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The University

A Content Protection System (TPS) which protects the content according to geographic areas and monetize content by subscription or pay per view. All managed through a simple grid manager emissions. How much do dealers save eSpectia content? eSpectia protocol uses a peer to peer (P2P) allows savings in the cost of data traffic up to 97% while maintaining excellent image quality equivalent to Freeview TV Below is a comparative study of costs for the creator or provider of online multimedia content distribution scheme using a streaming client-server, and using the platform eSpectia a Note: Assuming a scenario “typical” 1000 listeners or viewers a day (the blue colored line), if we used client-server technologies the cost of data traffic to be 41. 472 while the cost with eSpectia platform is 1300. even 96.87% savings per month! About IPTV Solutions: IPTV Solutions is a technology based company (EBT) with origin at the University of Almeria (research spin-off) dedicated to software development specializing in multimedia solutions and advances R & D & I has the support of companies and professionals with extensive experience in the technology sector as well as professors from the University of Almeria specialized in coding and transmission of digital video. About the University of Almeria: The University of Almeria is one of the Spanish universities with the greatest and directs much of its efforts to bring knowledge and expertise of its researchers to support the productive structure of the province, so that new and innovative projects carried out in the companies have from the start with a solid foundation for success.

In eSpectia platform. com has been the Supercomputing Research Group: Algorithms (TIC-146) responsible for actively assisting in the supervision and direction of the project.


Learn German Online

If you are wishing to speak German in Internet she can find several options in courses structured for its fast aporendizaje. These courses include an ample range of learning activities that are the unique real form to learn a language well. Also you can find in the network games multimedia, audio, practical interactive, exercises of vocabulary and unballastable lessons not only of German if of any language that you want to know and to use at will. The different existing methods in the network offer all the resources possible to learn the language with facility and also with confidence therefore you will be able easily to happen to be a student to a famous Spanish German translator and to acquire income and extra gains thanks to as deep knowledge as this being a true professional in the text translation. Also in Internet you can find great variety of articles of languages with which you can learn vocabulary and the grammatical bases of the German and other languages and dialects. To learn German online is easier that to know English and to know all the rules compose that it.

He is not boring and repetitive, one is not only vocabulary, and certainly not only of reading. The German courses online are exciting. Also it is the unique way to take an ideal step in his education because you will be able to speak with fluidity and confidence in a considered term of three months. Not only that, also you will find courses of alems and other languages available through instantaneous unloading so that she can begin to learn German in a matter of minutes. With this article we wished the best one him of the successes in its new project of languages, to learn German at low cost online and. In many Web sites it will be able to find great variety of thematic like training of the dog, programs for the loss of weight, also to learn to touch the guitar, the auctions and others more, which does not present/display to Internet like a great world of possibilities.


Management Administrators

General view of reality trachea dela Venezuelan business scenario faces serious problems relating to productivity, where many of its businesses have closed, others do it with a very low capacity, as well as lasagna is those who have not grasped the opportunities that national government itself has created with his actions, including the aperturaa of a new foreign trade policy that has led to alliances, conventions, treaties are an opportunity for companies to penetrate new markets, has not seen the College of Management Administrators should venture activities, opinions enabling them to make themselves known, as an institution that unionized managers, administrators can collaborate with companies to help meet the challenges trachea achieve their objectives, providing solutions, managers, administrators capacitadosa for address the situation and generate responses that give way to the changes needed to ensure dynamism in the business sector. Consider that the management is a science of universal, applicable in any area that human activities, which can be used in different cultures, which seeks the satisfaction of corporate goals through the implementation of operations through the use of various resources idea for obtaining results greater efficiency, Ela little effort as possible and the best effectiveness. There is no denying that the administration is essential in any organized cooperation and at any level of organization of a company or institution. Knowledge of basic principles and techniques of management have a strong influence on the practice of it, to improve and simplify it, especially when given effect to the human and therefore to increase the progress of man must keep face of changing conditions and provide review and imagination.


Energy Consumption

Comparative power of turbochargers At current prices for electricity (about 60 cents / kWh) for the compressor of this performance, the bulk of the accumulated costs are the costs of electricity (for the year at least 45% of the cost of the compressor). With the inevitable increase in electricity prices, the cost of compressed air (the cost of electricity per cubic air) is becoming more and more urgent. COOPER, in Unlike some other compressor companies, develops and manufactures the only centrifugal turbochargers. As a result of specialization and traditional – a solid investment in the technology of the main elements COOPER cars are among the most efficient in the world. Compared to similar – in other turbo, Cooper wins in specific energy consumption – by 5 -15% compared with dry screw compressors – 18 – 25% Compared with screw compressors with oil injection – by 12 to 20% compared with the slow piston – is almost equal to its specific energy consumption of their initial, passport options, however, due to opportunities provided by the centrifugal machines in the field of optimization of operations and management, Cooper is much more economical in their real-life (reduction of losses when changing modes of operation and maintenance).

Speaking about the specific energy consumption should be mentioned that this parameter remains constant for the turbocharger compressor lifetime can not be said of any other of the above type of machine. Only frequent maintenance and replacement of expensive parts in a piston and screw compressors can maintain the performance of the passport! This is especially true of screw compressors without oil injection. Although the manufacturer such machines and guaranteed to work in the screw pair for many years, he 'forgets' to mention, what will become the starting performance: Over 5 years of operation the performance of dry screw compressor is reduced by 3 and a% at constant power consumption! Most importantly – extremely economical compressor COOPER! Service: With regard to cases where the benefits COOPER Energy is not so great (or other turbocharger slow multi-stage piston), in this case, apart from the competition COOPER on reliability, speed of service and accessibility of components: a full service from dismantling of all units and replacement of all replacement parts in these units performed once in 12 years and takes 1 – 3 chelovekoden (depending on machine type)! Periodic maintenance associated with a change of gearbox oil is produced every three – four years. For industries where the compressor station impossible in principle, provide options to allow for routine maintenance during compressor operation, without stopping. Consultation on selection of compressor equipment –

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Communication Technologies

When telecommunications companies have widespread failures as the suffered operators in Monterrey, should ensure that their capacity for resources to meet clients is available and does not fail with the rest of the infrastructure. Otherwise the company is totally isolated from their customers and generates a feeling of abandonment that is difficult to reverse. Care systems to customers of the telecommunications operators are normally based on its own infrastructure for reasons of synergy. But this in turn generates a major challenge, since if infrastructure fails it may fail the care system and let the customer being held incommunicado and without attention. Maintaining the balance between synergy and availability of the care system must be a central element in the model of any operator. During the contingency caused Hurricane Alex, Axtel company lost its website, thereby ceased to have a means of communication normally used some clients who seek information in case of failures.

Understandable is that by reasons of cost, axtel portals are hosted by themselves, but dealers should seek exchanges with its competitors to keep these resources in case of failure. Customer service is as important as the service itself, so it must have with alternate means which guarantee that if your own network is falls, will have resources including other operators, to maintain service to customers running. Processes of care, culture oriented to the client, but also a robust and adequate infrastructure to serve customers and provide them with information in these cases must be a central element.

International Day

We must not forget that the Internet is a medium that requires a control as to its contents, as far as possible, and as to their use. Precisely because of this, the solution to avoid the negative consequences and advantage of the many advantages that social networks offer would include a consumption and responsible participation in them. Thanks to initiatives such as the International Day for Safety on the Internet or the involvement of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society Ministry of Industry with the creation of, this is something that has more and more into account and that, although it can not end the problem once, will help combat it. Yes, but the fault of all, there is clearly what is shocking that you had to smack a case like that Tuenti Marta, leader of social networking since 2008, has had to get down to work on strengthening the moderation of messages and profiles circulating her womb. Tuenti, another form of advertising if a social network can contribute negatively in the media treatment of issues such as the above, it is also true that such networks have now become a more advertising. Tuenti is why has not gone unnoticed by the world of politics, and many leaders who make use of new platforms to showcase their campaigns. An example is the leader of the Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy. It was originally made his own space on Facebook, and would not miss the opportunities Tuenti therefore also created a profile on this network for the elections to reach the university.



It is important to diversify the forms of if lecionar and if carrying through tasks. It must be remembered also that the success of a pupil in the performance of a task coinciding with the learning of a content, generally is related what it thinks to be capable to make. Rich examples of diverse activities exist in accordance with the content to be studied in innumerable books. Musics and films are useful and productive resources in the development of the abilities of listening (to hear) and understanding (understanding). Projects, tasks and debates, guided for the professor will give to the learning the conquest sensation and cooperate very to the security that the pupil needs for the domain of the studied language. The environment creation that helps to live deeply the seen content will make with that it rolls-plays (to act in the situations proposals) happen with bigger efficiency.

It is important to stand out the contributions of the new technologies of information and communication that are to ours to make use as the Internet that in provides to access the all type to them of information in attractive way, fast and that it is day to day part of our pupils. The applications of the resources of the Internet as research, games and situations that can be boarded in the use of small videos, have been of great value and have helped to the professor it to awake in the pupil the factor ' ' significado' ' that it is probably the isolated factor more important to contribute for the success and the rapidity of the learning. The more significant the task, more easy is to learn. Still serving itself of the computer, a great contribution in is guaranteed with the Power point to them. With the resources of PowerPoint we can elaborate presentations with slides special, I contend animaes, photos, colors, etc.