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What Should I Do with the Apple Cinema Display?

* retreats ever further increases the difference in quality and price with other brands
* renewal, is hoping to launch new versions with better technologies
* Maintain the range as it is, to see if “stings” more people
* Monitors Do? … such as diskettes … out! Ultravision glasses!
* I use a projection mental DVI cable connecting directly to the ear, but I’m half android

Tip: Go to Cleaner Discs from the Right Button in Windows

If you are like those who use the cleaner disk space Windows will know that you need to do it through the menu of programs or through the properties. But thanks to a simple trick we can create an entry in the menu button right of the units that will allow us to access the same for each unit.
This will edit the registry, so you do under your responsibility and carefully.
The first thing we do is access the Registry Editor, therefore we are going to Start, Run, type regedit, we give OK. We will open a window with two panes differentiated in the left pane must navigate to access the following scale:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Drive \ shell
Once we create a shell inside the key with the same name diskcleanup. Within the latter must edit the default value and introduce what we want to be displayed on the menu right button, such as Disk Cleanup and Disk Cleaner.
Then we must create a new key within diskcleanup with the name command. Within this same edit the default value and introduce:
cleanmgr.exe / d% 1
We accept everything and close and operate without major problems. This trick is valid for both Windows XP and Windows Vista.