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Social Networks

Guide for IT managers, privacy advocates and teacher Rodgau, April 3, 2009. The test – and news portal published a great article about the communication and contact platforms of modern times: online networks. What are the advantages and disadvantages they bring. A practical guide to the enlightenment of the own employees, students or pupils to download in addition offered IT managers, privacy advocates and teachers. The Internet is the communication platform for the modern era. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. While the Internet evolved increasingly to the interactive rotation and pivot no matter whether in the private or business environment. Information will be quickly googled”around the world exchanged, discussed problems international, made contacts and maintained and much more.

The world is practically for everyone (in the Office or at home) before a computer, open Internet. Social networking is a strong growing trend. More and more Internet users sign in to online communities like XING, who knows, StudiVZ, Facebook or on MySpace. Or use services such as Twitter to with other users by means of short messages to replace what you just does or thinks. There are many opportunities social communities. Stand on the most important points that you should observe and what risks and opportunities these online networks, is enlightened man barely. Why social networking? “, this question is at the beginning of any activity on the Internet.

Before anyone with an online network logs on, he or she should think carefully about what he aims for, and whether you would like to use the network more private or for business careers. Also the user realize rarely put the commercial interests behind social communities. At some, you pay a fee to present itself, other pay information virtually with your about specified. The platforms are financed for example, as at the private television station, about providing of advertising space (banners, etc) for companies. Should a user not in principle deter, but you should keep it always in mind. You have what information disseminating about themselves, in their own hands. Also if over ten years ago, the Internet never forgets. Unfortunately, the potential new employer or a business partner finds these images on the Internet. Meanwhile, the search for people on the net is a very common practice. In the private or business sector googled is for new contacts fast times”. Vendors such as E.g.,,,, looking for, etc. have recognised this demand and offer a search for people. If one wants to use social networks for his business career, real data must be specified. Finally, you want to be found. All details are however well advised to think like a PR or marketing person. Good to know, is also, depending on which online network is on the way, it is possible that the personal data, even after termination of the account, are preserved. The complete Article along with the Aufklarungsleitfadens (PDF) can on free down load. About Internet portal brings together information, trends, career tips, and test results for IT decision makers and the technology sector. fills a gap in the market with its Metatests and longitudinal studies. At the same time you want to give general space across different trends in work organization, technology or knowledge work. The portal is an exclusive publication of the Wachstumsdienstleisters LeadPeople from Rodgau.


HealthCare AG

The newly created 360 healthcare AG launches an innovative and customer-oriented portal for pharmacy Federation ‘360 pharmacies’ on the Internet and relies on TYPO3. Robotics shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The 360 HealthCare AG sees itself as an independent service provider with comprehensive service offerings for pharmacies and their customers. Goal is, inter alia, to strengthen local health care in Germany using the independent pharmacist on site. Through a strong and effective shopping and brand association should both pharmacies and their customers, as well as other health care providers, such as, for example, doctors, benefit. This 360 HealthCare offers considerably more than the cooperation known so far in the market and franchise models. Also their healthcare profiling on the ground significantly improve the pharmacies are supported not only by a strong buying group, but can 360 pharmacy by the strong, innovative umbrella brand concept”.

The umbrella brand concept is extremely flexibly designed and focused intensively on local Needs of pharmacies. Technically, the website with the modern content management system TYPO3 is realized. Here, modern design elements such as, for example, jQuery be used. In addition to many TYPO3-default extensions such as the message area or a search, for example an own extension designed to represent by press releases. Two sites with over 20 domains are managed in an instance of TYPO3. The concept for the website, as well as the website of the company have been implemented in early 2009 in just five weeks from the start up to going live. For the TYPO3 implementation the Aachen-Hamburg Internet agency responsible team in medias.


Intrumentation Changes

Most measuring instruments have several errors that can affect the measurements shown. When combined, these errors, first with errors of the same instrument (as directly related to an instrument, tolerance), then the total errors of the additional instruments used in conjunction with a displayed value (ie, an instrument loop) the result is a total uncertainty of reading. Perhaps an example may clarify: The recommended air pressure for a brand of tires on a vehicle model. A newsletter informs the users of pressure above and the recommended pressure. But how can the user ensure that the pressure is read on another continent with a different instrument is correct? The answer is a science known as Meteorology, which are the registration and calibration systems necessary to provide assurance of accurate traceability of an instrument (to NIST or other organization). Another example would be the chair in which you are seated. It is likely that the parts used to construct and manufacture upholstered chair, were manufactured in more than one site. How do the pieces fit so well, the paint or chrome, or printing the packaging is so uniform? and insurance has gone through a number of containers and machinery.

The answer lies in repeated accurate measurements of exchange of instruments of the same chain of precision. Now good measure, why the radiometric calibration? The answer to this question lies in your use of the computer: If you: A. Use specific temperatures B. related to IR Use IR temperatures associated Delta C. Use images with corresponding temperatures nuances involving the displayed image D.


How To Select The Best Software For Your Mechanical Workshop

Never before have computer programs been provided for both management of medium and small auto repair shops especially designed for this purpose. these tools allow you to control a very easy and efficient administration of the workshop all by removing the need to invest much time on tedious tasks and engaging in truly productive activities. Because the range of programs to manage very large machine shops, the choosing should pay special attention to some points that must be according to the size of the workshop and the activities that are developed, are listed below the most important points to consider to make the best choice. “The program applies to your type of workshop? Generally management programs for workshops can not only be used by machine shops, because the activity they do is very similar, these programs can be used by repair shops, electrical system, specializing in brakes, automatic transmissions, air conditioning, sheet metal and paint, motorcycle repair shops and boats among others. What information drives for recording Orders Work? According to the level of detail required to register for each work order, the program should at least register the plates, the vehicle, the customer name, address, your phone, you must also record the parts that the vehicle used, if come from external or consumed repair shop store itself must be able to record significant observations of situations that may arise during the stay of the vehicle in the workshop, it is important that you can record additional expenses related to work, costs and prices of everything that makes each work order. .


Address Memory

All of these contacts should bring to the chip, which needs a greater number of interconnect on the periphery of the crystal. Therefore, wide tire requires kernel to be a certain size – that's why for a long time, entry-level gpu were limited to 128-bit bus, while their high-end versions used 256 – or 384-bit bus. Another disadvantage is the increase in chip power consumption. Therefore resorted to such a method very carefully. In fact, for a long time for high-end gpu to 128-bit bus from the Riva 128 and Matrox Parhelia, yes, and ati Radeon 9700 four years ago also used it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Peter Asaro. Likewise, 256-bit bus does not becomes wider until nVidia GeForce 8800 in late 2006.

Yes, the demands on the memory bandwidth of the gpu has steadily increased, despite the technology bandwidth savings, which are optimized with each generation. GDDR5 uses 8-bit prefetch, as the GDDR4, but has several innovations. For the first time GDDR5 uses two clock frequencies, ck and wck, the last two times larger than the first. Commands are transmitted in the mode of sdr (standard clock speed) at a frequency of CK; Address information is transmitted in ddr mode at the frequency of CK; and data are transferred in ddr mode at a frequency of wck. In the case of the Radeon hd 4870, which uses GDDR5 memory at 900 MHz, commands are transmitted at 900 MHz sdr, addresses the 900 MHz ddr (effective frequency 1800 MHz) and data – at 1800 MHz ddr (effective frequency 3600 MHz). This approach reduces the problems associated with the quality of the signal during transmission of commands and addresses, providing a very high frequency data transmission.

Unfortunately, higher frequency also mean a higher probability of error. Therefore, to ensure reliable data transfer, GDDR5 uses a mechanism to detect errors, which is used in networks. If the memory controller to determine the error, the team with which she appeared to be redone. Thus, amd and nVidia have chosen very different paths to increase the memory bandwidth for its gpu, and these elections are associated with different views on the graphics processor. nVidia, committed the principle of a huge monolithic crystal can afford 512-bit memory bus, avoiding problems with the supply of chips, which is inevitably accompanied by the introduction of advanced memory technology. On the contrary, with the advent of RV770 amd concentrates its efforts on the gpu with a reduced die size for high-end graphics cards. As we told the engineers amd, the first version of RV770 to be equipped with not more than 480 stream processors (ALU), but the gpu at the same time restricted the number of interconnect for memory interfaces. Therefore, amd was able to offer gpu, which all are familiar, with 800 stream processors, which are almost 'free' with respect to the core area. In the previous generation gpu nVidia had to forget about 384-bit bus in the transition from the G80 (80 nm) on the G92 (65 nm). Therefore, there is every chance that the same step will happen with 512-bit bus. But this time, nVidia might rely on GDDR5, to compensate for the loss of bandwidth.


The Possibility

You now want to identify the places of the wires, that will go to league themselves in its bicycle. Here it is a tip: the majority of its wires will be executed from the ignition of its motion in return for the center of the motion where the box of fuse normally is located. The way more easy to locate these wires he is to open the ignition key, and to test wires at this moment to verify if it is the correct wire. You do not go to want to beat in the wire to the side of the ignition. Instead of this, to track the wire in return for the box of fuses or in the center of the motion, where alarm system is more close to the assembly place it. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. In such a way, you will not have that to pass wires so far. The more you have that to pass wires biggest the possibility of something to give wrong.

More information on installation and use wire Execution: Removal of the panels. The certain tools are the difference between us of the fingers with blood or not of the sweat. We suggest that you consider the item seriously special, as they go to be useful in projects of other linkings in its future. You go to want to start to remove the panels that its wires are located. He certifys myself to write down that all the cramps and screws to go, do not have nothing of what worse the leftovers – you know what we want to say.

Wiring of the alarm of the unit. A time that the panels are removed, you goes to want to find a good place to mount the module of the main alarm. Most difficult to see, optimum. This will become much more difficult for a presumption thief. You generally tie up to brace or to adhere (if adhesive she is supplied) to the module of a brace or plain surface.