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As an office or home chat MyChat is not inferior to peers that are available on the market. Small cost, rapid response to potential problems free support, continuous improvement – is a welcome stand out among a large number of confusing programs. According to Mashable, who has experience with these questions. The stability of the server, the simplicity of its setting, detailed information on its Use – all to set up chat on any network without any additional knowledge. The server allows you to create the necessary user groups, assign each client server MyChat right to control user behavior and if necessary, punish them, to filter by MAC and IP addresses, and more. The client will allow any user to feel comfortable during intercourse.

Nice interface, the ability to selection of templates, "skins" window MyChat client emoticons to suit every taste, the channels for public communication and privates – for the individual. A client can create alerts for other users to post messages on bulletin boards, and may even create your own channel. All messages are transmitted to the user is offline are saved, and the next time you reach the addressee immediately. MyChat customer has the perfect solution for transferring files. Large files are transferred very quickly and even if the user is not online, they will receive them immediately. MyChat product meets all the requirements of the present time.

Stable operation, easy setup, low price – the basic requirements, which are put forward with regard to the software now. MyChat meets all the requirements of users, the company conducts a loyal developer policies in pricing and are constantly encouraged their clients gifts (for example, everyone who purchased a license MyChat 50 and more users are present in the robot's "Quiz" – educational game for those who love to learn). And one more important feature of the product MyChat – it can be integrated with other software, such as 1C or Customer-Bank. For Linux users chat and fit. It works fine under Linux using WINE. Anyone who wants to learn more about MyChat, the cost of program, conditions for obtaining a trial version or just ask questions – can visit the official website or send an email to support at. See how a chat or ask questions developers can be on a public server. Make the right choice. MyChat – we appreciate your trust!

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OLE Automation

Let's begin. To integrate your. NET applications with the application solution on 1C: Enterprise version of this can be one of the following ways: – through the exchange of intermediate files (. Filed under: Peter Asaro. txt,. csv,. xml,. dbf); – upload data to an intermediate store – using a mechanism OLE Automation; – the use of COM-connection – Web-publishing services – the use of Web-expansion for 1C – direct access to the data (Elisy.LinqTo1CSql.81); – Enterra. NET SDK.

The list contains not only the means, nominally included in the 1C, but also standalone products, supplied by 1C (Web-expansion), and third-party developers (Enterra. NET SDK, Elisy.LinqTo1CSql.81). Let's dwell on each of these methods. Exchange via the intermediate files (. Txt,. Csv,.

Xml,. Dbf) It's pretty clear to 1C is formed by sampling the data, which is discharged into the file sharing. Formed file can be used by other software. There's also the opposite situation – third-party program generated the file specified size is loaded and processed by 1C: Enterprise. Naturally, this kind of exchange will require a special treatment (or the rules of exchange) to upload / download files. Disadvantages of this option are obvious – any configuration changes to 1C will require changes to the procedure of export / import files, in case of lazy loading file uploads data may become obsolete, more efforts are needed to protect the information. Such a method suited to the small integration problems (for example, publication of price list on website), you'll have to own techniques develop in the 1C.

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Web Papers

Traditionally, the use of such forms VyatGGU training as lectures, laboratory work, practical and seminar sessions, workshops, tests, conferences, examinations and other distance learning technologies make its own specifics in this list. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Possible activities in the Internet of students in remote VyatGGU: information retrieval (work with web browsers, databases, reference systems, work in the electronic library search electronic catalogs, purchase of paid and free textbooks, etc.), communication (e-mail, a system of individual letters within sites, participate in forums, chats, video conferencing, communication through ICQ, etc.), a publication of the network (creation of individual Web pages, sites, work with the exchanger, etc.). This classification is the basis for the selection of cognitive activity of students in the open information space, which is the Internet, as well as our training site of distance education VyatGGU (Kirov). Teachers VyatGGU helpful to know that every activity on the Internet and students Online solves certain problems of teaching and educational nature: writing the essays, the development of individual and group projects, the implementation of research projects of various levels (creative case, term papers and theses), preparation of annotated links on the topic, a review of the site by topic, work with Web kvestemi, collecting information, multimedia, software and analytical material to the subject, illustrate their texts with materials from the Internet, surveys and questionnaires, expert advice, the study results of different ratings and ratings at special sites, virtual meetings with interesting people, conversations, discussion, role playing, thematic web pages, web-quests, wiki, publish term papers, research papers, articles, thematic databases, create gallery, create collections of video and audio on a topic other multimedia resources, and many others. Kai-Fu Lee wanted to know more. Let's examine each of the three directions. I. Search for information and writing essays of different kinds of protection on the basis of materials from Network: essay-review, abstract review, (abstract in electronic form located in the exchanger at the training site, but the defense held in the chat room, forum or during the discussion in a newsgroup).

Analysis of the existing network of abstracts on given topic, their evaluation, the establishment of rating student papers. Drawing up a collection of thematic links to the Internet. A review of the site to study the subject and its presentation. Working with the Web Quest, trained teacher or found on the web. Reviews of professional teleconferencing analysis discussion of topical issues. Collection of multimedia materials on a given topic (text, illustrations, animation, video, audio). Illustration of the found text your multimedia materials (graphics, charts, tables


DIN ISO Portable

Connector and the measuring line, universal calibrator DIGISTANT recognizes all connected sensors automatically. quoted properly. Specialized software DIGICAL, specifically designed for universal calibrator DIGISTANT , supports the entire process Calibration of establishing parameters to document the results according to international standards DIN ISO-9000. Results can be saved in the device in order to register a document and the data which can then be read through the integrated interface USB. Features – Base accuracy calibrator 0.015% – Simultaneous delivery of signals and measurement through calibration – Conservation programs for calibration for 50 Object – The ‘included – to measure’ for all connected sensors – DC 24 V for calibration – Direct input coefficients for Pt 100 (R0, A, B, C) with newly developed portable universal calibrator DIGISTANT can verify the physical quantities such as force, torque or displacement, using the same calibrator, in addition to the usual electrical and thermal values. Distinguishes this versatile portable calibrator of similar, its ability to produce an extensive and comprehensive document, which is necessary at present for any calibration. The software allows you to download DIGICAL calibration results from the universal portable calibrator DIGISTANT on a PC for documentation and processing. Up to 21-th dimension of the object and up to 50 objects can be stored in nonvolatile memory. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Tested values can also be classified as ‘good / bad’ according to the error tolerances allowed for object sizing.

It is also possible to collect measurements of the group, according to the initial check (as found) and also, after the installation (as left). Description of measurement and simulation for 13 thermocouple types, 13 types of resistance thermometers, resistance measurement, current, voltage, frequency, number of pulses, pressure, force, torque permescheniya and make the model 4423 universal unique portable calibrator Arrow keys, direct numeric input and 3 function keys for operator control, plus a perfect display and menu modes displayed on a large graphical display make the user interface is simple and convenient calibrator. Model 4423 universal portable calibrator DIGISTANT has a rugged aluminum enclosure console. NiMH battery is protected from overcharging and complete discharge. Calibrator can also work in standby, using the power adapter supplied. Universal calibrator is supplied with mains adapter, calibration certificate, certificate of compliance and measuring cable.

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