Perhaps for many people familiar with the situation when their computer suddenly becomes unstable. And this is without any systematic: the computer can run for a few hours of power-up off without any problems, but may fall to a screeching halt soon after launch. First, the user is looking for a solution in the program, believing that the computer has fallen victim to some clever virus, or even suggests that the problem of the conflict lies in the program (and this way also happens, for example, then told about the conflict Applications Novell Netware and anti-virus Comodo). Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. Such troubles often come with not very new computers. Point is that used to cool the chipsets on motherboards use a small fan. The radiator in the same breath was completely worthless – the usual metal plate on which was mounted fan.

So it is this element is the weak link. Especially in hot weather. Moreover, this has already served a couple of years a fan, often creates amplified noise on the computer, which again does not make a machine work for positive moments. What do you do then? Change the computer, certainly not worth it. Moreover, changing the motherboard is not necessary.

But just to change a failed fan on the same is not necessary. Especially because they are usually not present in available for sale. Output that would replace the noisy and unreliable fan on the radiator. Details and photos about it is described in the article about the replacement chipset cooler on the motherboard ASUS K8N4-E. Such a decision (unless of course you are not a gamer or overloker) is acceptable for most users. They get a quiet computer, which also works steadily. The only thing to watch is that the radiator would not prevent other nodes on your computer.

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