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It is so pleasant to drink tea, talk, flip through a magazine and just feed the children porridge. Shade – one of the most remarkable attributes of the 'old' life. However, this lamp can be quite modern. Pick up the lampshade to match the color of the walls and curtains, then a kitchen ensemble will be more coherent. Shade does not necessarily have hanging low over the table, let it be a mobile light, which in one motion falls and rises above the table. In the power lamp light central kitchen can be an interesting detail of the interior, which attracts attention.

This is especially important if the facades of the kitchen a calm muted colors, and you want to make the room bright colors. The editorial board of 'Buy' advice to choose new curtains to the original pattern and lamp, which will be combined with the color and style. Simple forms of lighting fixtures for the kitchen is always justified by the practical purpose of the room. So here are relevant and fixtures in the form of balls, and reminiscent of the cones and just a very large frosted lamps at 100 watts, Threaded into the cartridge. It will be interesting to look Tension system with multiple lamps. The system allows to move and deploy spotlights in the right direction as you please. The only condition – the system should not impede the normal movement of the kitchen (when mounting from floor to ceiling) and opening doors of cabinets (horizontally strung guides).


Bouquets of grasses (ornamental barley, millet, quaking grass) look better in glass vases. For large heavy flowers (gladiolus, delphinium) are suitable for coarse ceramic vases. Carnations, roses, put in expensive vase (crystal), as well as vases of clear glass. Low-growing plants and flowers with short stems (violet, lilies, snowdrops, primroses) are placed in a low flat vase. Elegant fragile flowers look good in glass or porcelain white vase. The vase should have good proportions, shape and color. For a modern residential interior best fit simple shapes – cylindrical, spherical, cubic, made of metal, ceramic, glass and combinations of these materials.

If the vase is ornate form, it is not suitable for flowers is very complex in shape and color. Vase Halter will not be combined with a bright bouquet, because in this case, and a vase and a bunch of visually equivalent. High flowers with long stems can be very interesting to assemble a low flat or round vases by the so-called "hedgehogs" – stands out with a metal needle facing upwards, which stems prick. At the same time the flowers are short can not be put in high vase, as in this case violated their mutual proportions, and they look better in a low wide pot. Beautiful bouquets of two or three-color bright colors in a clear glass: large white daisies, red carnations dressing, tea roses or tulips. We must remember here that flowers of one kind and color are in the room longer than mixed. More resistant asters, chrysanthemums, small, plants with long stems, good clean teams in large vases. Tattooed for bouquets – lead plate round with soldered into it with sharp brass spikes or nails – is the perfect holder for creating flower arrangements in vases, flat.

Tattoo can be replaced by a holder of a soft stainless steel wire, crumpled into a ball. For stability of the composition in the wire coil can be woven into the stone. The resulting lattice supports plants in the right direction. Flat holders can be made of sheet aluminum thickness of 2-3 mm or organic glass. At the plate, having a round or oval-shaped holes are then closed vases plates and the holes put the flowers. At that time, until you decide where and in what bowl put the bouquet, flowers quickly and quickly bring your bouquet. You will save a lot of time and nerves, which could easily get lost in a traffic jam.

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The tenth sign of the zodiac. The main element – – the Earth (the hardest and dense land – – a stone). The primary level of the element of Earth. The cardinal, negative, feminine, magnetic Zodiac. Saturn is a senior, daily, direktnym ruler of Capricorn.

Uranium is a junior, night, retrograde ruler. Black Moon (Lilith) symbolically has the youngest, a second abode in Capricorn. In this sign the effect of the Black Moon (Lilith) effort. Mars in Capricorn in the exaltation. The Moon and the White Moon (Selena) in Capricorn in exile. Jupiter in Capricorn in the fall. The main idea of the Signs of the Zodiac Capricorn – the desire and move up to the top.

Implementation of this commitment is very slow (Years, decades), sometimes all a person's life. Step by step, step by step. Saturn – – planet ruler of Capricorn, unhurried. Saturn (Cronus) controls the time. The idea of Capricorn win it all yourself, heavy work (in any form), through the obstacles, limitations and losses. Capricorn – – the most goal-oriented Zodiac. He goes to his goal from birth until death. What is the purpose of spiritual choice Zodiac Signs Capricorn? God gives Capricorn desire to achieve top of professionalism in your chosen field of human activity. The idea of Capricorn (given by his light forces) to become a professional to the bone, to the tips of the nails. This Capricorn – it is always a true professional. But Satan is quietly changing the emphasis Capricorn and whispers: 'Do it a career', that is the Dark Force quietly changing the purpose of Capricorn. Instead of professionalism – the pursuit of career levels and power. Capricorn High level of spiritual development – Professional. Capricorn with a low level of spiritual development – a careerist.

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