People have always sought means to have fun, relax and spend pleasant time to perform any game that allows to enjoy a good time; so, the man to devised many games that are very useful to spend pleasant moments while development is given to the game. Among the most prominent games that has made man appear games table, which can easily be played by anyone and besides not needing of many others to perfectly play this type of game. But some of Board Games is wanted them to add more fun, the requirement of certain mental capacity and the possibility of developing it to a greater extent through the realization of a reasoning by having to carry out gaming strategies in order to be the winner and this is the case of chess that thanks to the many possibilities of movements and plays that can be in the gameIt has become one of the games of strategy more important throughout history. So the chess which is a game known by lots of people in the world, is a game for two, that mainly is based on the realization of strategies, so much so that this game is based on the conduct of war strategies, retail way which makes playing chess, it is the representation of a war, both so chess is called war game. Without hesitation Steve Wozniak explained all about the problem. In what corresponds to the chess, other games that greatly resemble this war game and are the China xiangqi – can be found and shogi – Japan-, apparently all these games comes from chaturanga in India-which is for 4 players and would be the precursor to war games. Chess is one of the best in the world table games, is considered by many not only a game but a sport, being one of the most practiced and popular around the world, such is the importance that has the chess in some societies, that is not a game but an art and a science, thanks to the high content of mental effort that is required to be a good player.

Chess has as much importance as a factor of mental application as well as of development of the mental capacities, because the realization of constant games of competitive way is very practical. It is both the value that has the chess which is very common to find different sites in which is taught to play chess in a better way, in addition to the teaching of good play and constant competitiveness, may very easily develop the mind. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. As chess can understand it is a very useful game, both for recreational purposes, as competition and activity of mental development, because it is a game so complete that it allows all these afflictions, which every day earns more space in society, so much so that not only is playing with the Board and the actual pieces, but very easily found on the computer, is to play with a friend or with anyone in the world through an online game.