Connector and the measuring line, universal calibrator DIGISTANT recognizes all connected sensors automatically. quoted properly. Specialized software DIGICAL, specifically designed for universal calibrator DIGISTANT , supports the entire process Calibration of establishing parameters to document the results according to international standards DIN ISO-9000. Results can be saved in the device in order to register a document and the data which can then be read through the integrated interface USB. Features – Base accuracy calibrator 0.015% – Simultaneous delivery of signals and measurement through calibration – Conservation programs for calibration for 50 Object – The ‘included – to measure’ for all connected sensors – DC 24 V for calibration – Direct input coefficients for Pt 100 (R0, A, B, C) with newly developed portable universal calibrator DIGISTANT can verify the physical quantities such as force, torque or displacement, using the same calibrator, in addition to the usual electrical and thermal values. Distinguishes this versatile portable calibrator of similar, its ability to produce an extensive and comprehensive document, which is necessary at present for any calibration. The software allows you to download DIGICAL calibration results from the universal portable calibrator DIGISTANT on a PC for documentation and processing. Up to 21-th dimension of the object and up to 50 objects can be stored in nonvolatile memory. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Tested values can also be classified as ‘good / bad’ according to the error tolerances allowed for object sizing.

It is also possible to collect measurements of the group, according to the initial check (as found) and also, after the installation (as left). Description of measurement and simulation for 13 thermocouple types, 13 types of resistance thermometers, resistance measurement, current, voltage, frequency, number of pulses, pressure, force, torque permescheniya and make the model 4423 universal unique portable calibrator Arrow keys, direct numeric input and 3 function keys for operator control, plus a perfect display and menu modes displayed on a large graphical display make the user interface is simple and convenient calibrator. Model 4423 universal portable calibrator DIGISTANT has a rugged aluminum enclosure console. NiMH battery is protected from overcharging and complete discharge. Calibrator can also work in standby, using the power adapter supplied. Universal calibrator is supplied with mains adapter, calibration certificate, certificate of compliance and measuring cable.