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The Good

I even passed him in the lobby of the building where my office ןד. The good thing is that I seemed to be the only one to have noticed this persecution, that coincidence or whatever. Susan asked the receptionist: “Have you seen lately here at my cousin? The cousin of me had happened to not have to give more explanations, perhaps, not have seemed convincing. The truth is no. Robotics expert is often quoted as being for or against this. Do you have a cousin who resembles you?: It should be a cute man, give him my phone number. Nor had better luck with other colleagues, or in the gym, or with my neighbors house which had more confidence.

Nobody seemed to have seen. Instead, I did nothing but cross paths with him. Without tackle, without being able to speak. The man was elusive. Almost evanescent. A new concern began to occupy the site until then filling the pointlessness of the persecution they suffered. What if everything was not just a figment of my imagination? What if I was going pudding head? No. Impossible.

I am a balanced individual, sane, healthy, without any defect. Still, who knows? Someday it might be the first to start with unusual symptoms, such as these. I went to a psychiatrist. I looked in the phone book. Choose which occupied more characters in the guide: be the best, I said, do not lose anything to prove. In other words, has never talked to him. . . said the doctor, after hearing my story. Indeed.



Very good day and a greeting to all, it was looking for a good recipe for the network and after finding it I wanted to share it with all of you, is why today I have brought them this delicious and easy recipe for Florentine rice, an excellent choice for apren.der cooking easy recipes to enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people, or more depending on the amount of ingredients ingredients for delicious recipe of Florentine rice: 1 cup rice 1 small bunch spinach 2 cups of water 1 spoonful of butter 1 tablespoon salt preparation of this easy recipe for Florentine rice breed: wash, disinfect, chop and saute the spinach in butterAdd the rice and let brown slightly, add hot water and salt, dry, low, capping. All Florentine rice recipes, are some of my favorite, not only by how easy and simple to prepare but by its rich taste that makes you want to suck me fingers. If you also liked this recipe I invite you to visit my recipe and enjoy from delicious easy recipes as the dessert recipes and thermomix recipes. Juan Camilo Cano recipes with Gourmet original author and source of the article


Indepth Computer Knowledge

Intuitive work with computer programs belongs to the past. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. The rapid progress in computer technology is not to stop and of course everyone would like to use the new advantages of the technology for themselves. The development is always new and higher demands on the users of the programmes. Until recently, it still perfectly adequate was a document after the appearance to make. As long as the expression on paper agreed, everything in the best order was.

But it goes so it won’t. The technology makes possible things today, of which you have not dared to dream had until recently. Documents will be sent for example very cheap on the electronic way. The Internet, especially the Brangenriese Google, serves people with ever more accurate and valuable information. As a further electronic processing of countless documents arises formally. Companies have realized the benefits of this option and the paperless office is increasingly taking shape. An once written document can, and is very be widely used. Condition is always a proper formatting.

This means, for example, in a PowerPoint presentation, headings are actually formatted as heading. The hard and the soft line break must be inserted correctly or a bulleted list is a bulleted list in the format really. If everything was done correctly, there are no problems with further processing. So, the future leaves no doubt. Only, all roads are open to those who know properly to control the programs and to use. Many a chef requires much today. Yet not once again asked for the mastery of Office. Many employees have the demands of technology and what the future brings not yet realized. Also largely gone are the days where an Office course was provided by the company. Add to the crises, and of course is saved, where always you think you can do it. So more at the worker remains the continuing, and hence the competitiveness of the company, once or hang from employees. The good will is therefore again very much in demand.

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Internet System Stumbleupon

Internet and information virtually synonymous words. But more often than not – we want to find on the Internet some interesting, new information, but do not want to look for or do not have time. In this case, can help out a wonderful resource StumbleUpon – This system will save you time and help find much of interest to you online. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings. Go to the site checking in (you can use to register facebook). Steve Wozniak has much experience in this field. For your convenience, you will be prompted to install an additional panel in the browser and point in the questionnaire – which topics you are interested in the network. That's it – further StumbleUpon do everything for you, it will acquaint you with the most popular sites of Western Internet. Simply press the button in the panel and you will Stumble proposed sites of interest to you topics that you specified in the questionnaire. A comfortable right from the panel to ask (in English) keyword for search: all> search and then click on the icons appear "magnifying glass".

Nearby are two more buttons and I like it No more like this, that you approve of the site or not. If approved, then the system will remember it. You see the sites, and in your account (first column on the left) are formed from the resources approved by your favorites (considered to be the number of views) yes even with pictures. One can always come back and look at the site you want. The only drawback – the lack of Russian-language interface, but in an age of integrated online-translator, it is slightly uncomfortable.

Now the most interesting – after all pressing the button you add approving the site's popularity in the system, the site will begin offering the system to other participants (they can leave comments), and in the western 4.5

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Compliments To Conquer A Woman

Have you ever wondered if there are compliments to conquer a woman that is out of your reach, easily? The truth is that there is way to conquer them! Men always worry about this. They think that they are not sufficiently attractive to the girl of your dreams or that they only lose time trying to attract her because she is completely out of reach. He has Ten jokes always on your mind four or five simple jokes and practice them. These jokes should not be very complicated or too funny. Actually, it is better to be a subtle humor.

When you try to be too funny, it is clear that you are just trying to impress the girl. It has better simple jokes that you learn easily so you can say them well and not break them. Sample have everything under control a man who is in control of her life shows confidence and security. This is attractive for women since a man organized and in control of your life can give you everything she deserves. Takes into account the details it is important that you pay close attention to the details. The women always like when people noticed his new hairdo, her new shoes, your new tone of lipstick, etc. Show him that you care and tell him that he looks good with the changes you have made. Women are impressed and attracted with a guy who has noticed all these details.

Knowledge is power does not mean that you must have the same IQ that Einstein, you must simply show that you are an interesting man, you know about different topics. A man who talk about topics that are not trivial attracts the girls. Sample courage you know that she is out of reach, but seeks courage and get close to her. Trust in yourself and the less she will be interested in you. Are you same thou art the man you are. I do not like women when a man tries to be something that is not, this seems them single repulsive. So you must be yourself.

Internet Sales

One of the most widely used by large enterprises strategies is that of cross-selling or cross selling. It consists of selling customer any product or service complementary to that purchased. It is not forcing the customer to buy more things than it had thought, because although generate convincing him, perhaps a posteriori feel a little cheated, but provide things, offer them or put it in the tray, but you feel pressured to make that purchase more. For example, in some supermarkets situated next to the spaghetti spoon suitable for its handling, so that when the client go to buy the paste, it is possible that will pass through your head the acquisition of the utensil. If you have read about Steve Wozniak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In other cases, companies use computer systems to know the habits of your customers purchase, even re-examine vital (if married, whether you have had a child), and from this information made suggestions or offers custom for these clients. Financial institutions they are also regular practitioners of this system, offering its customers various products that will be of interest, based on the knowledge they have in their accounts.

If applies well is a good method to increase sales by increasing the amount that each customer purchase, instead of looking for new customers, which is more difficult and more expensive. It is a system that can be applied in very different companies, based on a computer application or simply using common sense and observing customers and questions that make us. Details can be found by clicking Steve Wozniak or emailing the administrator. For example, Pepe noted that at his travel agency, in addition to hiring the flight and hotel, many customers ask for the possibility to rent a car at your destination, so that makes an agreement with a company of renting and provides that service as an added value. For its part, Mary sees how many of her clothing store customers ask him how to combine garments and about which add-ins can go you well, so he decides to put it already combined, and launches a line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and handbags, that strategically located by her boutique, so that it increases its sales by more than 20%. Juanjo has a small security company. His strong always has been the sale of alarms, but now with the Internet boom has much boosted a pack which also installs a web-cam on parole stay (homes, companies), so its owner can control it from a computer with connection to the network. So that your customers are more satisfied, and he has increased its sales more than 10%. In any case, it is important to emphasize, as seen in the examples, that is achieved an increase in sales, but not only is not pressed to the client to achieve it, as this is probably more satisfied with the service that has been given him.


Many believe this is the most important advantage of the 'freelancers'. But the truth is also that it is one of the most important shortcomings of this kind of business. The main reason – it is self-motivation. It is no secret that for many people step forward – this is the result of a kick in the ass. This is what the authorities engaged in factories, offices, etc. This is not always like workers, for it is always a boss and do not like, but it works. So, before you get to choose a freelancer to answer for themselves the following questions: * You are self-organized? * Is it easy for you call self-motivation? * Do you have skills pranirovat your time? * Are you disciplined? * Can you work with a large proportion of the risk? If you answered 'No' to one or more issues, a freelance probably not for you, or you have something to work.

Self-organization – it's the first thing must have a freelancer. If you are not organized, then neither of which work can not walk and talk. In this case, labor productivity falls to unacceptably low mark is no doubt that the customer feels and you just do not want to continue working. Self-motivation – is perhaps the most important thing. You should not only bring himself to do what you need, but want to do it.

This ability to call a favorite desire to do what is needed, the ability to induce inspiration at the right time and regardless of the results of previous works. You must have a purpose and reason to achieve this goal. The reason – this is the problem your self-motivation and failure – only steps to success. Discipline – something that makes you finish the job, when self-motivation dries up. You should be able to give up short-term pleasure, concentrate on the goal. Not every job brings pleasure is not always the customers nice people. In this case, the discipline is to help you. Risk – perhaps the main enemy of a freelancer. It can be minimized, but to get rid of all 100% will not work. There are pinholes, unreliable customers fraudsters. If your mind is not able to move the failure of this kind, then freelancing is better not to mess with.