You turn and lands already the node number two, the chart. (As opposed to Michael Dell). Admittedly, there must man a little “rumzubbeln r”, till you’re through. But here, too, the construction is so logical that you just keep reading and is surprised when you then all of a sudden you want to deal with the volume. Get more background information with materials from Ali Partovi. But back to the chart. There, MOL tooth begins that he describes the chart types, then explains the design, blithely draws a line at a time to the course line and sharpens the eye for different formations.

And have first signals can be generated, which, as the author, but not alone should be applied to. It leads too far, so extensively to reflect also the other Fadenverwirrungen and tie-ups. In any case he solves volume node and indicators and oscillators confusions in the same way. “So really nobody can’t make the jump in practice, I missed the Advisor a 80-page practice part”, as MOL tooth. “In him you are preceded by lessons in 15 tasks repeatedly. Of course I also offer Solution options!” An appendix with “Rules for chartist” concludes with the 348 DIN A4 pages of strong work, “Glossary and English technical terms”, “recommended and further literature”… Difficult subject, short & flush and simply explains Wolfgang Anmol zahns work is characterized by a clear, understandable language without jargon and stock market jargon. The many summaries and graphs are very helpful.

In particular these are so thoughtfully designed in such a way that the reader can play their most important content after each drawn up lesson at a glance. It is also striking that here an author dares to convey such a difficult subject with humor. Wolfgang Anmol tooth counters with a smile on his lips: “My readers repeatedly stress that they appreciate just this refreshing write, the easy understandability and the immediate implementation of this work!” Conclusion: with MOL tooth “chart technology – the” technical analysis “for Otto normal shareholder: 4” Tools to predict the trend”may unravel the cat’s cradle”Technical analysis”actually each shares beginners and small shareholders and can easily learn.

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