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The Man

It describes the will most private of the will and in this direction it will not be then liberating, but she will only become the men as pure contemplativos citizens, therefore while they contemplate do not desire and therefore they do not suffer. Music provides to the individual a disinterested pleasure, therefore it represents the will of immediate form to the step that the individual to the ouviz it desinteressadamente will be as if ascese was in one and would feel inexplicable a joy sentimental that it is total subjective. 3. The EXISTING RELATION BETWEEN MUSIC AND Schopenhauer WILL assumes a Metaphysical positioning and it also does not save its you criticize Kant, being that now the phenomenon will be everything that and perceived and cognoscvel to be thought will that is the Noumenom it will be immediate intuition. The opposite Kant, it will go to elaborate a metaphysics imanente where the reason will submit the will, and this will represents a fondness to live under which the man is and it will not be able to be gotten rid.

The will is the substratum of all the phenomena, being it a Noumenon and to if showing it finishes if becoming Phenomenon, thus the man when he acts being thus makes because he is moved by the will that in part is not rational. This will generates pain and the suffering, and this suffering is the unit of the world, therefore it is present in all the people without exception. If in fact the will generates pain and the suffering becoming the life one to suffer, in such a way the only way that if can find to surpass this pain is eliminating the will, and this elimination of will exclusively give only through the artistic contemplation. For this philosopher all the arts are liberating, but for determined time, that is, momentarily and not of definitive form. Read additional details here: Goop.



Its decline is marked by the death of Hegel in 18530 (University Catholic of Brasilia, 2007). The idealistic philosophers did not place themselves as adversaries of the workmanship of Kant, but yes as its continuators. Viacom gathered all the information. Amongst its main thinkers, they will be contemplated in this work Fichte, Schelling and Hegel, for being considered most important in the clarification of the considered subject. 3. Fichte Born in 1762 and died in 1814, was formed in theology and later in philosophy in Iena. One became known in part due to the fact of its first book (published anonymously) to have been attributed to Kant (University Catholic of Brasilia, 2007; Blackbourne, 1997). Professor of the University of Iena became, and published a workmanship that he intended to develop the kantiana philosophy he transforms and it into a radical idealismo, therefore abandons the Kantiana conception of dualism ' ' thought-coisa' '. Add to your understanding with John K Castle. For it, everything depends on the pensante citizen that does not correspond to one? individual I? , but yes to one ' ' I universal' ' , source for the explanation of all the things.

3.1. Absolute I the point of the departure of Fichte am the absolute one (Morente, 1980). However, this ' ' I absoluto' ' it does not consist of thinking, therefore to think comes later. It consists of making, consists of an activity (Cabral, 2006). Thus, the essence of absolute I is the action. Cabral in them points in its workmanship the three principles determined for Fichte and used in the elaboration of its theories, to follow: Everything what is, alone is in the measure where I am inside of; to this Fichte it called the first principle of its workmanship, of the identity. Of this principle of the identity, it elapses the beginning of the opposition. In this as principle, it admits the opposite of I, who am called not-I.


The Contractor

Beyond increasing the dependences in relation they, evidence an increase of the interferences of and in local cultures: the borders between ' ' eu' ' ' outro' ' they are diminishing; professional activities exist that can be developed in a distant country from the personal residence a company, or an individual, can give a service and receive for it, without the least to direct know or to make personal contact with the contractor eliminating the borders and all the elements differentiators of the cultures being enough for this the domain of a common language (in this in case that the language of computer science), characterizing the tecnovirtual society or the infovirtual universe. In this universe each more pertinent time becomes the investigation on the identity and the differences. This can be observed at the moment where distinct and distant elements and personages finish if joining for intermediary of a common language that is not the language practised in the origin society. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. Being language one of the defining elements of the identity, and being necessary the domain of a new common language, that is not the proper one of none of the involved ones in the process, finishes if revealing the characteristics of a new cultural manifestation, in which one ' ' I social' ' if &#039 relates with one; ' another one social' ' both interact becoming new social I that a new culture is developed and produced, a new identity. This third is so distinct of I eats of the other, even so is developed for the interaction between both, in a culture of personages who if relate at a distance Thus, I and the other, each one with its specific identity, interacts creating a new identity, with specific language and values, which only identify them while social actors of that infovirtual universe. We know that in century XX, the classic notion of identity if dissolves and if it res-position ahead of the advances of the medias making with that these politics today face the loss of its effectiveness.


Human Rights

Certainly that she will not have only, infallible and/or predominant processes and strategies. The strategies to use will be, necessarily, interdisciplinares because: as the man it will not have conditions to live isolated; also one any branch of the knowledge will be incapable to find and to implement the best solutions for the diverse problems with that the humanity if faces currently: politician-ideological conflicts; diverse fundamentalismos; incontrolada proliferation of warlike armament; usurpation of rights acquired for the work; wild increase of consumption of estupefacientes; alastramento of serious illnesses; hunger; rich and poor growth of the irrigation ditch between; intolerncia to some levels in different activities and situations: social, econmicas, cultural, statutory politics and; systematic breaking of the Human Rights, including the disdain for the rights of the victims. In this picture, minimum described, all are few and the insufficient ways for, separately, if to get resulted favorable to the alteration of those situations. One knows that the resource the rigorous methods makes possible that science reaches a type of systematic knowledge, necessary and objectivo, for which if they discover universal and necessary relations between fenmenos. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Science has to carcter universal in the measure where its conclusions are not valid, exclusively, for the observed cases, but also for all the ones that if are similar. The reality and/or the world constructed for science desire the objectividade, that is, the conclusions to be able to be verified by any another member of the scientific community, because it is established that science makes use of a rigorous language, so that the concepts are not presented ambiguous, insufficient or ambivalent. However, the construction and desconstruo of scientific paradigms, succeed it a rhythm each bigger time. Already it passed the period of the average age, where, for example, the geocentrismo prevailed as a dogma during some centuries, finishing for being disassembled, in the modern age, for the heliocntrica theory.



' ' For Wittgenstein, the language appears first as a species of impediment to obtain ' ' language ideal' ' where the structure of the language corresponds the reality. When abandoning this notion of ideal language, Wittgenstein launched the inquiry of the language for other ways. In its book philosophical INQUIRIES, it affirms that most important in the language it is not the significao but the use. To understand a language it must be understood as it functions. However, it can compare the language with a game; it has as many languages how many the language games. Therefore, to understand a word in a language is not first understands its significao, but to know as it functions, or as if it uses inside of one of these jogos.' ' (DEFERRED PAYMENT, 1978, p.170) He is with the term ' ' games of linguagem' ' that the author mentions the form to it vital of the quotidiano, where individual practises its acts of speaks, in specific way, condizente with its reality, place and time that occupies.

In this manner, it is necessary that if it is valid a hermeneutics (1) so that if can interpret the speech that is immersed in these ' ' games of linguagem' ' that tries, to its way, to say the present truth in the reality. How to decide this problem? Paul appears then Ricoeur (1915-2005), that with skillful creativity it demonstrates to a brilliant exit that can identify, or the least to give tracks so that if it has some security in the narration of the identity of the being. thus it develops a philosophy of the citizen and the action, with emphasis in the perspective and the directions. Its main work if summarizes in the sentence ' ' Itself as one outro' ' , that it discourses on the identity of the being in four distinct questions, namely: who speaks? ; who acts? who is described? Who is the moral citizen of the imputation? In the question of who it speaks, Ricoeur says that in what question, searchs here to identify on what the individual has pretension to discourse, at the same time that it is tried to individualizar it from its predicao, denomination and indication.


Jockey Today

At that time the Mount of the German and Good bye already existed great slum quarters in the communities what today not yet it happens in the Jockey, where the streets is wide and the few alleys with few exits to put for being a quarter where it does not exist as many residences how much quarter can support exist areas of bushes that in the case of the Trunk are used as escape route. Slaughters Although to be a quarter pacato the quarter of the jockey already was some times in the layers of periodicals and the reason always had been slaughters. in less than ten years already they had been three Solution We know that it does not have mysteries to finish with this. The traffic alone exists therefore generates profit. It polices if it to restrain and constantly to apprehend is fact that the traffic does not last. However she is necessary to also arrest and above all to make it polices what it made very well old very before having all technology its favor, investigating to make campanas and to give the certeiro small boat.

Good side of the Spectacle in the German. invasion of the German today in them seems that it was pure marketing more still thus redeu good fruits, today the population trusts more polices more and to each apia day so that the evil does not win the good. 7 battalion We know that the politics many times confuses the work of polices, however keep if firm always fulfilling the oath To serve and To protect, the two years behind the young had fear to enter for the police force today each day more has young more with the dream of being a policeman and to arrest outlaws. In a city being invaded by villains vocs they are our Heroes. We count on vocs.



The tenth sign of the zodiac. The main element – – the Earth (the hardest and dense land – – a stone). The primary level of the element of Earth. The cardinal, negative, feminine, magnetic Zodiac. Saturn is a senior, daily, direktnym ruler of Capricorn.

Uranium is a junior, night, retrograde ruler. Black Moon (Lilith) symbolically has the youngest, a second abode in Capricorn. In this sign the effect of the Black Moon (Lilith) effort. Mars in Capricorn in the exaltation. The Moon and the White Moon (Selena) in Capricorn in exile. Jupiter in Capricorn in the fall. The main idea of the Signs of the Zodiac Capricorn – the desire and move up to the top.

Implementation of this commitment is very slow (Years, decades), sometimes all a person's life. Step by step, step by step. Saturn – – planet ruler of Capricorn, unhurried. Saturn (Cronus) controls the time. The idea of Capricorn win it all yourself, heavy work (in any form), through the obstacles, limitations and losses. Capricorn – – the most goal-oriented Zodiac. He goes to his goal from birth until death. What is the purpose of spiritual choice Zodiac Signs Capricorn? God gives Capricorn desire to achieve top of professionalism in your chosen field of human activity. The idea of Capricorn (given by his light forces) to become a professional to the bone, to the tips of the nails. This Capricorn – it is always a true professional. But Satan is quietly changing the emphasis Capricorn and whispers: 'Do it a career', that is the Dark Force quietly changing the purpose of Capricorn. Instead of professionalism – the pursuit of career levels and power. Capricorn High level of spiritual development – Professional. Capricorn with a low level of spiritual development – a careerist.

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