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Green MiniPay

The miniPay GmbH offers an innovative and affordable online payment system for the buyout without or with registration. “Aachen, 07.08.2012 since August 1, 2012 is the so-called law of button” entered into force, that is to provide more consumer-friendly transparency in Internet shopping. Companies must inform a contract or purchase clear, understandable and complete. For Internet-shops must bring their order forms and the corresponding buttons on the current state, just the last dialog window to the effective conclusion of purchase must comply with the statutory requirements. The miniPay GmbH ( has integrated all the requirements of the new law in its online payment system for digital content, goods and services and provides a legally-compliant purchase button as a complete solution for shops. The miniPay purchase button is embedded in its simplest form within two minutes in the shop and ensures a convenient, cheap and law compliant sell on the Internet,”Dr. Oliver promises Green, Managing Director of miniPay.

The payment system miniPay in addition to the payments on the basis of the direct debit procedure also billing and a reminder system for small amounts – offers. According to the provider is miniPay with transaction fees under 20 cents and a takeover of the complete rear direct debit fee in the event of a chargeback, a gunstigststen provider in Germany just for smaller amounts. With the system, payments and deliveries of both access to online content of digital goods like software, games, tickets or music also normal shop articles, time-limited or even periodic items like subscriptions and memberships can be optimally handled.


Agency Software

New website newsletter software mailingwork online with a fresh and informative layout presented w3work his newsletter and email marketing software-solution mailingwork since February 13, 2012 in the network. “With the website we have taken 2007 at the start. A news appearance was important to us. Of course we want to offer greater added value our users”, explains managing director Torsten Gneuss to the relaunch of With a modern Web design w3work at the same time meets the update of the software. “Two years ago, we have mailingwork the current version 3.0 on the market brought.” In this context we wanted to create even more relevance and clarity of the content on the website for our customers and users”, Jorg Arnold, second Managing Director of w3work, describes the impetus for the new start.

Since the update of mailingwork, the software offers many new functions and features. This new power is reflected also in the new site. A highlight of the new online presence is the direct Speech by new customers through numerous ways to enter directly in contact with the team. So the software is demonstrated inter alia with the help of a video tour. To bring their customers still on the cutting edge, remains the driving force of the hand, the expertise area around the email marketing. Here you find numerous facts to Falllstudien and email marketing expertise.

In addition, the site provides simplified access of test access or the individual software demo by our friendly and helpful support. Here is also a focus of the Web page: the distinctive customer proximity and the claim any interested parties as soon as possible at his intentions to support. To bring the team closer to customers, the website offers a unique feature, that the w3work staff represents graphically demanding with their personal characteristics. Additional communication with the Agency are attached to the site navigation with the networks facebook, Twitter and XING concisely.


Consulting Group

A software direct comparison paid the online trading boom. Clothing, medicines, furniture, cars, household appliances, food: It hardly matters that can be purchased on the Web absolutely not also exist. Steve Wozniak contains valuable tech resources. But only a few online shoppers think about the technical implementation of a purchase and the online shop programming. The online shop programming as a component of the E-Commerce when online trading also called “E-Commerce”, which means translated e-commerce. E-commerce is defined as purchasing and sales of services through an electronic connection. This includes the Commerce with articles as well as business processes, for example the online banking.

The most basic indicator of E-commerce is that both parties have contact not more directly with each other, instead digital and communicate with each other through electronic channels. It originated mid of 1990s as the Internet was opened for business.Amazon was founded in 1994 as the first online store. E-Commerce has over the years, become an important distribution channel. The trend is “Multi-channel strategies”. Meanwhile, almost every offline operators also dares the step in the network. Among them are several small and specialized niche products dealer.

Several times, the pure player, who used to date only on the Internet, go the opposite way. So Amazon and Zalando plan to open their own shops. The reason for this is simple: according to the “Boston Consulting Group” 50 percent of Internet users find out online about products, which they then “offline” buy in the trade. Open-source shop systems rich online shop programming from today’s systems to the online shop software development by ordering payment, storage and shipment of the goods to the customer management the entire buying process cover. But hardly an online buyers worried about the technology in the background, which is required for an online shop programming. Here, the software is not that complicated and high-priced, as many think. Open-source software also extends to the From online shop programming for entry into online trading.


Internet Digital

Also on the way in, it replaces the laptop as a mobile computer and scores as a status symbol. The Smartphone as a ubiquitous communication centre to its Smartphone is especially heavily personally involved the owner. Multi device innovators have always and everywhere accessible your Smartphone”. It is indispensable in its function as a chat and communication centre, combines the private with the professional world and is the extended digital arm in all walks of life”. The average uptime of the Smartphone is the highest of all devices and is located at 182 minutes on the day. App usage increasingly exceeds the use of the browser-based Internet two behavior trends emerge in the use of the Internet: on the one hand a mobile, situation-driven and appbasierte use the Smartphone as a main proponents, on the other hand one on larger screens of taking place, comprehensive Media consumption, which is shifted increasingly to the tablet. The use of apps for the majority of applications the browser usage exceeds in smartphones and tablets. This applies in particular to situation-specific services, such as, for example, the location-based search, with 76 percent, as well as the communication (60 percent), E-Commerce (56 percent) and the use of news services (48 percent). Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore.

Taking place about the tablet or Smartphone focus browser-based on detailed research (42 percent) and the use of lifestyle services (41 per cent). Implications for the digital economy and market research provides the fragmented media use the digital economy, especially media companies, advertisers and E-commerce providers, faced with new challenges. The use of individual digital products via the browser is replaced by multi-channel offerings. Digital campaigns increasingly take place on various media platforms. This digital fragmentation will continue by the rapid spread of new devices accelerate. The digital economy increasingly takes account of this development and expanded their product and media presence to mobile and appbasierte offers.

To meet the changing Internet usage, specific cross-media research approaches, demand from our point of view to identify the respective preferred formats and applications and to provide specific evidence of effectiveness for digital campaigns”summarizes Peter Wiegelmann, CEO of Interrogare. Study: for the trend study, media researchers by Interrogare studied digital media use by 321 users. To this target group of multi-device – innovators for the objectives (predominantly male, between 30 and 49 years old and with a high level of education and income) to achieve, a survey in the iPad Panel of Axel Springer was conducted in April 2012 media impact. In the Interrogare trend study the behavior of multi-device innovators, so people who use both a Tablet, Smartphone, desktop or laptop, will for the first time conceptualised to give views on media usage patterns to be expected in the future.


Online Strategy Trends

Why should owners decide on responsives Web design? Interested in the digital industry stumbled probably often briefly RWD – lately about the term responsive Web design “or responsives Web design”. Technology as a medium for design is subject to constant change – RWD offers great benefits for all applications. Why? Because of the trend of responsive Web design allows to create a concept that is also device friendly as user friendly – in one and the same design on various devices using screen layout. Truly a new trend in innovative Web design. In the past, designers needed to create different websites for their clients to meet the demands of laptop, cell phone and PC alike. This resulted, in view of the many different platforms, often interruptions for maintenance and service or delays in updating the content offered on the different pages. Responsives webdesign does not need different Web pages, as it allows the representation of a single design in relation to the properties of different output devices.

How can I tell that I consider a responsive website? One way to determine this is the resizing of the browser window. If the page elements or the represented contents independently adapt to fit in the display of the respective output medium, then you know that the page responsivem Web design has been optimized. How does responsives Web design work? Responsives Web design works with so-called media queries, which in turn are based on CSS3. Task of queries is to allow the developer to edit the screen layout. CSS3 queries read from the screen properties such as height and width of the device-dependent browser window. You also determine whether a mobile phone in portrait or landscape mode works. These parameters are different from device to device, however, is depending on the displayed page – from the actual main page- all represented. Another advantage: the screen sizes of different end devices vary greatly.


New Software

The virtual marketplace is the future with Deluxe 2.0 “is current software advertising market now possible, to realize a classical stand alone solution, as well as to add an interesting addition to an already existing website. Who already can chalk up a steady flow of visitors on its website, provides an additional incentive with an integrated ad market for its visitors. The software displays market Deluxe 2.0 “especially simple handling excels. This is true both for the visitor and for the operator. After the successful installation using a menu-based installation, the entire operation of the ad market via a user friendly administration level can be controlled. With this solution, you are able to create an own virtual market place within a very short time.

The layout adapts templates quickly and easily to your own needs. So the virtual market can easily to an existing layout be adjusted. Many sophisticated capabilities support the operators and restated guarantee success for the user. The system satisfies even the most discerning and offers many interesting features, searching in vain for other solutions at this price! “Wilfred Lindo, Managing Director of W.LINDO marketing consulting to: the system offers many possibilities for the customization and is very user friendly at a reasonable price”. Here, the different forms can be realized with this solution: industry-specific deals in second hand markets regional ad markets company offers classic classified ad markets special-interest exchanges also on technical page leave nothing to be desired. So you can integrate different multimedia elements in each display: YouTube videos, Flash animations or audio files may be added using a simple user interface for every visitor in seconds. In recent months, Pete Cashmore has been very successful. The same applies to the individual text design and the integration of photos.

An integrated solution for the integration of different social bookmarking providers ensures the networking with other solutions. A Google map integration ensures the regional alignment of individual ads. Wilfred Lindo says: the connection to different Web2. 0 systems is especially for the users of the ad market of great importance. Used correctly, the individual display finds out an enormous distribution, which is not comparable with classic Classifieds!” The system developed under PHP relies on a MySQL database, and provides sufficient performance for larger solutions. The categories can be selected here individually and can be adjusted within the operation. As operator, you have also the choice whether you would operate the system for the visitors for free and would realize as the refinancing via advertising or want to offer free individual categories and services. The payment is then via the integrated Payment module. Of course today do buy no more the cat “in the bag. With the help of several live systems, every interested party can already check the individual functions in advance. See or for more information and can invoke the corresponding demo systems. Dipl. KOM. Wilfred Lindo (



Sowaswillichauch shows in the fall of 2012 with a new design and with optimized functions “Things that you do not necessarily need, but want to have guaranteed” – this is the slogan of the online shop Sowaswillichauch, which impressed customers through your fresh and individual way and convinced by the purchase of funny and entertaining gift ideas and gadgets for themselves. The page shows now still fresher and anschaulicherem design and additional features that facilitate buying, optimize the gift search and thereby make a shopping even more enjoyable. A special emphasis on the improved Gift Finder, where you can find matching search results for woman, man or child and various personalities such as “Party animal” or “Couch potato”. For assistance, try visiting On the category pages can be selected between the display as a grid and a list: the advantage of the view grid is that you can see more products at once, while the same product descriptions of products at a glance in list view. Depending on the existence, you can thus choose the desired view. On the product detail page of a product, the “wishlist” link is now next to the button “add to cart”: now you have the possibility to create his own wishlist and thereby to remember before things, who liked. The list is stored and at the next login to the account you can again look at his personal wish list to fulfill the wish of one or the other may. Still a deal of the week is offered every week in the newsletter, a small thank you get the customer something at a cheaper price, or can take part in a prize draw.

For those who want to make happy yourself and others and do not know how, is worth a visit at About something I want I want also something is also a gift shop, which is dedicated to gadgets and fun gifts. The gift shop offers original from the fields of technology, toys, home and outdoor. Simply clever gadgets, it is not always necessary definitely wants to have. Press contact: Something I want even Martha Thouet Tel.: + 43 (0) 5574 801-149 Web page:


Johannes Ehrmann

The contact network for creative has introduced an important new area with the partner network. The concept of our partner specials for members is based on a win-win situation. Members logged-in can benefit from the exclusive benefits offered by the renowned partner companies on the portal. For companies, this kind of partnership offers the possibility, the rapidly growing community their company profile, to present their products and current promotions. One of the first partners printOpronto is the online printing company. It was a particular concern, that fits the offer and profile of the company to the young, creative, and primarily in the creative field of active community members the officer of Douglas R. Oberhelman can provide more clarity in the matter. printOpronto stands for creative, individual and quick print solutions”, says Andreas Reimer, co-initiator of and even long-time customer of the online printing company. The offered high print quality is combined with the low prices perfect blend for our members.”printOpronto used high end machines with a 140 hybrid grid and provides a completely digital workflow.

The members receive exclusively as a bonus credit of Euro 15.00 at printOpronto. The creative network has been online since mid-November 2007. On the one hand, the portal is a rapidly growing community of graphic designers, Web designers, Fotografenn, programmers, writers, and other creative professionals. The website is also project platform for the creative industries. The Portal provides the ability to communicate and to get into the business freelancers, employees, and clients from different fields. This extensive and constantly updated news and information services are available to users.


Social Networks

Guide for IT managers, privacy advocates and teacher Rodgau, April 3, 2009. The test – and news portal published a great article about the communication and contact platforms of modern times: online networks. What are the advantages and disadvantages they bring. A practical guide to the enlightenment of the own employees, students or pupils to download in addition offered IT managers, privacy advocates and teachers. The Internet is the communication platform for the modern era. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. While the Internet evolved increasingly to the interactive rotation and pivot no matter whether in the private or business environment. Information will be quickly googled”around the world exchanged, discussed problems international, made contacts and maintained and much more.

The world is practically for everyone (in the Office or at home) before a computer, open Internet. Social networking is a strong growing trend. More and more Internet users sign in to online communities like XING, who knows, StudiVZ, Facebook or on MySpace. Or use services such as Twitter to with other users by means of short messages to replace what you just does or thinks. There are many opportunities social communities. Stand on the most important points that you should observe and what risks and opportunities these online networks, is enlightened man barely. Why social networking? “, this question is at the beginning of any activity on the Internet.

Before anyone with an online network logs on, he or she should think carefully about what he aims for, and whether you would like to use the network more private or for business careers. Also the user realize rarely put the commercial interests behind social communities. At some, you pay a fee to present itself, other pay information virtually with your about specified. The platforms are financed for example, as at the private television station, about providing of advertising space (banners, etc) for companies. Should a user not in principle deter, but you should keep it always in mind. You have what information disseminating about themselves, in their own hands. Also if over ten years ago, the Internet never forgets. Unfortunately, the potential new employer or a business partner finds these images on the Internet. Meanwhile, the search for people on the net is a very common practice. In the private or business sector googled is for new contacts fast times”. Vendors such as E.g.,,,, looking for, etc. have recognised this demand and offer a search for people. If one wants to use social networks for his business career, real data must be specified. Finally, you want to be found. All details are however well advised to think like a PR or marketing person. Good to know, is also, depending on which online network is on the way, it is possible that the personal data, even after termination of the account, are preserved. The complete Article along with the Aufklarungsleitfadens (PDF) can on free down load. About Internet portal brings together information, trends, career tips, and test results for IT decision makers and the technology sector. fills a gap in the market with its Metatests and longitudinal studies. At the same time you want to give general space across different trends in work organization, technology or knowledge work. The portal is an exclusive publication of the Wachstumsdienstleisters LeadPeople from Rodgau.


HealthCare AG

The newly created 360 healthcare AG launches an innovative and customer-oriented portal for pharmacy Federation ‘360 pharmacies’ on the Internet and relies on TYPO3. Robotics shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The 360 HealthCare AG sees itself as an independent service provider with comprehensive service offerings for pharmacies and their customers. Goal is, inter alia, to strengthen local health care in Germany using the independent pharmacist on site. Through a strong and effective shopping and brand association should both pharmacies and their customers, as well as other health care providers, such as, for example, doctors, benefit. This 360 HealthCare offers considerably more than the cooperation known so far in the market and franchise models. Also their healthcare profiling on the ground significantly improve the pharmacies are supported not only by a strong buying group, but can 360 pharmacy by the strong, innovative umbrella brand concept”.

The umbrella brand concept is extremely flexibly designed and focused intensively on local Needs of pharmacies. Technically, the website with the modern content management system TYPO3 is realized. Here, modern design elements such as, for example, jQuery be used. In addition to many TYPO3-default extensions such as the message area or a search, for example an own extension designed to represent by press releases. Two sites with over 20 domains are managed in an instance of TYPO3. The concept for the website, as well as the website of the company have been implemented in early 2009 in just five weeks from the start up to going live. For the TYPO3 implementation the Aachen-Hamburg Internet agency responsible team in medias.