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Cordoba, Argentina RinconSocial. com offers another alternative to post videos, photos and websites. With a very easy method, allows its members to share content, publish videos from YouTube, Google Video and others, share photos, meet people and also earn money. The site focuses on the growing Hispanic community, enabling its users to interact with each other through a system of internal messages in addition to the free Latino Chat. They can also post videos, photos and websites. Members of the site copied the HTML code from other sites containing video (like YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video). This way they keep their favorite videos and share them with your contacts who will see commercials while watching the video, generating an income for the user who posted the video. The service shares 50% of all profits generated by the site.

If Members have a Google Adsense account, you can participate in the program to make money. In this way, while more videos and photos to publish users, most are the possibilities that their ads be seen and visited by Internet users. Keep in mind that Google Adsense pay only when a visitor clicks on the displayed ad. So while more videos and photos post, more chances you have of your publications to be seen and that your ads are cliqueados by visitors. Our management system rewards you with a credit when someone sees a video, web site or photo you’ve posted in Social corner.

The number of times your ads are shown depends on the amount of credits you get. This site offers all the user a latino chat free to make friends from around the world. This chat is characterized mainly by attracting Hispanic users. This way you can meet new people, share your favorite videos with them and also generate money for you. Josue Rodriguez is webmaster of the social corner site, where you can meet friends online, share videos and earn extra money. For more information visit. com Blogs related murder a young lesbian in Cordoba, Argentina as Surf the web without ads a new morning Blog Archive shares with a new morning a new morning Blog Archive shares with a new morning creating and sharing photos that speak the den of geek the most viewed videos on Vevo and YouTube eduangi.

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Description of the game Flyff: the game Flyff, which means Fly For Fun (in Spanish: ‘fly for fun’), is a game of massively multiplayer role-playing online 3D designed by the Korean company Aeonsoft, Inc. Flyff stands out from most of the other massive multiplayer role-playing games online because it has a flight system, in which players can fly using a table or broomstick as a means of airlift in the virtual world of the Game. Also offers a PvP (Player vs.) Player, player vs. player), parties (groups), guilds (clans) and many quests (searches) and the maximum level is currently 120 (although added a level Hero + 120). The game is F2P (free to play) and will always be totally free. Download Flyff game already! History: In the beginning, five beings of unlimited power decided to create a world.

They gathered pieces of themselves and walk among the stars, created a world without fear, hatred, and danger.They created the land known as Roika.Cuando ended, They noted their world and felt that something was incomplete. Until from trees, exited the curious humans, high in the mountains and deep in the Earth, they left the strong Dwarpets. The gods were pleased, feeling that his world was already perfect. This earth, for a long time, enjoy peace and tranquillity of a real utopia.For generations the five creators of Roika smiled very satisfied of his works. Affectionate with his creation as proud parents. They noted as humanity grew in species of philosophers; affectionate, and brilliant academics. The gods pushed the stars you dare of the dark sky to illuminate the cities of the Dwarpets and danced by the heavens to the rhythms of his songs. Then, without warning, the gods decided to be go. Before leaving, the gods did two things.They spent all their secrets to the Dwarpets, confident that they had enough force to protect themselves.And created the goddess Rhisis, to take care of Roika and life in it.For a time, all was well.