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The Database

You can give everyone full rights and hope for honesty and integrity. But neluchshy this approach. Imagine a situation where the reference models of the equipment can make changes to all those involved in the process of accounting staff. The minimum you need to do in this case – to establish common rules reference guide. Otherwise there will be a mess. But, as practice shows, it does not always help. The best thing you can do – restrict the rights of users.

Let each one doing what he supposed to do. Some accounting programs do not have mechanisms to separate rights. The majority sharing mechanism is implemented right on the client side, which is bad from a security standpoint. Well, if it is possible to resolve certain operations only with certain types of equipment. A bit of import / export data. With exports of more or less everything is understandable, because in most cases, the export can be done from the reports, maintaining data in the proper format. Interestingly it was imported.

Some programs allow you to do accounting data import from external sources. Ie by some external means you collect information about your computer and import them into the database accounting. At first glance this looks like a useful automation. But there are two significant minus. First, such automation can be applied not to all devices, ie it will be partial – a method can be applied only to computers. Second, the data may be redundant. I had a practice of collecting data on program components.

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Listen to the cellular phone is now not a big problem. Of course it is not so elementary, but quite real. This can be done through the werewolves in epaulets, putting the phone to play through the operator. Detect this kind of control is not possible. For wiretapping cell phones made by a large number of active, semi-active and passive systems. Visit Robotics expert for more clarity on the issue. Complexes differ in cost and capabilities, but most of them to detect or practically not possible or not possible at all. There are only two basic ways to protect your conversations from wiretaps on cell phones. Periodically change the SIM card and at the same time my phone Phone sorts.

(We're not talking about all kinds of maskiratorah speech, which create only a semblance of protection against wiretapping cell.) Each method has both advantages and disadvantages. Dignity CryptoPhone: A competently made Cryptophone used only well-known encryption algorithms. These algorithms repeatedly tested for resistance to various types of hacking and have proven to be extremely secure from eavesdropping cell. Such Cryptophone very reliable protection against eavesdropping for all cell en route. Disadvantages CryptoPhone: Contact, you can only subscribers with the same apparatus. You can not talk in safe mode with any subscriber data link, which is used for communication, often works very badly. Which leads to poor quality of communication – frequent breakage conversation for a long time it is impossible to establish a connection. Often, the connection can not be established in principle, especially in situations where one of the vehicles in roumenge.

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Trade Management

And, it must be noted that the 8.2 has a built-1C powerful Web integrator. This allows to easily create database objects for which the user can access through a browser. I probably speak for most of the developers of accounting systems, well, that in Russia there is 1C – this is the key to a systems approach to factory automation. A major problem before was the development of systems and implementation of IT projects, everything depended on Team, and the care with their project, stood the whole project. Today modify someone else's code in an environment 1S not such a difficult task, and risks associated with the development of markedly reduced. A significant number of mechanisms to help design: the console queries or query designer. Mashable has many thoughts on the issue. The console requests – treatment is used for visualization of the query 1C. It was written to show the operational results of the query, which is usually sorely lacking in the design.

Improves the speed and efficiency of the developer. The Query Designer – processing system built into the platform, lets you create syntactically correct request, with interactive tools and visualization tools. It is still difficult to say what the fundamental difference between version 8.2 from version 1C 1C 8.1 for developers, because as yet only published study version of the program, but it's safe to say that these changes are valuable and important they are for what would create a relevant and progressive system. 1c 8 for the user. Consider the major users of 1C.

Accountant operates as a rule in the program module 1C. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Y He is always at hand a set of highly customizable flexible reports. Due to the well-designed interface 1C is a high usability. The main work of the accountant in obtaining and submitting reports to the bodies supervision. Bookkeeping is not possible without the constant updates of as reporting requirements change all the time. 1C Company closely monitors the relevance of its software and the accountant can easily update its database, ordering a subscription, or by using ITS, Internet support. Manager works as a rule in the program module 1C Trade Management. The task before the program is to provide for Manager all the necessary information quickly. Program 1C Trade Management implemented mechanisms such as workplace managers and call center. This allows you to clearly and quickly process and obtain the necessary information. On the other hand, good mechanisms for setting rules will help avoid leakage of sensitive information. Great opportunities are given to the chief executive, if he chose to management accounting and automation through a family of programs 1C (1C Trade Management or ), depending on the specific activity. A set of management reports help monitor the condition of real time. Subsystem analysis helps to make predictions of further developments in the firm. And I must mention Budget module, this module will help the spread income and deferred expenses. Conclusion: Today in Russia there are no analogues in 1C, well that such a system, there are many companies significantly save on automation. I think that 1C will be as successful and dynamic development.

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Understanding Computers

Perhaps for many people familiar with the situation when their computer suddenly becomes unstable. And this is without any systematic: the computer can run for a few hours of power-up off without any problems, but may fall to a screeching halt soon after launch. First, the user is looking for a solution in the program, believing that the computer has fallen victim to some clever virus, or even suggests that the problem of the conflict lies in the program (and this way also happens, for example, then told about the conflict Applications Novell Netware and anti-virus Comodo). Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. Such troubles often come with not very new computers. Point is that used to cool the chipsets on motherboards use a small fan. The radiator in the same breath was completely worthless – the usual metal plate on which was mounted fan.

So it is this element is the weak link. Especially in hot weather. Moreover, this has already served a couple of years a fan, often creates amplified noise on the computer, which again does not make a machine work for positive moments. What do you do then? Change the computer, certainly not worth it. Moreover, changing the motherboard is not necessary.

But just to change a failed fan on the same is not necessary. Especially because they are usually not present in available for sale. Output that would replace the noisy and unreliable fan on the radiator. Details and photos about it is described in the article about the replacement chipset cooler on the motherboard ASUS K8N4-E. Such a decision (unless of course you are not a gamer or overloker) is acceptable for most users. They get a quiet computer, which also works steadily. The only thing to watch is that the radiator would not prevent other nodes on your computer.

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Enhanced Agencies

The aim sought by the creators such programs – to simplify the chore manager, reducing the time for the issue of client choice and tour bookings, reduce human error, minimize the risk of 'losses' customer base with the departure of employees, etc. It is also important that developers are always concerned about the expansion of functional programs, improving them and adjusting to the needs of market participants. On the chart we can see that only 10% of the respondents use this kind of IT-solutions. When thinking about the causes of these indicators, for the most part – it's fear, reluctance and lack of motivation of employees of tour agencies to study the program and get used to the new rules work the use of "ancient" practices (through documents word / excel, log books, outlook, etc.), this is partly the banal ignorance of the existence of such systems or the presence of its own software development (facing a considerable amount), strongly Company limited budget, lack of understanding of the importance of managers of tourist companies and the practical effectiveness of their use. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. As practice shows, the future in the hands of those companies who think of him today. Further, those who faced or is working closely with the back-office systems, we want to understand what functionality is needed in the first place employees of travel agencies, so as not to be afraid of them implement more effective to work in them and have fun from the simple and fast. What features do you think, have to be a modern back-office systems (you can select multiple items)? -Integration with the reservation systems or databases, 66% of tour operators, integration with accounting applications, 52% – Enhanced: Elements of CRM (a system of customer relationship management), records, printing forms 54% no opinion 16% We see that the important role played by employees of travel agencies tools for operational cooperation with tour operators – namely, the presence of intra-system function selection and booking of tours, access to make reservation, obtaining evidence, possession of reserved applications – anything that can replace a long and laborious walking on the sites and tour operators in their work online. .

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Programming Software

In recent years, computer makers and computer systems strive to make your computer more accessible and easier to use, as well as more necessary and more beneficial for the whole family. But no matter how He was not perfect, as any thing, eventually ceases to look like new when the operating system is loaded for 5-10 minutes, more and more begins to “hang” from the fans hear the unbearable sound, and keyboard keys sticky start and then did not depress. But if it is true look at our favorite, then such a state can not bring it. The first computer must be installed correctly. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. It can not be placed near Batteries central heating, fireplace or any other source of heat.

System unit should not be put on the floor, especially on carpet. The fact that the walls of the system unit has a lot of ventilation openings that sucked dust. Dust – one of the main enemies of your computer. From the air it gets in the middle of the system unit, settles on the motherboard and degrades the performance of your PC, or sometimes may bring Some parts of the system. Fight the dust can while cleaning the apartment: vacuum the keyboard and venting system unit and wipe all the components of the computer from dust, dry or wetted with alcohol cloth. However, at least once a year, the computer needs a more detailed prevention. In this case, it must be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and lubricated all the details.

If you’re not an expert in this matter, it is not recommended carry out this procedure themselves, and should refer to the service computer company. Also, be aware that the system unit, monitor and other components of the computer should not be used as a stand for books and various knick-knacks. Nor should we eat and drink at the computer. Tea or coffee spilled on the keyboard can lead to malfunction, and sometimes damage to the entire system. Permanent care of the computer needs to be not large time-consuming. Importantly – the right approach to the most simple operations, such as Justify your computer. Correct order of justification is very important. The consequences of incorrect justification computer insignificant, because are rare, but already in the form of unpleasant problems, the solution of which needs a lot of time. Turn off the computer that is running the Windows operating system recommended by the Start menu and select “Quit.” Many users do not program Scandisk (test drive), which runs after improper shutdown the computer. Of course, in many cases it can be run over, but only specialists and experienced users can distinguish an important occasion to launch the disk check on the matter. Therefore it is better to wait a regular disk check deprives a lot of problems with data loss. Naostanok be noticed another very important moment. If you’ve enabled your computer and suddenly decided to turn it off (or vice versa) – not in a hurry. The frequent-Justify very harmful to electronics. So make sure to wait 15 seconds between switching on and Justify your PC. Giving advice on caring for your computer, you can not ignore the common problem such as the presence of computer viruses and protection against them. Viruses can greatly slow down your computer, but not rare, and generally bring down operating system, and remove sensitive information. To raise the risk of contracting the virus, it is necessary to acquire anti-virus software on your computer and regularly update anti-virus database.

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Human Resource Management

As a result of product ‘1 C: Payroll and Human Resource Management 8 ‘staff time to hand over records on staffing and wage fund in the Ministry of Education and Science, operational staffing form schedule taking into account the source of funding (budget and income from business activities). 2 times reduced term planning fund salaries of employees in accordance with the law of the new payment system labor. Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) – Institute of Architecture – a 250-year history and is the leading architectural schools in Russia. For decades the MARCHI prepares highly qualified architects. Since 1994. MARCHI accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Currently, the Institute of Architecture has about 1400 students and graduate students, including citizens of Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, North and South America. The Institute operate approximately 400 full-time teachers, including 138 professors and associate professors 66% of teachers have advanced degrees holders of doctorates. Previously, personnel records at the university was carried out manually, which was time-consuming. It was necessary to record of all charges, given the sources of finance (budget and revenue from commercial activities of the Academy), academic degrees and titles, so these data can be quickly planned compensation fund labor. In addition, the formation of staffing takes time, which led to misconceptions about the number and contingent staffing (academic degree, position, qualification groups). In accordance with Government Resolution dated August 5, 2008 N 583 on the new pay system for all employees divided vocational qualification group and qualification levels, and bonuses – to compensation, incentives, allowances for office and for the degree..

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OLE Automation

Let's begin. To integrate your. NET applications with the application solution on 1C: Enterprise version of this can be one of the following ways: – through the exchange of intermediate files (. Filed under: Peter Asaro. txt,. csv,. xml,. dbf); – upload data to an intermediate store – using a mechanism OLE Automation; – the use of COM-connection – Web-publishing services – the use of Web-expansion for 1C – direct access to the data (Elisy.LinqTo1CSql.81); – Enterra. NET SDK.

The list contains not only the means, nominally included in the 1C, but also standalone products, supplied by 1C (Web-expansion), and third-party developers (Enterra. NET SDK, Elisy.LinqTo1CSql.81). Let's dwell on each of these methods. Exchange via the intermediate files (. Txt,. Csv,.

Xml,. Dbf) It's pretty clear to 1C is formed by sampling the data, which is discharged into the file sharing. Formed file can be used by other software. There's also the opposite situation – third-party program generated the file specified size is loaded and processed by 1C: Enterprise. Naturally, this kind of exchange will require a special treatment (or the rules of exchange) to upload / download files. Disadvantages of this option are obvious – any configuration changes to 1C will require changes to the procedure of export / import files, in case of lazy loading file uploads data may become obsolete, more efforts are needed to protect the information. Such a method suited to the small integration problems (for example, publication of price list on website), you'll have to own techniques develop in the 1C.

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Site Software – personal website programmer Eugene Teterina aka GrayCat. Here you can download a program such as 'Talking watch', 'notebook', 'Base Film', 'Timer', 'Klikulyator', 'Avtoping', 'Costing upload' and it is possible that already There are new! Talking clock – clock that will 'sit' in the bar and watch with a beautiful character in Russian to tell you the current time. Others including Kam VedBrat, offer their opinions as well. In addition, the program has mikrochasy left on the screen after folding alarm clock, timer, calendar, calculator, minipleyer is the possibility to leave a note. You can add own sounds an alarm in the WAV format and characters in the format JPG. The program 'notebook' – Convenient and beautiful notebook for recording past events to the calendar and skins. Program "Movie Database" – A simple but comfortable base for storage of movies recorded on your CD and DVD discs. The program 'timer' – This program is designed to countdown to remind you of the appropriate event within a maximum of 24 hours.

The program 'Klikulyator' – This program can calculate how many clicks you are able to do for the moment:) There is an empty table of records. The program 'Avtoping' – This program automatically pings a server on the Internet in order to prevent disconnection from the Internet, but also often helps to restore the 'hovering' the Internet. For example rather often continue hovering download Internet Explorer. The program 'Costing upload' – A program to calculate the cost of internet download fayov on time or traffic or all together. Welcome to

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Computer Choices

It is best to go along the beaten road, where already passed your friends and acquaintances. If two or three of them have already taken the computer in the same place and are happy, come in their footsteps. In extreme cases, will blame on someone when there will problems. Of course this is a joke. But seriously, what in the world of computers, where technology is changing every day, enjoy a good reputation only those firms that follow the market, collecting only validated options PCs, trying not to let their customers.

Such firms may be small, even consist of one person. And if you recommend them – it is much more important than the primary, the purchase cost of the computer. Thus, when buying a computer first question to be resolved: who will deal with them in the 'what if …'? What feedback about the specialist? Whether it serves the 'home'? If you find such a person – we will take the configuration of its choice experience. Identify major milestones – the maximum price at which you expect – the problem that you are going to solve on your computer – your preferences on the main characteristics of the computer manufacturers and companies accessories – your suggestions on design. The result is a 'good as' computer for the money that you have decided to allocate. In this note: there is no limit to good, and the cost is enough 'decent' computer is usually between $ 750-1500.

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