Put into the mouth of the atrocities Barrionuevo unindictable the most dapper can not say. The media stir gorilopolios a climate catastrophe that makes the backdrop. Poverty rediscovered when poor image of pity and helpless. The demonized when it becomes organization and struggle. Were wounded by the struggle of the people who conquered the law of mass democracy. They are determined to make us pay for such audacity. They want to stop the march of our people. They want us to lose hope. Yesterday governance advocates who defended their businesses, today encourage the anticipated final of a national government that dared to confront many of his interests and privileges. But the hope of a people is like the wave in the sea, seems to be but always coming back. With conviction, drive and organization we will build the country we want, Fair, Free and Sovereign. With the strength of unity of workers. With a model that includes through labor and social justice.Returning, for example, universal allowances per child, to be the only privileged children … Know that grassroots organizations are prepared to a fight. A leading bank this model and Nestro Cristina Kirchner to deepen. So the planters destituyentes storms and always say: do not try, the future is ours … Posted by quilmes prevents movement in 6:19 0 comments Interview with Mari of the sun, a member of the cooperative “Carlos Caride” in Quilmes