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The Theories regarding the hunger, already are known since the immemorial times. When Moiss decided to peregrinar for the desert in search of the Promised Land, where the grape clusters were of uncommon size, where it had honey and milk to the will. Already beside the point it is known. It had until a revolt beginning, as it can be noticed in the Biblical text: It was better terms been died for the hand of Jav in the land of Egypt, where we seated next to the meat pan, eating bread with abundance. Vocs this multitude had brought in them for the desert to make all to die of fome' '. Or still the deceased to the sword were ditosos of what deceased to the hunger, therefore these if depleted, as assigned, due to the fruits of the fields.

Lamentations of Jeremias 4:9 Exist innumerable theories regarding the hunger. As well as thousands situations of and thousand of people exist real who had died literally of hunger. During one of the greaters and terrible dictatorships until today known, of Tse-Tung Hand, that was a sifiltico insane person, in the years of 1958 the 1960, when it implanted its Project the Great Jump Ahead, had simply died of hunger, 20.000.000 of Chinese. (* Broken Communist Chinese) Probably they die daily, the 25,000 35,000 people of hunger, in some countries, with accented prevalence in the African countries. (** War in Africa) But the hunger is part of our DNA. When the hunger if installed in Egypt, Jose was vendido by the father and brothers, to buy a portion of wheat. Esa vendeu its right of being the first-born, for a plate of peas.

But recent. The information that take the hunger situation. One of the theories that can be found. The people die because they do not possess income enough to buy foods and the supermarkets continue with its supplies and the full shelves.


School Inspection

CHALLENGES OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE SCOPE OF THE SUPERVISION AND THE INSPEOESCOLAR. CHALLENGES OF NEW TECHNOLOGIESUNDER THE SUPERVISION AND INSPECTION OF SCHOOL. AnLcia Gomes 1 Silma of the Carmo Nunes 2 SUMMARY: If to consider the papelfundamental of the supervisor and the pertaining to school overseer, the use of the new technologies dacomunicao and the information becomes essential in the work that develop naescola. These professionals, until recently, were called ' ' especialistas' ' the function that exerted and exerts requires analysis and spreading of dadosimportantes to think the development of the pedagogical work about the school. Therefore, they must have knowledge of the resources offered for the institution to parasugerir to the educators and half educandos that propitiate an integration with oscontedos taught and studied in the diverse ones you discipline pertaining to school. Intenode to pautar the formation of the supervisor and the pertaining to school overseer in the dessaferramenta use for critical understanding of the social, allied reality to the capacity deinterveno in this reality assumes to integrate theory and practical, in order prepararesses professional to make choices in relation to the methods of organizaodo pedagogical work being objectified, amongst others, a intentional action deformation citizen.

The new tools of learning can be found nouso creative and innovative of the technology, in way that contributes for practical aconcretizao of the pedagogical one. The computer in net, beyond tecnologiaque of the access to the information and allows its disponibilizao, is also tecnologiade communication that becomes possible the people if to make gifts in the life umasdas others, independently of in the distance between them. In the performance of the supervisor and the pertaining to school overseer this is not different and podeauxiliar them to develop it works and pedagogical orientaes at a distance. But, for this the update how much to the resources becomes necessary tecnolgicosda information so that of them they can make use in the direction to make possible Performance – Qualification – Learning.