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Vyshgorodsky Road

Drove a lot, but the need for water or take a margin or walk a mile to the camp. Entrances to the site – rammed a primer, so that we can not be afraid to get stuck, but a lot of roots. After this heavenly place the road begins to deteriorate rapidly, turns become sharper and closure: bush vegetation rushing straight on the road. And for us, just a joy – we're pretty ruthlessly take turns, loading test tires Kumho. At a pressure of 2.2 atmosphere KU31 fairly resilient, with if in turn flies in the pothole, you can feel the shift of the trajectory of the front axle. However, it quickly corrected – side load Ecsta well tolerated.

30-kilometer zone from Vyshgorodsky dam is marked by mortar attack – there is no road, there are only a plane for potholes with a diameter up to a meter (!) are better on the slip speed of 120 km per hour – they are shallow, but very shaken. After this check we had to turn left to the hills. Bridgehead 4: Paradise on a precipice – 34,2 km This is where you begin a new terrain. Sandy beach ends cliffs of varying heights, and this place is very suitable for going small company, which is inclined to contemplation. Designated Tent enough, but to look for a clean spot on the anthills. Landlocked in the form of the opening in the sandy cliff. But swimming here is best: the bottom is excellent and has a depth.


The Times

Definitively we adentramos in the age of the instantaneous communication, making possible the sharing of information and of knowledge in benefit each time more of the humanity, and with this we go advancing Advancing? When to evidence that the base that in them stimulates the entire humanity cannot be divorced its references, its history, its values not turned into cash, these that sociological constitutes in treasure big that we possess, whose value cannot at least be calculated, then we have that to stop for a few seconds and to proceed to the deep reflection It swims against engenhocas and the discoveries of science, but it fits the questioning: How we are using all this to know, all these conquests? How we are obtaining if it is that it we are, to add substantive value to our essence, to that subsiste the substance remaining as luggage of the soul, or spirit, as wants? The vehicles of mass communication, notadamente the television, in the sample diuturnamente scenes and estrias that confront the pudico the least, to most liberal. Yes, we are in relating to the morality, sustentculo of the ethics that if constitute in one of them necessary pillars to the evolution of the human being, in all the times. Let us contemplate the behavior and position of young, still in tenra age before its schoolmates, its professors, the people oldest and even though before its proper parents. Investor: the source for more info. The uprising in classroom when it adentrasse the professor not only it is a habit that has very left to exist as hardly these young will give credit to the being told to them as it was the behavior in classroom has some few decades. The same if of the one in relation to the friendships of convenience, the neighbors and other more than they participate more or less of our life. .


The Last

Schopenhauer traces a present hierarchy in the artistic manifestations in which each artistic modality to the one launching in them in a pure contemplation of ideas in them presents a degree of objetivao of the will. Breaking of the architecture as its inferior degree and it shows to the resistance and the intrinsic forces gifts in the substance, being that the last platform of this contemplation inhabits in the musical experience. For it in comparison with the too much arts music is hugest and majestical, being that it also possesss a special power for the fact to have a universalizante aspect that will go beyond the individualities. Music for being independent of all external image is capable of in them presenting the pure Will in its proper movements, then, manifest it the proper incarnate will. This it is understood for the fact of music to possess rules individualized assets of numerical expression and thus it is understood by any individual. Through music forgetting itself itself exactly the man if frees of the suffering that is in the will, being that this release will be given through the pure sound, for it to exert influence on the will, being produced an aesthetic pleasure in the individual that is the contentment in opposition the will. All and any art objects to stimulate the knowledge of the ideas, however, music possesss particularitities qua becomes it different of all the other arts in agreement the author: ' ' Music, therefore is not by no means, as the other arts copy of Ideas, but copy of the proper Will, of which the Ideas also are objetividade.' ' (SCHOPENHAUER.2001.P.230) It is thus because music follows beyond the ideas earning an independence of the world of apparent objetividade or, therefore its existence would be possible same without the existence of the fenmenico world. The idea is immediate of the will being that the arts reproduce these ideas, but already music is the reproduction of the proper will, and this is the existing difference between music and the too much arts, therefore it brings forward of the individual and obtains to momentarily exempt it of the liames of the will, exactly what the philosopher will go to detach: ' ' Music as already said, it differentiates of all the other arts for not being a copy of the phenomenon, or more accurately of the adequate objetividade of the will, but for being an immediate copy of the proper Vontade' ' (SCHOPENHAUER.2001P.231) This distinction between music and the other arts if of the one for it to more than produce effect in the interior of the individual what the others, operating Metaphysical through this copy of the will.


Philosophical Initiation

Through the knowledge we could keep more adequate relations with the natural way and the proper social order without exauri the relations that exist in this of so fast form as the society contemporary comes making. Then therefore to conclude itself: It considers an instauration of knowing, so that the knowledge is something important, is necessary to create a new to know, for in such a way criticizes the enrolled rganum for Aristotle about more than two a thousand that it barred the progress of science. Bacon supplies to a step to the introduction modern science. It is the first a if to worry about the method, progress and technique. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. Bacon fought against the medieval world, and that science was estagnada the Church.

He describes that the man must know to live and consequently to use the nature to progress in its social relations in search of the best quality of life. Francis Bacon increases the step that separates to man and nature. Then the baconiano method was basic for the progress of the knowledge, therefore the researcher leads to understand and to search the causes of phenomena that he desires to study, instigate the researcher to analyze all the pure objects in search of an effective knowledge and far from the errors, to acalcar such objectives the researcher must execute experimentation and follow of form systemize the methodology adopted in the research, contemplated in the inductive, cautious and systemize method well launched by the philosophy of Francis Bacon.