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Jubilee Tour

Finnish rock Act celebrates its 10th anniversary with Germany shows (fs) coming the Finnish rock band of poets again of the case after the success of the previous year on tour (4-19 October), the occasion is a particular. “” “” Celebrates its 10th anniversary the band from Helsinki in the context of the shows and thus crowning a career that is unparalleled at this early stage: the first signs of life “the first single late goodbye 2005 became the most successful CD of their home country,” reached an audience of millions, the follow-up albums in Finland at chart position one Carnival of rust as the soundtrack of the video game Max Payne 2 “and revolution roulette” were awarded with Platinum and gold, respectively and MTV Europe chose the Sextet in 2006 to theBest Finnish Act”. Already at the first Germany tour, that temple of the fifth Studio CD 2012 following the publication of thought”took place, some concerts due to the immense public interest in larger halls had to be relocated. Tickets for the upcoming Dates of the popular Nordic alternative-rock export are available in advance for 20.–to 21,–, special VIP tickets include a meet & greet with the band and cost 40.–(plus fees). That poets 2013 already would have of the case on a global success story, was in the year of the Foundation more than uncertain. in 2003, vocalist Marko Saaresto had to dissolve his apartment and sell the entire possessions and goods, to pursue the career dream. The basement of his friends became the new place in the living room of Keyboarder Markus Captain”Kaarlonen was a makeshift Studio and Olli Tukiainens (guitar) old car was turned into the Office. “A time for frontman mark” is still very much present: it was called at that time all or nothing! I can remember exactly how I was sitting in Tamy of old Crate and have submitted a plan for the future.


Ring Video

Much of the success of the media products depends on the connection between the characters and viewers. In the case of video games, users must also identify with the characters.For some reason, almost all the Mexican characters from video games belong to a fighting title as King of the Tekken series (with everything and that your name is not Mexican).One of the latest games with Mexican characters is Red Dead Redemption, title of action where the protagonist travels to the national territory during the era of the revolution and helps the insurgents to win the race. Having been portrayed and after seeing our country in the video game, the last list was that we did the titles. That dream has been thanks Heroes of the Ring, production Mexico-latinoamericana which has put our designers and creators on the world map. Thanks to the existence of competitions as talent and other game, Mexicans can fulfill his dream of becoming developers and it is that the talent has always existed. To be developed by creative Caucasians, it is not uncommon that games be starring, most of the times, white characters. It is why Mexicans celebrate when they see heroes or even villains in video games.