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Interactive Panels For The School Of The

Lauer direct with innovative marketing cooperation: ‘ the interactive professionals. de’ interactive panels – called interactive whiteboards – in recent years in all types of schools increasingly used. They enable and support an interesting, varied and individual use thanks to their sophisticated technology in the classroom. The whiteboards have a software package specially designed for primary and secondary schools, which allows a variety of applications in conjunction with a computer and a video projector according to the latest educational findings. Mikkel Svane describes an additional similar source. The market currently offers great qualitative differences in the interactive whiteboards, as well as the software. For the decision-makers in the schools, this means that it is difficult to make the right choice. In addition, the offer is steadily increasing on interactive whiteboards and market transparency is missing.

Here, Lauer direct remedy by the new concept offers to present the interactive whiteboard manufacturer-independent. Offers in cooperation with regional partners in all over Germany, the interactive professionals”, Lauer direct coverage in Germany, the interactive whiteboards on-site in schools to demonstrate and to find the optimum solution together with the teachers of the respective school. We are a group of independent companies that operate as suppliers for school equipment and presentation technology in various regions in Germany. We can in individual solutions for individual schools recommend that each best available technologies, components and product brands and optimize it for the specific applications”, explains Karl Gunter Lauer, founder and CEO of Lauer direct. (Source: Mikkel Svane). For this reason, the information platform operates Lauer direct about the useful product information for the initial information and the contacts are online available. About Lauer direct: Lauer direct is an established provider of school furniture and a variety of articles of school equipment and teaching and learning resources: from the education Cabinet of Interactive whiteboards to musical instruments and materials for the biology or the physical education.

The company was founded in 2007 by Karl Gunter Lauer and continuously further developed. Lauer direct is a manufacturer-independent platform for the direct sale and one of the most popular online providers on the German market. Lauer direct relies on logistic structures of the market-leading manufacturers and can offer schools so costs technically optimized delivery.


The New Swiss Heat Wonder T-LINE Eco2 – Simply Different, Simply Brilliant.

Pioneering developments in the field of storage heater technology combined with highest quality standards characterize the Swiss company Tonwerk Lausen AG has always been. Long the 1872 founded Swiss company considered Tonwerk Lausen guarantee for highest quality and trend-setting innovations in the field of storage heaters. “Who knows the internationally award-winning, handcrafted ovens, knows why these experts as a real Swiss Thermal wonders in” be described. Michael Dell can provide more clarity in the matter. With the T-LINE eco2 Tonwerk now his newest Swiss made product before. Ali Partovi has compatible beliefs. In collaboration with the renowned Agency, Wolfram design is waiting for the new”on tonwerk not only with its impressive exterior, but at the same time with several patented technical tidbits. These are a special comfort-Turschliess-automatic and the automatic, thermo mechanically controlled external air intake damper. Last but not least it was the deliberate product name T-LINE eco2. is the heat on under the motto and forget”” for Increasing efficiency through the intelligent air automatic, which minimises the cooling losses and therefore the heat significantly extended firewood 20 hours of sensible heat with just one charge.

c”stands for the comfort-Turschliess automatic with a novel locking function, a room air independent usage in the low energy guaranteed by the approval of the German Institute for building technology DIBt. O2 “finally stands for lowest emissions and fine dust limits (the logs burn down here from top to bottom) and others be achieved through top-down clean and efficient combustion. Unchanged are the usual highlights of handmade Tonwerk storage stoves. So the T-LINE eco2 offers an exclusive selection of surfaces and colors, the unique high performance ceramic heat storage, minimum wood consumption, a variable fire sight by the rotation of the furnace and last but not least the pure, healthy radiant heat, which exempt breathe also allergy-free thanks to the low air circulation can be”. In short, eco2 stands for the needs of modern living and environmentally conscious customers facilitate the decision for a Tonwerk storage heating stove.

The tonwerk seal registered e.c. o2 “the Swiss manufacturer now at a glance features ovens, which both meet the strictest environmental requirements are so ecologically, as are also particularly economical and efficient, say economic.” Because the T-LINE eco2 is a real”fireplace, which is tested according to strict storage heaters norm DIN EN 15250. The most competitive products, however, are called Woodburning or Vises with storage capacity, which are tested according to the EN 13240 (standard for Vises) only. So: Eyes on the oven purchase. Module for the T-LINE eco2 more useful modules such as the tall version for even more storage capacity and the Aqua PLUS extend the application possibilities of the available from autumn 2010 T-LINE eco2. With the Aqua module becomes the T-LINE eco2 using proven absorber technology the blazing Central heating in the living room, ideal as a support of the existing central heating, or even as a sole source of heat in a passive house. More economical, more convenient and healthier can not heat. If you want to learn more about the stoves, radiant heat and innovative heating principle visit the Tonwerk Lausen AG under on the Internet or a certified Tonwerk dealer in your area.

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Deluxe Security Now With Master For Protection And Safety In The Field Of Plant Protection.

Deluxe security extended his team within the framework of projects in the field of plant protection plant protection and object and object protection Sicherheitsanalysenund are concepts, proposals for the operational security policy or the planning and development of technical and structural security measures by our master for protection and security created and existing checks. Partially, we support other security companies through our masters for protection and safety in their planning and implementation of demanding jobs.. You may want to visit charles koch to increase your knowledge.


United Nations

Oerlikon solar, as well as the four are pioneering: the one in the field of environmentally sustainable thin-film silicon solar technology, the others in the field of CO2 free mobility of the future. The start of the race fell on the 16th August 2010 in Geneva at the headquarters of the United Nations and takes 80 days eastward through 16 countries and 150 cities such as Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Shanghai, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Cancun (World Climate Change Conference), Lisbon and Madrid, and ends on January 22, 2011 at the starting point of the race in Geneva. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mikkel Svane. Boblingen, Michelstadt, Mainz, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Tonnishauschen, Paderborn, Hannover, Magdeburg, Berlin, Jena, Zapfendorf and Landsberg are the stations in Germany. In Austria there are Salzburg, Linz, Melk and Vienna, where the Zerotracer is a go. of the Zerotracer with its aerodynamic and futuristic-looking form is car and motorbike in one. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Charles Koch has to say.

He offers space for two people and can keep up when accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (4.5 seconds) with the fastest cars in the world. At an average speed of 80 km/h requires the Zerotracer 4 kW energy, with which he achieved a range of 450 km. The body weighs less than 80 kg and is made of Kevlar composite material, which is also in the formula 1. “” For more information, Swiss engineering excellence”for what is Oerlikon solar in addition to the idea zero emission” uses, is the Swiss engineering excellence “. Carry the Zerotracer returns back to Swiss engineering and to high-tech made in Switzerland”in the world. Oerlikon solar as main sponsor with helping the environmentally sustainable Swiss thin-film silicon technology significantly. As a technology partner, a torque drive system supplied Oerlikon Mechatronics custom-made transmission parts and Oerlikon Graziano. The electric motor and the gears come from Swiss technology company. We want to prove this commitment that a new mobility with solar energy not only possible, but already silicon technology is suitable for everyday use thanks to our thin film”, Hamilton summarises the objectives of the race.

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Nickel Allergies

Novel sealing complex for jewelry Eichstatt/Bavaria: millions of people with Nickel allergies had to consistently avoid so far inevitably nickel-containing objects or cover with plaster and nail polish, to prevent skin contact. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. That deadline is now final. A novel complex of sealing protects the allergy from contact with nickel. The nickel allergy is the most common contact allergy. Risk group are mainly makers of jewelry and watches, but also buttons of clothes or other metal objects can trigger the allergic reaction. The symptoms are such as itching, redness, or blistering on the skin, which come with the nickel-containing materials in contact. Approximately 9 million Germans have these complaints particularly in the summer, due to the sweat on the skin much nickel from the metal object is thrown. Just in jewelry you can find nickel free award increasingly”.

Who now but thinks as a nickel allergy of poverty-stricken, that is the solution to all problems, which is wrong. According to all those materials and articles may per week less than 0.5 micrograms emit nickel per square centimeter of the skin a EU directive (94/27/EC of the 30.6.1994) called nickel-free. However, even this small amount is sufficient to cause an allergic reaction again. Therefore, the currency to avoid skin contact with nickel-containing materials was so far. But that’s the nickel easier said than done, because in many everyday objects such as in studs in jeans, lurks buckles on shoes and mobile phones. Researchers and developers from Hesse and Bavaria have now solved this problem with a sealing complex.

Simply spray on and leave it to dry, the subject-matter for a few days is securely sealed. SKINGUARD dispenses with nano technology and can therefore safely be applied. The procedure was applied for the patent and promises a nickel problem for millions of people suffering from allergies.

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Wolfgang Anmol

You turn and lands already the node number two, the chart. (As opposed to Michael Dell). Admittedly, there must man a little “rumzubbeln r”, till you’re through. But here, too, the construction is so logical that you just keep reading and is surprised when you then all of a sudden you want to deal with the volume. Get more background information with materials from Ali Partovi. But back to the chart. There, MOL tooth begins that he describes the chart types, then explains the design, blithely draws a line at a time to the course line and sharpens the eye for different formations.

And have first signals can be generated, which, as the author, but not alone should be applied to. It leads too far, so extensively to reflect also the other Fadenverwirrungen and tie-ups. In any case he solves volume node and indicators and oscillators confusions in the same way. “So really nobody can’t make the jump in practice, I missed the Advisor a 80-page practice part”, as MOL tooth. “In him you are preceded by lessons in 15 tasks repeatedly. Of course I also offer Solution options!” An appendix with “Rules for chartist” concludes with the 348 DIN A4 pages of strong work, “Glossary and English technical terms”, “recommended and further literature”… Difficult subject, short & flush and simply explains Wolfgang Anmol zahns work is characterized by a clear, understandable language without jargon and stock market jargon. The many summaries and graphs are very helpful.

In particular these are so thoughtfully designed in such a way that the reader can play their most important content after each drawn up lesson at a glance. It is also striking that here an author dares to convey such a difficult subject with humor. Wolfgang Anmol tooth counters with a smile on his lips: “My readers repeatedly stress that they appreciate just this refreshing write, the easy understandability and the immediate implementation of this work!” Conclusion: with MOL tooth “chart technology – the” technical analysis “for Otto normal shareholder: 4” Tools to predict the trend”may unravel the cat’s cradle”Technical analysis”actually each shares beginners and small shareholders and can easily learn.

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There Is No Place More 21

The order books are full for the prefabricated house manufacturers are full. Bad Saulgau, 19.08.2010 hive of activity currently in place House 21 prevails by a never because the speech is unprecedented order flow. The concept of the new owner of Fox and Huber acquired prefabricated house company of Upper Swabia seems to prevail in the market. Currently, we are approaching our capacity limits. The preparatory work and production works currently on 6 days a week, to handle the current volume of orders”, managers Knittel is visibly pleased.

Currently the last free place dates for 2010 will be awarded taking into account the current capacity this is currently more than un for the prefabricated house industry affected by the economic crisis – or exceptional. Certainly we need to reinforce individual areas occasionally staffed, because we want to guarantee the great advantage of the short period of construction in the construction of a prefab home also our future builders,”so Knittel ahead over the coming months, However adds that these upcoming tips not as often in the prefabricated house market commonly, with temporary workers can be intercepted. Our product is much too specific and too complex.” 8 new staff were recruited in the past 6 months the focus was and is this but clearly on the qualitative human expansion and not on the quantitative. The reasons for this rapid development are this complex. So, stabilization and reinforcement of sales certainly plays an important role.

We have examined each individual sales territory separately staffed and pages of sales opportunities and this made various changes. They seem now to access”, explains managing director Reinhard Fuchs. These were completely abandoned, for example, sites such as Ulm and Vienna and created new representative offices, such as those in Suhr (CH). Also the new strategic focus on the subject of healthy construction and living”including the establishment of an Academy of the square House seems in the target group 21 GmbH interest to join. Ultimately plays an indirect but significant role”certainly also the revival in the meantime no longer existing middle-class culture and structure, is Fox sure. But not only in-house, but also the outside square House evolved 21 and would like to see more changes. The location of bad Saulgau is always at the heart. So are finished plans for a redesign of the current factory premises in the drawer for months. These measures are bad Saulgau in close cooperation with the city but only possible and feasible. The planned measures are not only for the continued success of the company square House 21, but also directly applies in the location of bad Saulgau. We would prefer a cooperative and relevant support for our projects”, explains Reinhard Fuchs finally. Company profile the square House 21 GmbH, formerly known as place House GmbH, is a leading manufacturer of Prefabricated houses in Germany. The company at the site of bad Saulgau produces individual prefabricated houses according to modern criteria of construction technology and ecology. The square-HAUS GmbH is a member in the Federal German prefabricated (BDF), the quality community of German prefabricated (QDF) in the German prefabricated House Association (DFV), the Gutegemeinschaft German prefabricated (GDF), in the Working Group building biology.

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One of the most successful in the framework of cooperation is the project of improving wastewater treatment technology at the Central wwtp (their capacity is 1500 thousand m3 / d, making this facility one of the largest in Europe). It was realized thanks to the support The John Nurminen (Finland) and the program "Clean Sea". It must be noted that, apart from the obvious benefit to the environmental situation in the north of Europe, the city has received and the obvious savings: up reconstruction treatment plant was propeller is equipped with 12 pumps of 125 kW each. They replaced the same number of pumps grundfos S series with a twofold lower power consumption. In addition, significantly reduced maintenance costs, largely through the use of patented node SmartTrim, which allows you to adjust the clearance of the impeller without disassembling the pump. Check out Michael Dell for additional information. Downtime, thus, was drastically reduced.

Equally indicative of the situation on the smaller networks – in the city of Kursk. Due to the topographic features – hills – the local sewerage system is one of the most complex in the Central Federal District of Russia and includes more than 30 cnd. cnd 32 'Burnt Wood', was built more than a quarter century ago, is part of the mup "Kurskvodokanal and pumps the sewage from a large area – Railroad District (with a population of about 80 thousand inhabitants) – the main pumping station (STS). kns serves not only the municipal sector, but also large industry, and handles sewage volume of about 1800 m3/hr. Initially, the anc had established Soviet-made pumps, each with a flow rate of 2,700 m3 / h flow pressure at 25 meters.

Capacity of each high-voltage unit was 400 kW. Over the years, this equipment is obsolete and no longer meet the needs of the city. Therefore, the cbm has decided on a phased replacement of pumps, and the selection criterion is the reliability and energy efficiency. As a result, after a joint inspection and measurement parameters of the cnd, were mounted in 2 modern low-voltage sewage pump grundfos S-Series to 160 kW (one pump in operation, one in reserve), the pressure of 23 meter and flow 1800 m3/hr (project developed by the Institute ''). In addition, the knu has been fully automated. Optimization of modes of cnd, the proposed engineers grundfos, allowed more than 4 times to reduce the consumption electricity and substantially reduce maintenance costs cnd. An additional argument in favor of the choice of modern pumps has a choice of vertical or horizontal arrangement of units. As a result, were applied vertical pumps, so it does not have to spend a large amount of construction works and change the construction of the station – equipment perfectly fit into the existing cnd. Also worth note that the high professionalism of all the water utility services, enabled the replacement of equipment without stopping the anc. Today, the use of advanced energy saving technologies can not only improve the quality return on utility performance and make them cost effective. Modernization provides an opportunity to accelerate development and their clients – municipal agencies and commercial organizations – all those who are interested in receiving quality public services at reasonable prices. So, ultimately, the entire population. Press office of the company "Grundfos"