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Executive Board

The basis for this is a properly functioning network of all employees and divisions in a way. There must be no problematic interfaces, but only reliable links and smooth cooperation among all in construction and in the companies involved. In his concept, the company is first analyzed and evaluated according to established criteria, taking into account the links and dependencies. This is”more often neglected so Walker in the counselling approaches.” Often is not asked, what happens if I alter something at one point, in the areas of the associated. But exactly the links and impacts is important for the implementation, these are not sufficiently taken into account, can a themselves good intention on the contrary very quickly turn and lead to a sustained deterioration. After analysis and evaluation, a catalogue of measures is created together with the Executive Board, which takes into account the dependencies and links, so that it not singular measures indicates that can fizzle out ineffective or detrimental. Walker presents his concept in free information events in 8 cities in the whole Federal territory, the dates and locations can be requested at wabe@walker-beratung. Of course, also in-house presentations are possible.

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Successful Work Team

Very logical is that if you manage to create an organization large distributors or affiliates, you have the possibility of making large income in your MLM business. Learn more at this site: BDT Capital Partners. Now, the question would be, how we can create a successful work team? We must understand that not all people that we afiliemos to the business will be willing to work at the same pace as us, it is so important that we get closer to having it to a group of people with at least the same vision and willingness to work than you. This group of people is what John C. Maxwell called your inner circle we can choose a profile of people for our inner circle?, the answer is if. It’s not easy, sometimes we’re going to make mistakes, but I believe that it is possible and here are some guidelines that we follow to find those people who identify as Maxwell says our potential as leaders. * Researches their history.-need start knowing a little of his past, which had, where they come, that experience have. * Verify your interest staff.-a person who shows interest towards you and what you are doing is a good prospect, although beware, because many people can and will feign interest.

Here is where the experience on your part will be important to identify when a prospect shows real interest or only pretending. * Observed responses of your prospectus-responses showed much of the personal philosophy of a prospectus, for example, if you tell him your affiliate training there are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and his answer is is necessary to come 3 days week?? This shows much of their way of thinking and you must be careful because it might not be a good prospect. Check and observe the reactions of your prospects to identify possible flaws in his personal philosophy. * Verifies the results.-What is this is about results, then if your affiliate has a good track record, shows interest, has the right philosophy and also has results, i.e., recruits and sells, congratulations you can have found a diamond on your computer.


Second Life User

Second life users from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can now use their virtual second life even better with The German-speaking community of second life portal has been improved in the past few weeks both technically and visually. The portal has now grown to the fully fledged social network. Now, each user has a profile which can be completed with extensive options. Via a convenient user search, you can find other second life users with similar interests and hobbies, but also specialists for content creation, language skills, or skills in the scripts of second life objects. Another important innovation is the groups feature.

With the Group feature on anyone can establish its own SL groups and communities, manage comfortably online and promote. 2nd life, real life company, Club, roleplay community, Club, or regional community, the groups feature benefits, alone with a presence in an active and great for any kind of communities in and around SL Web community. In addition to these tools, also added a picture gallery for the most beautiful second life is snapshots available. New is also the market place on Here can apply products, services, or your projects the second life residents and reach thousands of interested parties over this channel at the same time. Thus, the marketplace is a real additional advertising option to known online marketplaces such as, or All new features are completely free of charge for the communtiy as the entire range of services on About For over a year SLinside what up-to-date about everything in and around the virtual world happens and offers new second life residents, the probably most extensive collection of Einsteigerhilfen in the German-speaking Web.

About 16800 user have now registered and created over 80000 posts in the Forum. Questions, even if they go into great detail, are answered here immediately learned active second life community. is also Travel and event guide and features together with the new social network everything you need for his second life. is the new social network tools become more than a pure Forum, or news portal and offers users many useful tools each SL in order to facilitate second life, explains Silvio Remus, operator of the portal. In the future we will focus more on links between second life and Web, because that is the next necessary step. Second life needs to integrate more everyday. Call information and media from real life, must be just as easily possible in second life as well as in the Web. Until then, expert really a metaverse makes sense, so the Virtual World. For advertisers, of one of the few real mass media for second life represents information without major media, to present an active second life community. About second life: Second life is a virtual online world on the Internet, with over 11 million users worldwide. Around the clock are approx. 30000 up 57000 users online at the same time. With over 11000 regions, the virtual world has now reached a land area, which corresponds to the area of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As well as all content in second life, are created by the users themselves. Every day, the residents of the virtual world implement 1,2 million US dollars through the purchase of virtual goods and services. Contact information: Silvio record Mustat Gonnaufer 30 06526 Valentina he Wallace Tel.: 03464 543571 mobile: 0160 7749401 E-Mail:


Truly Social Network

A real social network! The self help for people! Unemployed, retirees, pensioners, single parents, working part-time, short for those who urgently need an additional income! The goal! Many people as possible to generate an additional income, to help, to escape the crash! How can we reach this goal together? Here we go a whole new way! The nemo principle! A story about the suggestion: Do you know the story/movie “Finding Nemo”? One scene shows a large fishing net on a crane in a fishing vessel. Thousands of small fish are caught in the net. Also, Nemo. Nemo gets all the small fish to swim, which they do in one direction. Swim with all power in one direction. It’s not long until the rope of load crane breaks! All the small fish are back in freedom. Exactly how our social network of “small fish”. Economic crisis, housing bubble, bank failures, possible national bankruptcies, bailouts, economy boosting programs, etc, etc, etc G20 Summit to rescue the World! THE headlines in the press, the top news in television! Most people jump straight out of a huge skyscraper! On each floor where they fly past, you think: thank God, it went well until now. If you want to jump with and know what you can do, then will you do at but what Member? Can we do something? The answer is Yes! We are a social network, that ‘social’ really deserve the attribute! Why? Because the revenue from this social network to over 90% of the members will be paid out! For all other “social” networks, only one deserves: the owner! A special (Pro) membership you must pay for one at that! All these so-called “social” networks are nothing than pure printing money!Smart made a great business idea! At the moment these networks like the mushrooming of Internet sprout! None deserves these networks don’t even in the farthest the attribute social! We are a Soziales network, that ‘social’ really deserve the attribute! Why? Because the revenue from this social network to over 90% of the members will be paid out! The participation is 100% free! Alexander beer