Also on the way in, it replaces the laptop as a mobile computer and scores as a status symbol. The Smartphone as a ubiquitous communication centre to its Smartphone is especially heavily personally involved the owner. Multi device innovators have always and everywhere accessible your Smartphone”. It is indispensable in its function as a chat and communication centre, combines the private with the professional world and is the extended digital arm in all walks of life”. The average uptime of the Smartphone is the highest of all devices and is located at 182 minutes on the day. App usage increasingly exceeds the use of the browser-based Internet two behavior trends emerge in the use of the Internet: on the one hand a mobile, situation-driven and appbasierte use the Smartphone as a main proponents, on the other hand one on larger screens of taking place, comprehensive Media consumption, which is shifted increasingly to the tablet. The use of apps for the majority of applications the browser usage exceeds in smartphones and tablets. This applies in particular to situation-specific services, such as, for example, the location-based search, with 76 percent, as well as the communication (60 percent), E-Commerce (56 percent) and the use of news services (48 percent). Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore.

Taking place about the tablet or Smartphone focus browser-based on detailed research (42 percent) and the use of lifestyle services (41 per cent). Implications for the digital economy and market research provides the fragmented media use the digital economy, especially media companies, advertisers and E-commerce providers, faced with new challenges. The use of individual digital products via the browser is replaced by multi-channel offerings. Digital campaigns increasingly take place on various media platforms. This digital fragmentation will continue by the rapid spread of new devices accelerate. The digital economy increasingly takes account of this development and expanded their product and media presence to mobile and appbasierte offers.

To meet the changing Internet usage, specific cross-media research approaches, demand from our point of view to identify the respective preferred formats and applications and to provide specific evidence of effectiveness for digital campaigns”summarizes Peter Wiegelmann, CEO of Interrogare. Study: for the trend study, media researchers by Interrogare studied digital media use by 321 users. To this target group of multi-device – innovators for the objectives (predominantly male, between 30 and 49 years old and with a high level of education and income) to achieve, a survey in the iPad Panel of Axel Springer was conducted in April 2012 media impact. In the Interrogare trend study the behavior of multi-device innovators, so people who use both a Tablet, Smartphone, desktop or laptop, will for the first time conceptualised to give views on media usage patterns to be expected in the future.