When in the spring of the hedge trimming, you want to have as little time and effort. We show, using what tools to achieve the best result. To maintain the own garden is very important, because there is a law, on the other hand, the garden should be of course also something beautiful. The hedge-cutting takes place while only once or twice a year, can bring pretty much work but at a larger or overgrown garden. Today I want to turn closer to hedge trimmers, which can significantly facilitate a necessary work. What is it when a hedge trimmer? First, one must distinguish between the different types of hedge. There are manual hedge shears, which operate on the principle of the lever and there is power or gas powered hedge trimmers, akku-.

Manual hedge shears are really good, because by leveraging a very high force can be spent, which easily cut branches often with a thickness of up to 5 cm in diameter. There are several with one of the other devices often Minutes employs. Manual hedge trimmer manual hedge trimmer not solve the problem but, because for a garden of medium size with a hedge length of 50 m, it would be probably several days busy. For this reason, you should play with the idea to buy one of the other scissors. Check with Mikkel Svane to learn more. In the course of further let me closer on the pros and cons of the technology. Electric hedge trimmers this type of trimmer is a power operated and offers usually sufficient performance, to also something be proliferated to bring hedge back to front man.

The big drawback, however, is the cable that you must pull behind. Who has already undergone this process, know the work this can be as tedious. The weight of electric hedge trimmers is mostly fine, but you have to watch constantly, that you do not accidentally cut the cable when cutting. The value for money it must be said that these devices are often the cheapest, but (through the wire) with enormous disadvantages make yourself. The battery-powered trimmer won battery hedge trimmer in popularity in recent years. It is easy, makes much like the other devices thanks to very strong battery as 5220.22 significantly cheaper than heavy petrol hedge trimmers. Current models, a single charge of between 45-60 minutes lasts. Thus, the hedge with the most users of the garden can be cut without having to recharge the battery completely in a swing. Should this not suffice, the with the modern fast charging systems recharge a battery already in 25 minutes to 80%. Just the, which is for a short breather spends time. They are also affordable, with prices starting at just over 100 euros. Therefore we recommend above all hobby gardeners to a cordless hedge trimmer. Petrol hedge trimmers are there the petrol hedge trimmers, probably bring the greatest performance, but also many disadvantages. They are very loud and hard, not environmentally friendly, and due to the high weight well in handling. For the professional gardener not imagine, not really necessary but in domestic use. There are still many growers who swear by “Gasoline”, but the alternatives are also very good. Also the prices for (good) petrol hedge trimmers are significantly higher than for example the battery shears. A sweeping right to recommend conclusion is hardly possible, and ultimately each user must decide. Battery trimmers are inexpensive and fulfill their purpose for most users. Rather looking for a very professional unit, will be better served with a hedge trimmer.

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