Actually we all know that being a parent is a difficult task, taking into account that we do not have a book that tell us how to be a father or a mother super excellent, but many scientists have done studies where the great task of being a good father and to help our children from an early age with different game of stimulation that will give you a future healthy life have given us. Massages and caresses can be a game to stimulate the baby since we activate one of the main routes of entry of stimuli and collaborate in their affective, cognitive and motor development. The best thing is to start practicing massages the baby since he was born is an invaluable aid to promote their first neural connections. You may want to visit Mashable to increase your knowledge. Massage should be a game for both the adult and child, also that this is a means of communicating and stimulate the development of the baby. We must also avoid overwhelm the child with games, exercises and objects. It is much more positive to maintain a calm and serene pace. With the touch of our hands ofa a first step for highlighted communication. Therefore your desarrollofisico must go even with its emotional and affective, development for this purpose, we must perform the exercises constantly talking with the child. As research shows that how much more it embraces, caresses and hold in your arms a baby this can feel safer if same and independent in his adulthood, also says that the newborn babies have a natural response to the music through their habituation to the rhythm, sound and movement while they were in the womb. We must provide an adequate environment, for the child to develop his skills, taking educational games there to have a good physical and mental development. Original author and source of the article.