Comparative power of turbochargers At current prices for electricity (about 60 cents / kWh) for the compressor of this performance, the bulk of the accumulated costs are the costs of electricity (for the year at least 45% of the cost of the compressor). With the inevitable increase in electricity prices, the cost of compressed air (the cost of electricity per cubic air) is becoming more and more urgent. COOPER, in Unlike some other compressor companies, develops and manufactures the only centrifugal turbochargers. As a result of specialization and traditional – a solid investment in the technology of the main elements COOPER cars are among the most efficient in the world. Compared to similar – in other turbo, Cooper wins in specific energy consumption – by 5 -15% compared with dry screw compressors – 18 – 25% Compared with screw compressors with oil injection – by 12 to 20% compared with the slow piston – is almost equal to its specific energy consumption of their initial, passport options, however, due to opportunities provided by the centrifugal machines in the field of optimization of operations and management, Cooper is much more economical in their real-life (reduction of losses when changing modes of operation and maintenance).

Speaking about the specific energy consumption should be mentioned that this parameter remains constant for the turbocharger compressor lifetime can not be said of any other of the above type of machine. Only frequent maintenance and replacement of expensive parts in a piston and screw compressors can maintain the performance of the passport! This is especially true of screw compressors without oil injection. Although the manufacturer such machines and guaranteed to work in the screw pair for many years, he 'forgets' to mention, what will become the starting performance: Over 5 years of operation the performance of dry screw compressor is reduced by 3 and a% at constant power consumption! Most importantly – extremely economical compressor COOPER! Service: With regard to cases where the benefits COOPER Energy is not so great (or other turbocharger slow multi-stage piston), in this case, apart from the competition COOPER on reliability, speed of service and accessibility of components: a full service from dismantling of all units and replacement of all replacement parts in these units performed once in 12 years and takes 1 – 3 chelovekoden (depending on machine type)! Periodic maintenance associated with a change of gearbox oil is produced every three – four years. For industries where the compressor station impossible in principle, provide options to allow for routine maintenance during compressor operation, without stopping. Consultation on selection of compressor equipment –