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Stretch Ceilings

Find the perfect ceiling is completely impossible – sometimes in very expensive homes built with the latest, we are faced with an uneven surface. Although the decision had long been invented: its history suspended ceilings go to the old days, when even ancient Rome had lived a full life. The Romans first had the idea of draping fabric ceilings, and the material used to make cloth was selected to match the walls. Of course, with such approach, we have had to pour out any creative thought. After all, was not working to diversify the environment, when you could pull a whole new tissue to replace the old and the ceiling looks like new again. Such a method decoration was also known in Armenia: it to the xvii century have used tissue from the ceiling: the Armenians took the chalk, it was dissolved, the resulting white calico soaked in the mixture and then stretched on the frame material. After drying the ceiling was strung up completely flat surface.

Constant introduction of new technologies has led to what is presently small, has started replacing the special paint – latex. Something new and unique, often arises spontaneously. So the 60-ies. worker, carrying an order for window dressing in the store firm Barrisol, which manufactures aluminum extrusions, pulled between the profiles of elastic and durable film of pvc. And it opened new stage in history – suspended ceilings: soon began to make a film specifically for ceilings, have developed new ways of fastening and welding techniques.

Boring polymer film, has turned into materials of different colors and invoices. The environmentally friendly plastic, which in turn will meet all the requirements and standards of fire safety, was an aesthetic and practical application in the design of ceilings. Therefore, in the late 1980's. suspended ceilings became very popular in Europe. Likewise, the advantage of plastic, except for its ruggedness, water resistance – the ability to change and adjust its properties under those conditions, what is required of the material. pvc plastic sheeting can be seen not only in the decoration of ceilings, but also for the design of windows, utilities, doors. In the 80 years of such ceilings have gained popularity in Europe, then went on continuous improvement: began to appear new film and textures, accessories and many other features. Factories producing suspended ceilings appeared in Russia only after 2000.


Network Quality

Redundancy in two ways – both qualitatively and quantitatively. Firstly, the quality of the networks, their capacity and performance, as a rule, far exceed the customer's needs at the moment. He may even appear that he is strongly overcharged. However, this "safety margin" should be laid on a mandatory basis. Alternation of generations of computers and other office equipment is faster, increasing performance of network devices and greatly increases the speed of data transmission. As a result, network load increases exponentially. To know more about this subject visit Samsung Electronics. Cable infrastructure building should provide seamless work at least three or four generations of computers and network devices. Give the owner of the building from the principle izbytotochnosti scs, and rapid development of information technology and telephony in the near future lead him to the need to improve, growing and strengthening the existing sca.

And working in a state of permanent repairs unpleasant, unproductive and expensive. In addition, scs is used to create the most reliable and durable components that are also reflected in the cost of the system. Secondly, a certain stock is laid and the length of the scs, the number of entry points (connectors for connection to the cable and telephone facsimile machines, sensors and control panels security systems, personal computers, servers and other devices). Accordingly, the number of potential jobs, too, is taken with some reserve. And since installation of scs implemented during the construction of the building or, at best, a major overhaul, the need for subsequent rearing of scs in the finished building will cause a major organizational and financial difficulties. Thus, in all respects advantageous to immediately make good progress both quantity and quality of structured cabling systems.