After the publication of the post "How to increase search engine traffic to Blogger, I received several requests to tell about the search engine optimization pages. Well, well, at the request of workers' search engine optimization for beginners. Generally, in the medium Bloggers, for some reason, common position is that search engine traffic has no meaning. I do not agree, the structure of my traffic – 25% falls on a search, why should I ignore this fact? In addition, I see huge potential for its increase. While some people, though they have almost all the pages in the index have a pittance. Remember when I swore at PR, and said that the sites or blogs with zero PR, can bypass the rating sites only at the expense of content? I still hold this same opinion, so let's examine the basic principles and rules of kindergarten, following which the novice optimizer, can significantly increase search engine traffic to the resource. Experts, this post can not read. Horse, it is clear that the most important advance in the search content with it and begin.

He, of course must be unique. Naderganny kopipastny text can be changed, optimized, but it is still "not it". It is believed that the optimum amount of text on the page, 500-3000 words, or from 2 to 20 thousand characters, supposedly more search engines can not index. Such experiments, I certainly did not hold, therefore believe the popular opinion of experts. A small number of words (characters), also did not play "on hand" because the search engines consider such pages is true less informative and valuable.

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