is simple to do so since if that series is characterized by something it is for being a hymn to imagination, and therefore the possibilities that it opens for video games are infinite. Imagination to power both in the SpongeBob games series we can see details as a sponge bath is a living being who dive for the bottom of the sea and does not swell or sinking; a squirrel also lives in the same medium. The creatures of this world traveling by car or make games of motorcycle racing. They have no relationship among themselves nor in terms of interests or in regard to be of the same species or simply of a same group with any physical or biological affinity, since objects are mixed with animals and even plants that move. Disconcerts the adults so much fantasy.

Targeting us games tend to be more realistic, for example the motorbike games consist of emulate a career or a real Championship trial or Motocross; they are not so imaginative. The Sponge Bob games They carried the maximum something old is already certain that cartoons have not characterized in general by being afraid to jump the barriers of reality. We have traditional mice who speak and feel like humans, cats that handle armament type ACME, fantastic beings, cars that fall in love. But the case of Bob Esponja gives one leap because they have no fear of anything. A failure could be envisaged by reductio ad absurdum, and however kids love. Probably because the drawings depict a world such which could be on a child head: without any limit or barrier to the imagination.

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Search Engine Optimization

After the publication of the post "How to increase search engine traffic to Blogger, I received several requests to tell about the search engine optimization pages. Well, well, at the request of workers' search engine optimization for beginners. Generally, in the medium Bloggers, for some reason, common position is that search engine traffic has no meaning. I do not agree, the structure of my traffic – 25% falls on a search, why should I ignore this fact? In addition, I see huge potential for its increase. While some people, though they have almost all the pages in the index have a pittance. Remember when I swore at PR, and said that the sites or blogs with zero PR, can bypass the rating sites only at the expense of content? I still hold this same opinion, so let's examine the basic principles and rules of kindergarten, following which the novice optimizer, can significantly increase search engine traffic to the resource. Experts, this post can not read. Horse, it is clear that the most important advance in the search content with it and begin.

He, of course must be unique. Naderganny kopipastny text can be changed, optimized, but it is still "not it". It is believed that the optimum amount of text on the page, 500-3000 words, or from 2 to 20 thousand characters, supposedly more search engines can not index. Such experiments, I certainly did not hold, therefore believe the popular opinion of experts. A small number of words (characters), also did not play "on hand" because the search engines consider such pages is true less informative and valuable.

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Focus Maps

After demonstrating a few tricks you carelessly drop your left hand into the left outer pocket and take out the playing card – say, this will be the ace of diamonds. At this point of the breast pocket of your jacket itself in itself shows exactly the same card. With bewilderment take both cards in your hand and looking at them. "It is strange …" – pronounce you and show both cards to the audience. Again, putting it into his pocket and took out a one more card – For example, The Queen of Spades. From his breast pocket at the same moment there is another queen of spades. This trick can be repeated several times.

The secret of focus is the following – for his performance, you'll need two identical decks cards, string and cardboard box-holder. It needs to do it myself, the size of the box must match the size of the cards. It should fit as many cards as you demonstrate. It should be enough plane that is not bulging pocket. Prepares two sets of cards stacked in the same order. One set put in the lower pocket of his jacket, and the second – in the case, who are hiding in the outer pocket.

K inner edge of the box is attached thread, with a needle she passed under the lining of his jacket and goes into the bottom pocket cards. At that moment, when you pull the card out of the bottom pocket, you pull on the end of the thread, thus resulting in motion a kind of "lift", which raises the case from his breast pocket with the cards. You draw a card from his breast pocket with his right hand, covering his fingers and thumb together case pushes the cards in place. Before the demonstration of this focus should be good to rehearse it in front of a mirror. Here you can learn other interesting tricks!

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Fish Robots

British scientists have created a fish-robot, which will be the newest weapon in the fight against pollution of the oceans. As one of the stages of a three-year research project, it will be released in the port Spanish city of Gijon (Gijon). If successful, the researchers released fish robots into rivers, lakes and seas around the world, including Britain. The fish-robot is a copy of carp and moves the same way as ordinary fish. For determine the level of potentially harmful water pollution, in particular, the leakage of vessels lying at the port and underwater pipelines, it is equipped with tiny chemical sensors. Each fish will transmit the obtained data to the port on the technology Wi-Fi.

Charge up to 8 hours. Fish moves at a speed of 1 meter per second. The world’s first project of its kind. Scientists involved in the creation of a robot used ‘advanced’ methods for determine the level of water pollution. The project itself may seem like pure fiction, but scientists say that there were practical reasons for choosing such a form. It will not only investigate the quality of water at surface, but also to identify the chemical elements dissolved in water. Currently produced five fish-robots, each worth 20 thousand pounds sterling. Scientists hope to release them into the water at the end of next year.



In the video game industry the development, marketing and sale of video games revolves around. Video games are among people of all ages of popular. Games that were accurately translated and perfectly matched to the target market ensure worldwide pure gaming fun. Demand makes increasingly aware of the value and the importance of translation and localization of its products game developers for entertainment software. Translation of video games to meet highest demands on quality in this area, must have a translation company have the following resources: hdbullet internal, native experts who ensure an optimal localization and adaptation of text hdbullet linguistically qualified and technically experienced translators, text and audio content precisely deliver experts who have technical background knowledge and the technical and product-specific terminology (around on consoles, Platforms, accessories etc.) master hdbullet an internal IT team of software specialists, who are familiar with all popular platforms (including PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and PSP) and mobile employees, the CAT tools (computer aided translation) and TMT (translation memory tools) is efficiently used employees who handle many different formats including source and database files and can supply the finished translation in the format requested by the customer hdbullet a Department, which is responsible for the quality assurance and ensures that standards of quality and delivery deadlines are respected localization of video games the term localization “refers to the linguistic and cultural adaptation ensures that all aspects of a video game from the packaging tailored to the software to each target market. The localization of video games includes several important areas: linguistic localization package texts, product descriptions, manuals, instructions, tutorials, support, hardware and software specifications, subtitles, in-game texts software localization Web sites, animations, user interfaces, scripts localization of graphics, audio and video game developers know that only good translated and localized products fun guarantee and can be successfully marketed.


Super Mario Galaxy

Mario Galaxy or World Cup 2010: win for more than 30 years playing at jumps Nintendo’s little plumber now across the screens of game consoles, Gameboys and televisions. At that time, he was still Jumpman and consisted only of 16 x 16 pixels. Today, Nintendo’s most famous mascot has become a hero of many video players. In addition to numerous offshoots for other genres like motor sports, football, tennis and beat’em ‘ up which remains always jump and run Mario’s home. On June 11 is the latest installment in the Mario series with Super Mario Galaxy 2 bashers and once again in the gameplay design. A plumber in outer space so the idea may be unusual to have as diverse travel a plumbing between the various planets of a fictional Galaxy and are creative to play the ideas of designers with the special characteristics of the planets. So there is extremely high gravity, making high jumps are almost impossible, while on other planets, strong storms make a precise landing on some planet. Fans of the series are happy about the Return of Mario’s Dino friend Yoshi, on whose back to once again ride through various levels.

Also the help mode from new Super Mario Bros. Wii was implemented again, assumes control over the little plumber during difficult passages. The Japanese company Nintendo Nintendo’s wonderful world along with Mario has created many more characters, which have grown almost all video recorders at the heart. Kirby, Donkey Kong, link (legend of Zelda), above all the Pokemon are now even people who play video games, a term. New to the Nintendo family Professor Layton and the Pikmin are encountered, thrill the fans with many riddles and a thrilling story. A large selection of games of Nintendo heroes can be found in the 2010 in addition to video games of Mario, link and co., the Nintendo Wii games for the World Cup is also a console that is ideally suited for sports of all kinds.

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Hakeem Autumn Program 2011:

With maximizing of sense of profit maximizing new ways for the world of work in times of shortage and low birth rates companies face major challenges. They need to go new ways to attract the highly educated young. At the same time it can afford no company to fallow the potentials of its existing employees. Was for talent is obtained mainly from the inside out. How exactly, describe the authors Christina Bosenberg and Bernhard Kuppers in her book “The focus is employees”. In it they sketch the prerequisites for the sustainability of companies. And my: who wants to be has to offer especially one its employees sense. 125 billion euros.

The loss, has to cope with the German economy due to internal terminations per year is so high. This number from the commitment of Germany index of Gallup GmbH does one thing quite clear: employees who see no sense in their work and as a result shut down their performance, are not only a social problem. But also a economical. But what needs a company so that employees engage with all their potentials, their ideas and their enthusiasm for the success of the company? And how can it inspire new talents for themselves and in the long term? Bring the different generations under a hat? And this in the information society, an economy in real time. Sense brings commitment sustainable businesses offer a sense that goes beyond the mere production of goods or services, the authors Christina Bosenberg and Bernhard Kuppers. Motivated workers must feel, to contribute to a larger cause. The so-called key players in the labour market, so those highly qualified professionals who have multiple sites to selection, more and more emphasis on the substantive component of the working life.

To bind these professionals and to keep, companies have values beyond money and status. Only if companies of the paradigm shift towards more humanity in the economy, they are in the “War for Talents”, in the battle for professionals, have a decisive advantage. And only they have the chance to fully exploit the potential of the existing staff, successfully to recruit new employees, and to remain viable in the future. The economic non-fiction book ‘The focus is employees’ is available from October 05, 2011 for 39.80 euros at Haufe and in bookstores. Interested in? We are looking forward to your orders and requests! Either under or reply fax: 089-273383-29 Prospero GmbH press and public relations mailing address P.o. box 140326 80453 Munich

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