“Stefan Marquards ‘Flash kitchen’ as a Special Edition as an E-book in the Apple iBookStore premiere: GU published the first German-language interactive Cookbook as an E-book in the Apple iBookStore Stefan Marquard Flash kitchen” as a Special Edition Munich. 04.10.2012. The GRFE and UNZER VERLAG published the first German-language Cookbook based iBook author for the iPad on to the Frankfurt book fair. This Apple software makes possible and so a variety of multimedia features reading and cooking for a special interactive experience. This product is the digital special edition of the introduced Flash kitchen published in spring”by celebrity chef Stefan Marquard.

We are pleased to present this innovative E-book in collaboration with Apple in the iBookStore. In addition we have found the ideal developer for this project with the chef Stefan Marquard pirate”, so Beate Muschler (publishing Director electronic publishing). (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). Tap to zoom, delete: the cookbook is interactive is already entering the Flash kitchen Multimedia: An intro movie welcomes readers and introduces the topic. Innovative and unique navigation works: each chapter presents itself including a thumbnail preview can be opened individually by tapping. Scroll through iPad typical swipe your finger. Spacious, beautifully designed pages and recipe pictures make an optical pleasure the multi touch Cookbook. The smart link in the E-book provides an even better usability. All recipes can be controlled directly from the chapter productions, the recipes or the register with one click.

Guide to cooking utensils are required, simply click and a pop up window opens with the most important facts. Interactive multi touch widgets provide a special pleasure to read informative: several slideshows step by step guide the amateur Cook: chicken disassemble, juicing lemons or simply cut parsley. Exclusive bonus material from the production of the photo was used for the Special Edition. Impressive: With interactive images including a legend and a zoom function, reading makes even more fun.