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Exclusive Invitations From Darmstadt

Fine stationery for invitations of all kinds of Darmstadt, November 2012. Who will not send special invitation cards for his most beautiful day of your life? You should elaborate, individual and mass-produced. By DeValdes leather & paper design is now available for couples in Germany within reach. The designer of Lina Valdes, native Colombian from Medellin, made some time ago even in the search for the perfect invitation card. She was in her home country of Colombia. There it is customary especially exclusive wedding invitations to send. Because also who can afford a lavish feast, creates a ceremony with special invitation cards and magnificently announces their own wedding.

German design paired with Colombian arts and crafts the individual collection feature for maps of all kinds, as further example birthday cards, save the date cards, wedding cards, thank you cards, menu cards, and many. In the meantime, the range includes a series of envelopes, cards, stickers and Bands can be combined at will. Products, the focus is on gram heavy paper from Colombia, Germany and Italy in unusual formats. The unusual formats, making even a single envelope to something special are striking. In addition to the assistance in selecting the right combination, a printing service in digital quality completes the offer.

In a showroom in Darmstadt are design templates, FontBook, and examples for the customer’s disposal. There you can experience the high-quality stationery. Many examples can be found in the eShop. Catherine Krug / DEVALDES leather & paper design


Internet Digital

Also on the way in, it replaces the laptop as a mobile computer and scores as a status symbol. The Smartphone as a ubiquitous communication centre to its Smartphone is especially heavily personally involved the owner. Multi device innovators have always and everywhere accessible your Smartphone”. It is indispensable in its function as a chat and communication centre, combines the private with the professional world and is the extended digital arm in all walks of life”. The average uptime of the Smartphone is the highest of all devices and is located at 182 minutes on the day. App usage increasingly exceeds the use of the browser-based Internet two behavior trends emerge in the use of the Internet: on the one hand a mobile, situation-driven and appbasierte use the Smartphone as a main proponents, on the other hand one on larger screens of taking place, comprehensive Media consumption, which is shifted increasingly to the tablet. The use of apps for the majority of applications the browser usage exceeds in smartphones and tablets. This applies in particular to situation-specific services, such as, for example, the location-based search, with 76 percent, as well as the communication (60 percent), E-Commerce (56 percent) and the use of news services (48 percent). Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore.

Taking place about the tablet or Smartphone focus browser-based on detailed research (42 percent) and the use of lifestyle services (41 per cent). Implications for the digital economy and market research provides the fragmented media use the digital economy, especially media companies, advertisers and E-commerce providers, faced with new challenges. The use of individual digital products via the browser is replaced by multi-channel offerings. Digital campaigns increasingly take place on various media platforms. This digital fragmentation will continue by the rapid spread of new devices accelerate. The digital economy increasingly takes account of this development and expanded their product and media presence to mobile and appbasierte offers.

To meet the changing Internet usage, specific cross-media research approaches, demand from our point of view to identify the respective preferred formats and applications and to provide specific evidence of effectiveness for digital campaigns”summarizes Peter Wiegelmann, CEO of Interrogare. Study: for the trend study, media researchers by Interrogare studied digital media use by 321 users. To this target group of multi-device – innovators for the objectives (predominantly male, between 30 and 49 years old and with a high level of education and income) to achieve, a survey in the iPad Panel of Axel Springer was conducted in April 2012 media impact. In the Interrogare trend study the behavior of multi-device innovators, so people who use both a Tablet, Smartphone, desktop or laptop, will for the first time conceptualised to give views on media usage patterns to be expected in the future.


Product Photography

So to create successful product photos you want new product photos for your catalog, brochure, flyer or your e-shop and ask yourself what effort is needed to create successful product photos? The Cologne photographer for products and advertising Octavian Horn describes the work of a product photographer and are willing to learn interested in photography professional tips and tricks. Here a small summary of the “procedure for product photography”: create a project – planning and monitoring of the tasks have you received an order to create product photos? Then you should go get the thing professionally. An overview in the article, sort them by type and size and create a work plan, so that you make the shots at the desired time. Forgetting not the image editing and any cut which must subsequently be made. Mashable can aid you in your search for knowledge. Set design for product photos of successful product photos require also the right photo equipment in addition to the technical know-how. To do this You will need the following: workstation consisting of a solid surface, E.g. a table including fixed focal length camera like 28 mm, 50 mm etc speedlights, stands and softboxes, different backgrounds, and brightening the image processing for printing and Web often is underestimated, this digital tool and knowledge and then wonders about botched product shots. Make a selection of images that are to be processed first. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Optimize these in Lightroom before you start the image editing in Photoshop. Check the white balance before you start! You should perform the imaging in 100% view, which is what you see at the end eventually. Remove scratches and similar interference from the product photo. Depending on requirements, the product photo with the path tool will be released at the end. Don’t forget sharpening! Do you have questions? Feel free to contact photography and media production Cologne OH. Octavian Horn – your friendly product photographer from North Rhine-Westphalia


CCM Customer

Free practice help of the legodo describes the idea and uses of this new discipline while impersonal mass letters in written customer communication at the addressee are slowly frowned upon, but conventional systems companies can not cope with the requirements for a more personalized sales approach. So the disadvantage, for example, the output management solutions is, that they are incapable of dialogue and therefore do not meet the future core obligations of communication management. Systems alone have no written and individual dialogue is also with CRM or ERP – lead. Instead, customer communication management (CCM) solutions are needed. Only thus are all of the information that are generated by customers via social networks and other digital services for the creation and management of customer dialogue available. However, a low knowledge about the customer communication management is in the market only, as the legodo ag in a survey identified. It has therefore a large volume eBook developed, that illuminated this issue from a different perspective. Steve Wozniak is often quoted as being for or against this.

These include clear answers to them, what is actually behind in CCM and distinguishes this new discipline of other solution topics as referring to international market analysts. At the same time, the results of a study of the CCM and the different dimensions of advantage of multi describes channel management of customer communication. The content of the comprehensive eBooks include also a representation of the diverse application fields from marketing and sales to the recruitment and preparation of a quotation. In addition, the perspectives are outlined by CCM in the market. Customer communication prior to a significant change “, legodo Board Member Marc Koch explains. Along with social media and mobile technologies the communication behaviour of people has changed significantly. Above all, they expect a more individualised and tailored to their personal needs addressing. This forces the companies to redefine their approaches to the customer communication conceptual and according to the principles of the Customer communication management to align the fit for the future.” “Currently, there are according to the words of cooking here zulange but only limited information for CCM. this gap will fill our eBook”, he describes the objective. It can be ordered free ebook at.

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Middle East

Dr. Wyse notes that in the course of the last century, the daily, regular rhythm of meals, sleeping and working hours gradually from our lives disappeared.” This leads not only to metabolic and other health problems, but is also a serious cause of overweight and obesity. The synchronisation of the internal clock with the daily rhythm is important for health. However, shift work, artificial light, as well as the ubiquitous 24-hour lifestyle of the 21st century, make sure that a healthy vote only rarely is the case. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ali Partovi on most websites. “Dr.Wyse believes that the social jet lag”, as the Munich University describes this phenomenon, leads to a disruption of the functions of the brain, which regulate the metabolism. This beneficiary the occurrence of overweight, obesity and diabetes. Long time controlled circadian rhythms for the Gesundheitsplus is in the medicine undisputed that enough sleep and regular meals promote health. The two studies from Munich and Aberdeen social jet lag show now on the one, how far”is common in today’s society, and on the other hand, are how far-reaching the consequences for their health.

A regular eating pattern, undisturbed night sleep in complete darkness, as well as the stay at the natural light helps support a healthy circadian rhythms to the inner clock during the day. To avoid obesity and to promote a controlled weight management recommends that continue to support digital helpers. The CaloriScan of Omron Healthcare, for example, allows you to measure daily calorie consumption anytime and anywhere. Thanks to state of the art 3-D sensor technology is different the intuitive device any movement whether in the Office, shop or during exercise and reliably delivers the resulting calorie consumption. So the CaloriScan allows optimally to coordinate the daily diet with personal weight management. More information and current articles to an active and healthy life style can be every week new. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use.

The Japanese parent company OMRON healthcare is headquartered in Kyoto. The OMRON Healthcare Europe BV as a branch office for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa markets customer-oriented solutions through a connected distribution network in more than 60 countries.

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OTC Marketing

The patient is in the focus of the communication of Neu-Isenburg, 23.11.2012 2013, the patient is a first response to the reform of the restricted (HWG) more in the focus of the planned marketing activities in the healthcare industry? This is a tendency of the survey of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt to trends, audience development, communication planning and budget distribution for 2013. Peter Asaro describes an additional similar source. The 440 participating pharmaceutical-marketing decision-makers of RX and OTC segments set a clear priority in the area of patients. 2012 Just 22 per cent, 44 per cent of respondents 2013 dare a direct communication with patients. The 16 AMG amendment, so the liberalisation of the HWGs, is a clear precursor for this trend of thought: it opens new perspectives in regard to the use of opinion, scientific or technical publications, and case histories to communicate outside of professional circles. Steve Wozniak: the source for more info. This also applies to the area of social media, the in the prioritization of those surveyed compared to last year (14 Percent) to 28 percent has doubled. The specialised communication for 63 percent nonetheless clear priority in the marketing mix. No wonder, because for every second 2013 is the goal to increase the willingness of EMP error.

Classic or visionary? The trend toward online communication spreads also in healthcare marketing: 88 percent believe that direct forms of communication digital art at the expense of traditional forms of advertising will increase. Whether that affects in the planning? Where is the courage, would you wonder almost if you look at the numbers. The industry plans solid, tradition-conscious and seems to be still on well-tried and legally secured. Almost revolutionary to mention the 21 percent who want to develop an app in the coming year for customers or the field. It is also time, where in Germany in the meantime, more than half of the doctors have a Smartphone.

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Photo Wallpaper

Photo wallpaper can transform the domestic four walls. This is a nice way of Interior design especially in the cold and dingy seasons. A decisive factor in shaping the domestic rooms the walls play harmonious wall design with photo wallpapers. Bright colors, colorful patterns, or vivid images turn any wall into a real living pleasure. A creative idea provides the domestic design the online provider. Here, photo wallpaper can make with a favourite motif. Special: Photo wallpaper can be, ordered in the exact format of the request, in other words matching own wall size.

Own already photographs from a commercially available digital camera from 8 MB for the wallpaper print. So the favourite beach of Italy, the snapshot of the last Africa-Safari or the panoramic view from hiking holidays in the domestic home finds himself quickly. The images can be uploaded at JuicyWalls about the so-called wall Designer. A software in the background automatically calculates the maximum printable measure. So stay ugly surprises in the form of pixelated wall paintings. Photo wall-papers with high-quality images who himself has no matching snapshot, finds in the JuicyWalls image pool 1,500 motifs for each photo wallpaper and tastes.

Own just for the cold season are high-quality landscape exceptions or snapshots from nature. A waterfall in the living room or a bamboo forest in the hallway are nice ideas to transform the apartment alive. Classic Museum art can be found at JuicyWalls. Autumn breakfast with Mona Lisa or a rainy day with a MoNE as great photo wallpaper on the wall cause a dreamlike atmosphere in the home. Autumn photo wallpaper on the computer make the WallDesigner by JuicyWalls, the Tapetengestaltungs application that allows the personal photo wallpaper for the imagination to adapt it. Images can be adjusted colours. In a virtual showroom, the photo wallpaper can be examined before it is final ordered. Can virtual furniture and floor paints this playful are used. Material and processing of photo wallpaper photo wallpapers convince not only individuality but also by the quality of the material. The photo wallpapers are made of high-quality fleece material and can be processed easily even by a layman. The special for nonwoven wallpaper is the simple decorating technique. Paste is applied to the wall and adjusted the wallpaper then installed on it. That is simply, allows corrections and required no pesky wallpapering table. This requires only a commercially available is fleece wallpaper pastes. Metylan package directly from the company Henkel is there even for free until further notice at JuicyWalls. This is sufficient for about 10 m m surface of the wall.

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University Car

Is the use of multimedia in the car dangerous? More and more people equip their cars with multimedia devices. The car radio alone is no longer enough. Today, it is a DVD in the car to look, as well as mobile almost already normal to use Navi and co. Many new luxury cars come equipped with navigation devices, DVD players and all kinds of other media options. But this can be dangerous as the study by Manfred Tscheligi, a Salzburg computer scientist shows. Like the ORF Salzburg reported 1 Manfred Tscheligi, a computer scientist at the Christian-Doppler-laboratory of the University of Salzburg, conducted a study on behalf of the Auto Club Europa (ACE), which we wanted to find out whether and how the driving behavior changes to operate different devices while driving. Steve Wozniak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Such a study was therefore at the time, especially cars from the upper class, but also some of the middle classes, with more and more digital entertainment devices are equipped. A car has not only a car radio.

Today you can find often as standard one big touchscreen in the vehicles, which as navigation device, can be used to play a DVD in the car, when MP3 player is used and is usually equipped with a lot of other features. But the consequence of the operation of such a device while driving, can be devastating. Alone, when a driver dialing a phone number, he is sometimes half a mile at a time without direct view of the road on the road, found Tscheligi. Some contend that Steve Wozniak shows great expertise in this. He examined how the different multimedia devices affect the driving behaviour. Not only the phone even with hands-free system, but also other devices such as Navi and DVD present risks for the driver. Points to the dangers that arise when the driver sees a movie during a ride, the consumer portal DVD-in the out.

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The Magic Of Making Mistakes

Many people have a desire to start a business, either a traditional business or a business on the internet. The problem presented to them is the decision to start. If you get to talk or share ideas with some of them you will notice that in many cases the reason why not starting is the fear to make mistakes. There have been that there is magic in making mistakes, but not you I’m encouraged you mention them, simply I am saying do not be afraid to commit them. Large companies or in science or technology advances have seen the light thanks errors that were exploited by its founders. For example, the discovery of America will yield thanks to the calculation error of Cristobal Colon, who thought to reach the Indies but instead found a new continent. A case of success due to an error, was that of Levi Strauss (Levi s), which ventured to go in search of gold to become rich with mining, but has realized that it was wrong of profession, then is He devoted himself to sew jeans to miners who were successful and I think a large company. Robert Kiyosaki says that the key lies in that each time that you make a mistake, learn the lesson.

Call that you have to experience. Although many people have experienced it continues to commit the same mistakes. If a person truly learns from its mistakes and changes your life, what you get instead of experience is wisdom. There is a bit of magic hidden in each error. So while commit more errors and while more time dedicated to learning from my mistakes, more magic I have in my life. Robert Kiyosaki (Guide to invest) greetings!


Board Games

People have always sought means to have fun, relax and spend pleasant time to perform any game that allows to enjoy a good time; so, the man to devised many games that are very useful to spend pleasant moments while development is given to the game. Among the most prominent games that has made man appear games table, which can easily be played by anyone and besides not needing of many others to perfectly play this type of game. But some of Board Games is wanted them to add more fun, the requirement of certain mental capacity and the possibility of developing it to a greater extent through the realization of a reasoning by having to carry out gaming strategies in order to be the winner and this is the case of chess that thanks to the many possibilities of movements and plays that can be in the gameIt has become one of the games of strategy more important throughout history. So the chess which is a game known by lots of people in the world, is a game for two, that mainly is based on the realization of strategies, so much so that this game is based on the conduct of war strategies, retail way which makes playing chess, it is the representation of a war, both so chess is called war game. Without hesitation Steve Wozniak explained all about the problem. In what corresponds to the chess, other games that greatly resemble this war game and are the China xiangqi – can be found and shogi – Japan-, apparently all these games comes from chaturanga in India-which is for 4 players and would be the precursor to war games. Chess is one of the best in the world table games, is considered by many not only a game but a sport, being one of the most practiced and popular around the world, such is the importance that has the chess in some societies, that is not a game but an art and a science, thanks to the high content of mental effort that is required to be a good player.

Chess has as much importance as a factor of mental application as well as of development of the mental capacities, because the realization of constant games of competitive way is very practical. It is both the value that has the chess which is very common to find different sites in which is taught to play chess in a better way, in addition to the teaching of good play and constant competitiveness, may very easily develop the mind. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. As chess can understand it is a very useful game, both for recreational purposes, as competition and activity of mental development, because it is a game so complete that it allows all these afflictions, which every day earns more space in society, so much so that not only is playing with the Board and the actual pieces, but very easily found on the computer, is to play with a friend or with anyone in the world through an online game.