I even passed him in the lobby of the building where my office ןד. The good thing is that I seemed to be the only one to have noticed this persecution, that coincidence or whatever. Susan asked the receptionist: “Have you seen lately here at my cousin? The cousin of me had happened to not have to give more explanations, perhaps, not have seemed convincing. The truth is no. Robotics expert is often quoted as being for or against this. Do you have a cousin who resembles you?: It should be a cute man, give him my phone number. Nor had better luck with other colleagues, or in the gym, or with my neighbors house which had more confidence.

Nobody seemed to have seen. Instead, I did nothing but cross paths with him. Without tackle, without being able to speak. The man was elusive. Almost evanescent. A new concern began to occupy the site until then filling the pointlessness of the persecution they suffered. What if everything was not just a figment of my imagination? What if I was going pudding head? No. Impossible.

I am a balanced individual, sane, healthy, without any defect. Still, who knows? Someday it might be the first to start with unusual symptoms, such as these. I went to a psychiatrist. I looked in the phone book. Choose which occupied more characters in the guide: be the best, I said, do not lose anything to prove. In other words, has never talked to him. . . said the doctor, after hearing my story. Indeed.