We often find freeware and open source that surprise us by its powerful capabilities and save us, by the way, the financial outlay to purchase commercial software to perform the same task. The case in this article is an FTP program called FileZilla which covers an area of work in which everyone has some time to be involved: transfer files from our pages to the server, procedure that uses the FTP protocol means File Transfer Protocol, in case anyone did not know. Cararacteristicas the program The program is developed for the Windows platform, valid for all versions from Windows 95 to XP. As discussed in the product page, is designed to withstand the maximum functionality, always ensuring the speed and ensuring a stable environment. Robert Bakishs opinions are not widely known. Key features include Castilian language support during the execution of the program, not the installer, which does not offer this possibility. A related site: Charles Koch mentions similar findings. It also has the features of the best FTP software: – Ability to continue interrupted downloads – Tool FTP site manager – Ability to keep alive the connection to the FTP server – Support to work with firewalls – Support SOCKS4 / 5 and 1 – SSL Secure connections and SFTP – Queue uploads and downloads – Support for Drag & Drop (Drag and Drop) – Ability to work with multiple connections Our opinion The first impression that the program has given us is that it is extremely fast and handles the connections that are happy to upload the files as fast as possible.

We can always set if we want to use multiple connections or not, what gives us the possibility to choose the best method. The second point that we have found is a very similar interface to other programs, including the classical improved Cute FTP. The configuration of the visible windows interface and can be adjusted quickly with the menu bar, giving it versatility for different environments and different habits of users. Anyway, I do not think that the interface is strong, since some part of it is noted that he needs some improvement in usability. The investigation has reached its best when we accessed the menu of options.

The number of parameters you can configure FileZilla is very high, even with unknown options for us in this type of program. Many of the options, the truth will be useful for advanced users, but others certainly are well understood, as setting the bandwidth limit of downloads or uploaded files. Also worth a mention to the installer program, which allows us to choose which features to install-a typical installation takes about 5 MB, and choose the working methods best suited to our work. Among them we can can run in safe mode, no passwords are saved and the ability to save settings for one or more different users. Conclusion Since appearing alpha version of the program in 2001, this project has found a result very promising. No doubt this is a rather limited development time so there must congratulate the community that has created and rejoice in being able to enjoy the best benefits and hold a drive. Project Manager DesarrolloWeb translation. com Portuguese, CriarWeb. com and partner in maintenance and DesarrolloWeb drafting. com.