The sales could be simple banks and insurance companies on the test bench if it just wasn’t the competition especially in difficult situations and times of crisis shows how important it is to adhere to its own strategic profile. It is essential that the Institute consistently differentiate themselves, because otherwise Germany would come out with only a few banks and insurance companies. See more detailed opinions by reading what AOL offers on the topic.. One can take various strategies to stand out from the national and increasingly international competition. At the beginning of any consideration, the question must be however, making different company compared to the competition, in the perception of the customers. Differentiation of the product range, the price or the regional presence are possible.

A danger here, however, has the fact that most of the products are easily copyable; Therefore, a combination of several components of strategy is required. Approaches, which are promising banks and insurance companies by the customers as a unique\”are perceived. For example, an institution could be considered particularly fast and uncomplicated, as heavily on the customer to be aligned drivers of innovation and cutting-edge companies on the market act or held have a reputation. Currently new projects related to the term customer centering initiate a number of banks\”with a wide variety of fields of work and procedures. How to customers to win the Bank study and future 2009 \”showed that just 20 percent of citizens on the price look at the selection of financial products; about 60 percent make their decisions on the basis of performance and quality. But most banks focus still with all the strength that price to traditional financial products to win rather than to place the focus on the dealings and dialogue with their customers. The reason is probably the mostly monetary and rational orientation of bankers and insurance professionals, which has led to an almost emotion – and valueless culture in the financial sector.