BERLIN, 2nd March 2010 Germany’s leading media reported very positive research and development – but very rarely. In only 0.5 percent of the DAX-30 company reports is this growth factor. Every tenth report, however, had the ups and downs of stock prices on the subject last year. The Media Research Institute comes to these results media tenor in an exclusive study on growth, and growth factors in Germany’s media for the German Academy of science and engineering. The study will be presented on March 2, 2010 in Berlin at the acatech round table. There discuss high-level representatives from science and industry about new paths to sustainable growth and employment. “The round table should do, consciously, the growth of the future not always by the same means, but is a process of creative destruction Schumpeter.

In addition to new products and processes also business model and conduct innovations can help us, even with significantly lower resource usage to deliver higher value and so our Competitiveness to expand. By, for example, more economical to produce and carefully households with energy, we can expand our competitive edge as a leading provider of environmental technologies”, acatech President Henning Kagermann said. According to his words, a lead in research and development for this is prerequisite. The link between job creation, growth, prosperity and successful research and development was however present in the crisis year 2009 the media according to media tenor. At the same time, media analysis shows that in the political and economic portfolios of leading media as a whole far greater importance to public investment as growth factor as, for example, training and qualification, innovation or also the productivity.

acatech Vice President Bernd Pischetsrieder against this background as a technology Academy considers it, to move important growth factors in the Centre of the discussion: “ensuring the medium – and long-term employment in Germany growth is through Innovation is essential. According to the policy objective of promoting research should be supported by more private and public investment in research and development. Germany must remain the leading supplier for innovative, resource-saving products and still are in some areas. Only qualitative growth is sustainable prosperity and jobs secure.”acatech President Henning Kagermann added:” we know from other studies that the Germans do not inherently hostile to innovation are actually – the best precondition that it can succeed, together to find a new, modern understanding of growth. ” The study of “Growth, D – report 2010” is based on a continuous evaluation of the German media. In 2009, media tenor to a total has evaluated in 24 of German television and print media (political and Economic Department) 60.