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STEP 1: Delete the PERFECCIONISMOLa postponement is a habit originated in a belief in our interior. ** IS better do something IMPERFECTLY that do nothing perfectly * Robert Schuller the postponement is also a behavior. All behavior has a positive purpose even if the consequences are not desired. The purpose of the postponement is to avoid us fear to failure. In other words, the postponement is a negative way of protecting us through fear. I invite you to protect yourself in a more effective manner and that support you.

I invite you to protect yourself through inside you generate a conversation that you IMPULSE to act to achieve what you want. Another purpose of the conduct of the postponement is the pursuit of perfection, seems a positive purpose, but actually means that we need to make the perfect things or not do them. And the truth is that, by our human condition in continuous evolution, perfection is only an ideal; for practical purposes of results, it is best to act at the time with what we know, or the time and Discover what we can achieve the chance will pass. You may not let perfect things but we can make them quite good and with the continuous making, will make them increasingly better and more successfully. * Walker not there are path, it makes path walking * develops questions which disintegrate the postponement: * the important of travel, not is journey, or the goal, LO important in the journey is the WAYFARER, and even more your satisfaction * application exercise: what internal conversation supports your deferral? what new internal conversation will motivate you already do what you say you want to do? 3 things that eliminarias of your life to stop postponing? do 3 benefits regular if hicieras already does that come from putting off? what price you pay today to delay what you want? What otherwise can feel safe in the face of a challenge? Que tal if you do only for 5 minutes that you postergas so much? If increase 5 minutes more each day, one week after you you’ve grown accustomed to spend nearly an hour doing what both postergabas, and only! in a week ** We can have reasons, or we can have excuses, UNFORTUNATELY to succeed not we can have both * single failure is a different way to learn do things, well if you fracasas and choose to see it as a process of training, it will let you extract the beneficial lesson and experience to redefine your actions the next time.

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Promotion In The Network

Marketing and advertising share scenario on the Internet, so sometimes it is difficult to determine their areas of action. Therefore, I have considered interesting to write a series of articles about some concepts that may be practical, especially for those who are initiated into the world of e-business. Many concepts will be known for who, who are familiar with the current terms of traditional marketing, look for its adaptation to the web environment, at the end and after the digital space is nothing more than the support that allows the company or entrepreneur, perform their communication and promotion activities on the network. Its universal scope, the potential to get the loyalty of the consumer, the agility to execute actions, as well as to adjust strategic approaches on the fly, make Internet very effective when developing strategies of marketing by the company. As in the case of the traditional company, branding on the Internet is one of the highest values of the company and in many cases, it is the engine of growth and expanding corporate. Why Internet advertising means for the advertising company, the vehicle to reinforce your brand, sell products or establish strategic relationships with a community of potential users and growing.

Some terms that we must familiarize ourselves before fully entering the world of online marketing are: Banners (banners): they were the basis of the advertising communication on Internet, still widely being used, though eclipsed by text ads. They consist of one tablet of advertising in a graphical format, usually of rectangular or square shape which is inserted at a point of the web. They are usually dynamic, in formats such as gif or swf (flash) and have the possibility of deriving traffic toward a web site using a click. Impressions: Referred to as printing to the term that it defines the number of times that shows a determined in a web announcement. Normally is counted as a print page is fully charged. A synonym would be Impact. CPM: Cost per thousand impressions. Hit: A web page is composed of different types of file, image, text, sound, etc.

A HIT occurs when completely one of these files is downloaded. Clicks: (Click through) is the mouse click that occurs on an ad and using a hyperlink leading to the premonitory page. Cookies: Are electronic tags that are activated when visiting certain area on a web page. The user can accept or reject them and they are used to track the movements of a user within a page. They are stored in the user’s computer. Sponsorhip: (Sponsorship) consists of a contribution economic agreed between the company or the owner of a website and the sponsoring company, usually in exchange for corporate presence and prominent in the sponsored web advertising. CPC: Cost per click, differs from the CPM that in this case the advertiser only pays when the visitor clicks on your ad. These are some of the terms that have been used or are used in Internet advertising, no doubt there are many more go touring them little by little.