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Jaime Laz signed and headed for the door in search of their freedom but the thick voice was softened a once obtained the firm why, Laz? He asked, – you were one of the best, most qualified – continued with the security of an answer going, Laz, has achieved that the portal is visited by an interesting market for the company, prepared, educated people segment, her salon was one of the most frequented and general conversation kept a really satisfactory level for visitors, we receive congratulations for the typology of the fellow members. It was a good job, why, Laz,? why-asked by way of conclusion. Friend is not to be illegal – murmured Laz by opening the door to abandon controls and the building of glass, for a taxi on a dull Street in Brussels that away you from there and closer to the airport where a plane would lead him to Barcelona and Celia. Jaime Laz had spent day after day, for eighteen months, talking with strangers and in a few hours would face the worst conversation of his life, contacted Celia by email to cite in a cafe in Paseo de Gracia, was the last thing you did on a computer, read the message of it, simple and simple, just one you hope to confirm the meetinghis mind began cramming of lines written on a white and luminous screen similar to the heavens that permeated the aircraft and a deep sleep resembling tiredness won him until you hear a flight attendant message informing of arrival at your destination. The target – thought while the taxi took him to Celia – may be her fate. Jaime Laz had left Brussels, a well-paid job but questionable professional reputation, not to say zero reputation, but that year and a half was the period of time necessary for their children to find a job and was now free, He could do anything if Celia accepted him, if, as he sensed, she loved him.


Organization Earth Day Network

For 35 years each April 22 the world celebrates the earth day, a date that seeks to bring to the reflection to the millions of men and women who populate the planet and who are committed to their destruction, in one way or another or being more optimistic, with its preservation. This year, the world Organization Earth Day Network (EDN), a network that connects more than 12,000 organizations in 174 countries and works throughout the year to create a better future for the Earth, has decided, among other campaigns draw attention to critical environmental status, facing every citizen with its reality. In doing so, has developed an original questionnaire for measuring the ecological footprint of each respondent that faced with sincerity to the test. To protect our home, the Earth, we have to know our influence on it every day, said the introduction of the test. Each person has some impact. The term ecological footprint measures how many acres occupies each person to maintain its level of consumption, and also their parallel level of waste. Sometimes the results are alarming, since to maintain the pace of life and consumption that we carry, we would need two and even three planets equal to the only one we have. Measure your ecological La footprint ecological footprint of 6 billions of humans who populate the world currently is 30% larger than all the resources that exist.

Clearly we are about using the resources of our planet and quickly spending its environmental supply. At the same time, there is a significant percentage of people on earth that does not have nor the basics to survive. Has it come to ask how much nature do you need to provide your lifestyle? You are about to discover it performing the test, which in the Web that appears at the end of this article. You can access by clicking answering 15 questions so everyday like these: how often you eat food products of animal origin? (beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, seafood, dairy products); from the foods you eat How many are they processed, packaged/packaged and imported; How many people live in your household?; what the average number of miles that you scroll through weekly on public transport (bus, train, subway, shuttle or collective)? and how often accompanied to you travel by car, instead of traveling alone?, you can know your ecological footprint on Earth.


Barbara Gandiaga

The voyage of singers, and Barbara Gandiaga, are two texts where the author exercises with master the craft, where, according to the author: the dramatic text is, first and foremost, a continuous surprise, a discovery in itself. Barbara Gandiaga, poetic text, makes a jewel of dramaturgy. A dramatic text where the identity of a people is starting to review, where the struggle for the persist becomes spinal cord in the midst of a land of amnesias assumed or enforced. Barbara Gandiaga. The icon. The myth. The possibility of a continuity.

The heroine of crime and condemns in the Mission of Santo Tomas. A cry to the silence in which Jose Ruiz Mercado and Hugo Salcedo, coincide in time and its shape. Let us not forget is the cry of a ghost woman in Memorial of April, Ruiz Mercado, who makes fuss in space, broken at once, from a dispersed city itself. Hybrid. Objectified.

Museum showcase piece, seen a thousand times, but never defined in its essentiality how find us in the ideal? How to grow a conscience limited assumed ignorance? Jose Ruiz Mercado proposed the revision of a metropolis. From the poet to the playwright. The female figure in the work of the doer of actions is Medullary construction of scenic spot literary. Strong women who question, propose. Life matrons, midwives death. As a lamp and its white light walking hand with Dona Concha, the Cook, the Immaculate Virgin so pure that only you can conceive witch, the fairy of peoples with apron instead of gauzy silk. The symbol of a collectivity as the of the monologues of the feast or perhaps the replanteadora of the identity of a village in spilt honey. A work where the woman has the strength to recompose the universe. Susana San Juan is echoed in his childhood as an excuse to talk about cultural syncretism that Juan Rulfo envisioned in his Pedro Paramo.



If you are a businessman, the owner of a store, a factory, the legal owner of a marketing company to the wholesale, or if you’re a professional who works in one of these companies, you should know that currently not enough to know how to sell or manufacture but that the fact of developing a professional or business activityIt is also subject to legislation and is responsible for its fulfillment. You must appreciate that along with the legislation applicable to any company, there are regulations which, from our experience, we know which may cause some other problem or conflict. In this page we can not resolve any queries, are only going to tell certain rules that apply to the Sector, some generals and other special and will not give the references of all those that practically everyone knows, such as those that govern societies, contracts, corporations, the income and capital taxes, value-addedthe economic activities or the prevention of occupational risks. I wish our society did not have so many regulations, but the Association corresponds to inform you and try to, when there is a rule that affects him in the exercise of his activity, modify it whenever it responds at Justice to a legitimate interest. Therefore, from these pages, indicate you the references of these other standards must take into account because it is subject to them, that Yes, only the law specialists can help your understanding, interpretation and argumentation in the event of conflict of interest. .