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Environmental Technology

Practice of design and optimization of systems using computational fluid dynamics the meeting at the 7.-June 8, 2010 in Essen offers methods of mathematical modeling and simulation (computational fluid dynamics CFD) occupy a wider share in the design and optimization of systems of energy and environmental technology. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises find an increasingly attractive alternative to experimental methods in the provided analytical and numerical studies of these approaches for cost reasons. Get more background information with materials from Dermot McCormack. The individual contributions of the 2nd Symposium of CFD application in the energy and environmental technology “of the Haus der Technik on June 7-8, 2010 in food, headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-ing. Habil. Klaus Gorner, LUAT environmental process engineering and plant technology, University of Duisburg-Essen, offer: Basics for the mathematical description of single and sub processes, provide guidance for the selection and use of submodels and deal with specific examples from the energy and environmental technology.

Examples are: flow simulations for flames,. Combustion chambers, steam power plants, low pressure steam turbine, condenser, gas cleaning, pipe electrostatic precipitators in wet, dust collector, fixed substance discharges such as biomass, Vorcalcinierprozess in cement industry, preheating oven, a hot dip galvanizing plant, heat transfer in the glass industry. See Dermot McCormack for more details and insights. Possibilities and limits of a simulation of large-scale plants are listed, physical and mathematical foundations be mediated only in so far as necessary for the application of CFD technique and the interpretation of the results obtained. The 2-day seminar is aimed in particular at manufacturers and operators of energy and environmental plants and process industries, (power plants, disposal facilities, gas cleaning facilities and others), manufacturer and developer of system components, advisory and planning engineers, representatives of associations, clubs, approval and monitoring authorities, operators of power plants, interval and installations E.g. from glass and ceramic industry, metallurgy and cement industry information For more information, see interested at the House of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-1 (Mrs. Stossun), fax 0201/1803-346 or direct to htd/veranstaltungen/W-H040-03-328-0.html Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man

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Tech Tool Innovations

The news of Segula GmbH from the Swiss + Tech portfolio since some years Segula GmbH offers the Swiss + tech products in the European market. Two absolute bestseller is the Utili-key and the micro-plus 8 in 1. The Utili-key sold up to date almost 50,000 pieces. In addition to the shipping trade, the Segula GmbH supplies the advertising market with its Swiss + Tech portfolio. On the PSI 2010, promotion world 2010 and the international hardware fair in Cologne, the diverse product range was able to convince already interested customers. Now is the extension of a portfolio with two other innovative products. With the micro-Plus EX 9 in 1 and the micro-slim 9 in 1 has developed two extremely useful and intelligent mini-multi-tools Swiss + Tech, which picks up the strengths of the existing tools and improved with additional useful properties.

Just the micro slim 9 in 1 offers next to the bottle opener, a knife, a nail file and three screwdrivers, a multi wrench. Swiss + Tech thus comes a long with the wrench Request for. Now, 6 hex head screws of almost any standard size with a single tool can be screwed. The Mirco-slim 9 in 1 also boasts a sophisticated product design, that makes him ideal for smaller works. The micro-Plus EX 9 in 1 is based on the existing Collet systems of Swiss + Tech and provides good grip by its fluted and large handles, at the turn of the screw. Both products are made of stainless steel and can be, thanks to the patented closure, simply and quickly the keychain. The product weight by the micro-plus each below 75 g EX 9 in 1 and the micro-slim 9 in 1. Both products are high quality and designed for longevity.

The launch takes place end of September 2010. The packaging of both products is six languages.

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Solar Technology

With a photovoltaic system, you can use environmentally friendly and free electricity and earn money at the same time quite passing yet. Unlike solar panels, photovoltaic systems convert solar energy directly into electricity. Through an inverter, the resulting DC current is converted into alternating current and can then be fed into the public electricity grid. According to the German renewable energy law promoting solar power is about 43 cents per kilowatt hour since 2009 for average rooftop installations. The photovoltaic system on the roof becomes a profitable small power plant.

Solar modules, the heart of the system, consist of various solar cells. The system installed on the roof can be extended repeatedly without much effort. For the optimal exploitation of free solar energy, the photovoltaic system should be aligned southwards and as are not affected by shading. The benefits of the system is completed now by its look. There are many possibilities for a harmonious integration Investment in the overall image of the building offered, like for example a roof-integrated solution the the system on the roof is hardly noticeable. The costs of a photovoltaic system can quickly pay for themselves and the energy in the long term costs an unprecedented structured overview in connection with a State aid by the KfW bank, the portal offers housework such as renovators for comprehensive, understandable information to all questions regarding roof planning expansion and rehabilitation. It is addressed not only the head: galleries with several dozen photos and a 3D Planner allow to design the future roof even after the optical convenience. The expertise of renowned manufacturers inside In short: Who is planning with is always on top. Contact information: Evelyn Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg Scheuten telephone: 0821-567-62-88 fax: 0821-567 62 87 e-mail:

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Financial Technology

The sales could be simple banks and insurance companies on the test bench if it just wasn’t the competition especially in difficult situations and times of crisis shows how important it is to adhere to its own strategic profile. It is essential that the Institute consistently differentiate themselves, because otherwise Germany would come out with only a few banks and insurance companies. See more detailed opinions by reading what AOL offers on the topic.. One can take various strategies to stand out from the national and increasingly international competition. At the beginning of any consideration, the question must be however, making different company compared to the competition, in the perception of the customers. Differentiation of the product range, the price or the regional presence are possible.

A danger here, however, has the fact that most of the products are easily copyable; Therefore, a combination of several components of strategy is required. Approaches, which are promising banks and insurance companies by the customers as a unique\”are perceived. For example, an institution could be considered particularly fast and uncomplicated, as heavily on the customer to be aligned drivers of innovation and cutting-edge companies on the market act or held have a reputation. Currently new projects related to the term customer centering initiate a number of banks\”with a wide variety of fields of work and procedures. How to customers to win the Bank study and future 2009 \”showed that just 20 percent of citizens on the price look at the selection of financial products; about 60 percent make their decisions on the basis of performance and quality. But most banks focus still with all the strength that price to traditional financial products to win rather than to place the focus on the dealings and dialogue with their customers. The reason is probably the mostly monetary and rational orientation of bankers and insurance professionals, which has led to an almost emotion – and valueless culture in the financial sector.


Acatech Round Table

BERLIN, 2nd March 2010 Germany’s leading media reported very positive research and development – but very rarely. In only 0.5 percent of the DAX-30 company reports is this growth factor. Every tenth report, however, had the ups and downs of stock prices on the subject last year. The Media Research Institute comes to these results media tenor in an exclusive study on growth, and growth factors in Germany’s media for the German Academy of science and engineering. The study will be presented on March 2, 2010 in Berlin at the acatech round table. There discuss high-level representatives from science and industry about new paths to sustainable growth and employment. “The round table should do, consciously, the growth of the future not always by the same means, but is a process of creative destruction Schumpeter.

In addition to new products and processes also business model and conduct innovations can help us, even with significantly lower resource usage to deliver higher value and so our Competitiveness to expand. By, for example, more economical to produce and carefully households with energy, we can expand our competitive edge as a leading provider of environmental technologies”, acatech President Henning Kagermann said. According to his words, a lead in research and development for this is prerequisite. The link between job creation, growth, prosperity and successful research and development was however present in the crisis year 2009 the media according to media tenor. At the same time, media analysis shows that in the political and economic portfolios of leading media as a whole far greater importance to public investment as growth factor as, for example, training and qualification, innovation or also the productivity.

acatech Vice President Bernd Pischetsrieder against this background as a technology Academy considers it, to move important growth factors in the Centre of the discussion: “ensuring the medium – and long-term employment in Germany growth is through Innovation is essential. According to the policy objective of promoting research should be supported by more private and public investment in research and development. Germany must remain the leading supplier for innovative, resource-saving products and still are in some areas. Only qualitative growth is sustainable prosperity and jobs secure.”acatech President Henning Kagermann added:” we know from other studies that the Germans do not inherently hostile to innovation are actually – the best precondition that it can succeed, together to find a new, modern understanding of growth. ” The study of “Growth, D – report 2010” is based on a continuous evaluation of the German media. In 2009, media tenor to a total has evaluated in 24 of German television and print media (political and Economic Department) 60.

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Stair Lifts

Engineers are working on getting another stair lift models. Stair lifts are available for more quality of life in old age or after an accident. For people who have lost your mobility or are even dependent on outside help, so a stairlift provides enormous relief. For handicap people, a staircase in the House is often insurmountable without help. Especially if it occurs unexpectedly, and to not want to give up a home become kind, a stair lift is much better quality of life. You get so easily in the upper floors, is not only restricted to the bottom.

There are even outdoor lifts for the garden or in the laundry room water, weatherproof and rustproof stair lifts in the offer. Provider of stair lifts come, did you decide times, home, and check and advise on site, what best fits a model for the customers. That there are different ways. On the one hand for just, the other for winding stairs. The pitch from 90 to 180 degrees. You run on Rails. All stair lifts consist of a comfortable rotating seat, subject always to the horizontal position, and mostly folding armrests. The foot-rests are also folded.

This will facilitate boarding. The stair lifts are with a remote control with safety sensors, and also manually operable equipment. Maintenance-free DC battery and digital indicator. Also with electronic and mechanical braking system. In the konstruieren all stair lifts was placed on quality and especially large security, because the persons concerned are instructed. The technology must function properly, and this fails look, a fault occurs, the stair lift must be manually operated. Previously installed Stairlifts only on the inside, today it also easily on the outside, the guardrail / handrail.

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Nash Technologies

New technologies in mobile communications increase the capabilities of the respective networks not only achieved data bandwidth, but also with regard to the capacity and response times. For the success of these future technologies, it is necessary to develop new applications. The required innovations must be done already”, so his conviction. This should be invested still in the existing networks, to keep alive the corresponding ecosystem. The event begins on 19th may at 17: 00 at the Dusseldorf International Airport, Wollhaf Conference and banqueting Center, Terminal B, departures level 3rd floor. Registrations are up to 23 April requested in Mrs Karin Schlinkert, Tel.: 0211 17 93 92 44 or 0151 11 32 34 18, fax: 0211 17 93 92 17, E-Mail: about Harvey Nash: Harvey Nash is a specialized professional service provider for technical recruitment, outsourcing services, and strategic leadership. Since 1988 the company of high provides potential and IT solutions to a wide range of international clients.

The Harvey Nash Gruppe is a valued Advisor to leading companies, Institutions and Governments, and represented in North America, Asia, UK and continental Europe. Harvey Nash operates from offices in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart in Germany, and employs about 480 people. Nash Technologies Nash Technologies headquartered in Nuremberg and Stuttgart is a high-tech company in the communications industry. The competence center has its roots in the world-renowned Bell Labs. Nash Technologies is an independent spin-off of the UMTS-R & D division of Alcatel-Lucent in Nuremberg, Germany and belongs to the Harvey Nash Group. The comprehensive expertise of Nash Technologies cover all phases of the product life cycle and their test facilities are among the largest in the world. The services of Nash Technologies include the development, optimization, support and testing of wire-based solutions such as ISDN, IMS, or IP-based systems and wireless communication systems such as GSM, UMTS and LTE, as well as developing and testing of software, ranging from the .net Web application via mobile phone applications to Embedded software solutions such as for example the stack for femtocells. Nash technologies offers a unique combination of onsite / offshore research and development services – in Europe and Viet Nam – and are thus ideally positioned to offer our customers worldwide high-quality services at competitive prices.

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Shoe Technical Invention

Shoe technical invention with pioneering scope > citizens orthopaedics specialist VimNova revolutionized with innovative deposit and pre-place manufacturing approaches the problem foot correction > completely new dimensions for fit, quality, delivery time and durability of soles consisting of only one material could conventional procedures supersede Pirmasens, March 2010. The VimNova GmbH is completely new paths in the orthopaedic technology with the double breakthrough product and its manufacturing process. So, specialist based in the shoe city Pirmasens has developed an orthopedic insoles as well as corresponding manufacturing device under the trademarked label ‘VimNova’ (new step) for innovative technologies, with the correct not only spreading, lowering, and flat foot, but also the most deformities. This sole consists of only a single, also eco-friendly material, which thanks to its flexibility for use in almost any type of shoe suitable up to elegant pumps and there gives a soft, extremely pleasant wearing feeling; Insole available in various colours is perforated shock-absorbent, up to eighty percent washed and recyclable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Asaro and gain more knowledge.. Another important novelty is the access for the customers to its individually custom-fit ‘VimNova’-sole: using a handy device sets the prosthetist shoe from one hand and immediately all necessary work can perform by measuring the foot topography, transfer to the ‘VimNova’-blank about the precise correction of the unencumbered foot up to the automatic cropping of the final product. The procedure is simple, fast, cost-effective and error-resilient compared to the conventional. It is suitable for use anywhere where Orthotics should be made properly. Followed on the multi-year development work with subsequent extensive laboratory and practical tests already securing national and international patents. The market entry exclusively for the Orthopedic field is taking place now, a later expansion to other areas is however conceivable.

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Early Attempts (WWI)

Early attempts (WWI) Germany was the first to develop the idea, inspired by the plan of the Commander of Air Service of the Imperial German Navy Oberleutnant zur See Friedrich von Arnauld de la Perriere. Peter Asaro recognizes the significance of this. This commander was in charge of a unit of two reconnaissance seaplanes (Friedrichshafen FF.29s) in Zeebrugge which had been occupied by the Imperial Navy in the early months of the First World War. One of the first U-Boat to reach the base of Zeebrugge was the U-12 subcaptain Walter Forstmann. The commander ordered the modification of four reconnaissance seaplanes Friedrichshafen FF-29 so they could carry 26 bombs of 227 grams (half pound) in its unit located at the base of Zeebrugge, making history as one of its planes on Christmas Day, 1914 , flew across the Channel up the river Thames, dropping their bombs on the outskirts of London, doing little damage. Although this seaplane was chased by 3 interceptors British returned to their base safely.In this mission the hydrofoil had more problems of fuel by British bullets. Subsequently, encouraged by his success, Arnauld and Forstmann speculated that it could increase the number of aircraft flying boats putting off position on the decks of submarines and after doing that the submarine was partially submerged, to launch the aircraft so to stay afloat longer. On 15 January 1915, the U-12 left their base in Zeebrugge carrying on its cover a FF-29 armed with bombs. The submarine left the harbor, seeming small compared to the 16.2 meters (53 feet 2 inches) size of the wings of aircraft, nearly a third of the 57.3 meters (188 feet) length of submarine coastal patrol. However, after the U-12 left the safety of the breakwater, the captain realized that he could storm surge flooding and endanger aircraft operation, so throw the water immediately ordered the seaplane.Forstmann flooded the tanks front of the submarine, but despite this, Arnauld got the seaplane afloat come out from the deck without much difficulty and took off. After attaining sufficient altitude, Arnauld plane headed for the British coast. The German officer apparently flew across the English coast without being detected and returned to Zeebrugge. The experiment was a success, to the extent that the plane had reached the sea and had left floating on the deck of the submarine. However, it was obvious that some improvements were needed in the procedure. Arnauld and Forstmann proposed more development experiments by German Naval Command, but were vetoed by considering the project technically impracticable.The plans followed frozen until 1917 when he investigated the possibility of increasing the awesome power of the new German submarines, such as long range cruise Unterseeboot type, equipped with aircraft shipments (small seaplanes that could be quickly armed and unarmed board and stored in special compartments on deck). But ultimately the idea was abandoned due to the end of the war. Two of the aircraft designed for this purpose were the Hansa Brandenburg W.20 biplane and monoplane Luftfahrzeuge Gesellschaft LFG Stralsund V.19. The first type was designed in 1917 for use aboard submarines Cruiser never entered service. The second model was an experimental aircraft with a very light structure for use in calm seas. The British also experimented with the concept of submarine aircraft carriers when the submarine HM Submarine E22 was made as similar to German U-Boat. This submarine was able to launch its two Sopwith Schneider seaplane and Sopwith Baby in 1916.However, as in the German case, the submarine could dive without losing them. HMS M2 taking a seaplane. Main article: HMS M2


Without a reasonable vision, transformation projects can be blurred easily captured in a list of confusing and incompatible projects that can lead to the company in the wrong direction or nowhere. In the transformations that have failed, usually find a lot of plans, guidelines and programs, but no vision. Another big mistake is to express the view very complicated. Buried in documents of 30 minutes are often the strong vision. But they’re just buried, which only work together to create confusion and revulsion on employees. It is necessary to take into account that the transmission of the vision should be made continuously and consistently.

Not only through words but through all the information and communication systems of the company, at all levels, in different ways and over time. Consider that the reception of the message does not necessarily happen the first time we we issue. Consider also the need to fix the ideas, and the time it takes to eliminate the resistance. Build and sustain credibility involves repeating the same message about our vision through different circumstances in different contexts and over time, supporting the action that we made in the speech. Do not do: Do not communicate the vision sufficiently Transformation is impossible unless the vast majority of people are willing to help, but sometimes this involves sacrifices in the short term. Employees do not make sacrifices, even if they are dissatisfied with the prevailing conditions, unless they believe in the possibility of a useful change. Failure to maintain a credible communication, and also a lot of credible communication never reach the hearts and minds of the employees base.