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The Strategy

For example, the strategy that the dance professor used, when perceiving that it did not have interest on the part of the pupils in learning the classic dance, then searched some strategies, first: it placed music so that the pupils entered in contact with the new style, not getting success, brought a professional dancer of well sensual classic dance that called the attention the pupils and for third it looked for to stimulate it its interests in accordance with as the participation of a competition who in the end the winner would be a well high amount of money. We can detach the interdependence in the position of the professor, therefore it knew to command its action and to organize it everything in its time, first conquered its pupils, stimulated to want to learn them it to dance that new type of dance and later it started to teach them. Soon not imposing at the beginning only its wills of authoritarian form. In some situations the professor had that to come back behind and to start everything of new, therefore when he perceived that the pupils were not developing he came back behind and he found another form to reach its objectives that were exactly to teach a new culture, new knowledge for way an art those pupils. That is, we perceive the reversibility, therefore it valued the possibilities and the necessities in each situation. Even though at the moment that separated the pairs and had some that had not wanted to be with the chosen pairs and it in some cases it finished accepting that they formed with who had more affinities. Get more background information with materials from Viacom. The interesting one also was the game of rules that had to learn the dance of the anomie can say the pupils had arrived at the autonomy, therefore at the first moments was each one for itself, had difficulties to follow collective rules, however some lessons of dance had after perceived that they would have to think about the other, since it would have that to have a balance to learn itself to dance the new dance proposal for the professor.


Mary Brent

Try it. Interview mistake: lost in generalities when asked what you do at work, makes her sound like a dull recital response of a formal written job description for a committee? If so, you’re missing a great chance to score in the interview. Yes, employers want to know what their responsibilities are. But they are more interested in hearing what the results achieved, their achievements and specific skills. To put it another way, they want to hear how perform a task rather than just hear about what the task was.

It uses true stories with names, products, places and so on. Make sure you prepare beforehand, highlighting the specific achievements in a short story. Convey slices of life rather than boring job descriptions. Interview mistake # 3: Not enough is known about their target organization is not enough to just read the job description in a notice before entering an interview. All other candidates have the same information. If that’s all you know, you will not be able to distinguish, nor be able to adapt their responses to what they are really looking for. Do your research. Tap the network, online sources, the company’s Web site, people who currently work there – in short, use every opportunity that can give information about the organization and work.

Apart from the basic facts about the organization, know a little about their culture, what is the position is actually asking this, people will be working with and more. This information serves two purposes. One of them, you get an idea of whether this organization really will fit in with what you’re looking for. Secondly, it helps you better prepare for the interview. You will be able to refine their answers to the questions provided. Both are critical for success in your job search. Interview mistake: Do not be natural A remarkable thing happens during job interviews. Someone who normally down to earth, genuine and friendly becomes another person who is formal, stiff and obviously on their best behavior. He sits with an erect posture, dutifully answered all the interviewer’s questions and generally tries to do everything right. By failing to act, of course, ends up not connecting with the interviewer. Where this relationship does not exist, will be lost. Regardless of the amount of research he has done or how well prepared their responses. That’s why one of the Top tips for job interviews is – be yourself. Stay away from these big mistakes of interviews and the system will better odds or win. Mary Brent is an expert on job interviews and careers. His numerous articles offer valuable and effective ways to write more.


Web Papers

Traditionally, the use of such forms VyatGGU training as lectures, laboratory work, practical and seminar sessions, workshops, tests, conferences, examinations and other distance learning technologies make its own specifics in this list. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Possible activities in the Internet of students in remote VyatGGU: information retrieval (work with web browsers, databases, reference systems, work in the electronic library search electronic catalogs, purchase of paid and free textbooks, etc.), communication (e-mail, a system of individual letters within sites, participate in forums, chats, video conferencing, communication through ICQ, etc.), a publication of the network (creation of individual Web pages, sites, work with the exchanger, etc.). This classification is the basis for the selection of cognitive activity of students in the open information space, which is the Internet, as well as our training site of distance education VyatGGU (Kirov). Teachers VyatGGU helpful to know that every activity on the Internet and students Online solves certain problems of teaching and educational nature: writing the essays, the development of individual and group projects, the implementation of research projects of various levels (creative case, term papers and theses), preparation of annotated links on the topic, a review of the site by topic, work with Web kvestemi, collecting information, multimedia, software and analytical material to the subject, illustrate their texts with materials from the Internet, surveys and questionnaires, expert advice, the study results of different ratings and ratings at special sites, virtual meetings with interesting people, conversations, discussion, role playing, thematic web pages, web-quests, wiki, publish term papers, research papers, articles, thematic databases, create gallery, create collections of video and audio on a topic other multimedia resources, and many others. Kai-Fu Lee wanted to know more. Let's examine each of the three directions. I. Search for information and writing essays of different kinds of protection on the basis of materials from Network: essay-review, abstract review, (abstract in electronic form located in the exchanger at the training site, but the defense held in the chat room, forum or during the discussion in a newsgroup).

Analysis of the existing network of abstracts on given topic, their evaluation, the establishment of rating student papers. Drawing up a collection of thematic links to the Internet. A review of the site to study the subject and its presentation. Working with the Web Quest, trained teacher or found on the web. Reviews of professional teleconferencing analysis discussion of topical issues. Collection of multimedia materials on a given topic (text, illustrations, animation, video, audio). Illustration of the found text your multimedia materials (graphics, charts, tables


Start Learning Mental Ray Setting

Now more and more people begin their acquaintance with unjustly deprived of proper attention visualizer mental ray, the included software 3d studio max, and hence free. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. When I first met him in the second version of 3ds max, then while still quite green trideshnikom without the internet, picked at it, poked, but so do nothing coherent I did not succeed. Not really helped and helpovsky file with the lessons of 3ds max, because on my license disk is not very there was no scene files for these lessons. It is unfortunate that the internet and I was not there, otherwise we would avoid many mistakes. In the wake of the public obsession with popular visualizer VRay, I also joined him. He became standard for rendering interiors and exteriors.

But with his bunch of obscure settings can deal indefinitely, and the result is quite unpredictable. In the meantime, was released the next version of 3ds max – 2008. And then people began to understand that why you need something a third-party, something to quack or, in extreme cases, to buy when there is already a complete, intuitive, high-quality renderer – mental ray. Unfortunately, the lessons it there is at times less than in VRay. Still, I managed to find high-quality lessons in mental ray. He was incredibly happy when wandering the web in search of new and interesting lessons came to a good site for 3D-graphics. The site features rare Lessons for rendering in mental ray.

A collection of teaching materials is a course of lessons. The first thing I recommend to pay attention to the lesson for the visualization of the interior in mental ray. Here, in the course of the lesson covers the basic adjust the lighting and rendering the room. If you think that a quality rendered in mental ray interior is not possible, err. It makes no sense to install VRay and re-mount manual. Everything is already there at the max. For beginners – the most it. I, in particular, to fulfill the order of a famous jewelry company for rendering of diamonds and other precious stones needed to create caustics in mental ray. Based on this lesson I settings were made and the process of rendering. The process of creating materials of precious stones in mental ray, shaders, lighting and rendering. The resulting diamonds are easily confused with the real thing. The result looks amazing. If you still doubt whether the mental ray to perform tasks that you have decided to VRay, hesitate away. Mental ray is able to easily digest the heavy scene and produce photorealistic image. Not for nothing that Hollywood film companies often use it to create computer graphics in his films. In these cases, VRay will look simply ridiculous joke J Therefore I propose to evaluate the possibility of a visualizer and myself to decide whether go to mental ray.

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HagQu Software

It is important to detach that to take the pupils to identify to the sequences narratives of a history, an adequate reading of the quadrinhos becomes thus necessary that these analyze picture the picture, making, so that, can perceive and know the characteristics main of the personages, understanding better what he transfers himself in the scenes. In this way, if the pupils to obtain to see these characteristics, the reading will be well pleasant and more easy to understand and to interpret. In this context, histories are distinguished for possessing great diversity of concepts and contents, contributing in significant way in the learning them pupils. Many schools and institutions of education already are using histories in quadrinhos as a resource more to improve the process of education and learning, having to be articulated, taking in consideration the interest and the creativity of the pupils, mainly in the technological tools. 4 – HagQu Software At a moment where we pass for great social transformations in the entire world, where the globalization approaches the information by means of the technologies, the job of Histories in Quadrinhos in the schools as mediating in the process of education and learning is being used each time more as form to surpass old practical pedagogical.

The most sophisticated technologies of simplest to are each day more gifts in the education of our pupils, therefore the same ones extend the human potential, either physicist or intellectual. Thus, in result of the evolution of the technologies, HagQu Software appeared. The HagQu is a publisher of histories in quadrinhos, that a bank of images with diverse elements possesss (scenes, personages, balloons etc) and some edition resources of these images so that the children construct its proper history. It fits to the professor to incorporate in its lessons these technologies, a time that, they are many and if used adequately can assist in the process teach-learning.


Management Administrators

General view of reality trachea dela Venezuelan business scenario faces serious problems relating to productivity, where many of its businesses have closed, others do it with a very low capacity, as well as lasagna is those who have not grasped the opportunities that national government itself has created with his actions, including the aperturaa of a new foreign trade policy that has led to alliances, conventions, treaties are an opportunity for companies to penetrate new markets, has not seen the College of Management Administrators should venture activities, opinions enabling them to make themselves known, as an institution that unionized managers, administrators can collaborate with companies to help meet the challenges trachea achieve their objectives, providing solutions, managers, administrators capacitadosa for address the situation and generate responses that give way to the changes needed to ensure dynamism in the business sector. Consider that the management is a science of universal, applicable in any area that human activities, which can be used in different cultures, which seeks the satisfaction of corporate goals through the implementation of operations through the use of various resources idea for obtaining results greater efficiency, Ela little effort as possible and the best effectiveness. There is no denying that the administration is essential in any organized cooperation and at any level of organization of a company or institution. Knowledge of basic principles and techniques of management have a strong influence on the practice of it, to improve and simplify it, especially when given effect to the human and therefore to increase the progress of man must keep face of changing conditions and provide review and imagination.



It is important to diversify the forms of if lecionar and if carrying through tasks. It must be remembered also that the success of a pupil in the performance of a task coinciding with the learning of a content, generally is related what it thinks to be capable to make. Rich examples of diverse activities exist in accordance with the content to be studied in innumerable books. Musics and films are useful and productive resources in the development of the abilities of listening (to hear) and understanding (understanding). Projects, tasks and debates, guided for the professor will give to the learning the conquest sensation and cooperate very to the security that the pupil needs for the domain of the studied language. The environment creation that helps to live deeply the seen content will make with that it rolls-plays (to act in the situations proposals) happen with bigger efficiency.

It is important to stand out the contributions of the new technologies of information and communication that are to ours to make use as the Internet that in provides to access the all type to them of information in attractive way, fast and that it is day to day part of our pupils. The applications of the resources of the Internet as research, games and situations that can be boarded in the use of small videos, have been of great value and have helped to the professor it to awake in the pupil the factor ' ' significado' ' that it is probably the isolated factor more important to contribute for the success and the rapidity of the learning. The more significant the task, more easy is to learn. Still serving itself of the computer, a great contribution in is guaranteed with the Power point to them. With the resources of PowerPoint we can elaborate presentations with slides special, I contend animaes, photos, colors, etc.



This question is not only about the main thing about this is that: You feel pride in their work. Systematized materials several times to save you time – any time you can find the right paper or knigi.Pri form of such an order in a case, the children have for you more . loves systematized materials, folders, and signature on polkah.Ne turn it into office in the warehouse broken equipment and arrangements with the assistant warden removed from office somewhere in the back room all computers unusable (broken and beyond repair or obsolete). Keep only the technique that you use in the classroom. Choose a time and wipe each computer, put it nicely, talk to him. Computers – our most important assistants in the office, and they are waiting for your attention and love (it's not a joke, I really think so). Proud of your work you may have seen in some organizations on the walls and diplomas testifying to the achievements of the employees of these firms.

And what prevents you to be proud of a? Surely, you or your students have and diplomas of winners of Olympiads, contests man, various tournaments. Make color copies of these documents and hang them in a beautiful frame on the wall of the cabinet. You do not even imagine imagine how they have an effect on everyone who comes to you: students, teachers, administration, parents! And when you yourself will look at them, then every time you realize that you are not a random person that you there is something to be proud! Fill your room 'living energy' to the office was warm and snug, there should be a living creature – plant. They have an amazing ability to turn the computer room of the 'technological zone' in 'Living area' where it is warm, cozy and comfortable to anyone who goes there, and for you this office will be friends, relatives and loved ones!