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Decorate the streets of the City

How Anytime massive expression against the graffiti culture has been slowly incorporated into popular culture. Now we can see the graffiti as an art and not as an act of vandalism. However, the use of new technologies has expanded what was known as street art, restoring a sense anti-social and creating new aesthetic proposals. The graffiti has been accepted as art, and we can see that many artists get permission to carry out their work. These acts will no longer have to be done at night and secretly, but it may occur in broad daylight on a busy street, and the view. So it has cleaned up graffiti and name has been given the opportunity for artists to take credit for their creations. However the majority of street art is still done at night without permission, keeping the creators how ghosts, or simple pseudonyms. In this work we can see two totally different situations in which art takes to the streets. First we see an example of what I mentioned how the creation of a graffiti on a wall donated to the artists. In the second part we will see the process of creating a homemade poster. Since the adhesive and printing until it reaches the street.

Gull-skin Aguiluchos

“That is right!” You remember that phrase Yes, Alfonso Guerra said at his rallies years ago. In those years he was criticized because he said transmitting the call by some “politics of fear”.Now things have changed and now we can say that if that is right, but this time, unlike when she said Alfonso, is shown with crystal clarity that always occurs right at the next election. With the church on your side, giving the face more than ever and completely backward positions and against the social advances of Spain such as the law of divorce, abortion or gay marriage once shows his true colors.And finally gulls have unpacked that had been Democrats, tolerant and center and show that they hid the truth, the claws of the eagle that once made us much harm. A party that goes straight ahead and not trying to hoodwink and deceive the Spanish, where when you think of another way in which “the boss” is eliminated lightning speed (this reminds me of coffee after dinner “tito paco”) does not deserve neither trust nor respect for the citizens. I have heard several times across the street to people saying “if he wins it, I’m going to Spain,” well, here in Andalusia say we are very “exagerao” and it is possible that this expression has some of that but in this case I think (without exaggeration) that if he wins the popular game many people are going to have to leave the country as of old to avoid persecution.Persecuted as we are still some doctors responsible for emergency services in communities governed by the hawks or persecuted as women summoned to testify that criminals when all they have done is to undergo an abortion. And then we have a former president of the country they should declare him persona non-grata Spain. A person who despises all the institutions elected by the Spanish, although it hurts. So I say to Mr. Alfonso: Thank you. Thanks for noticing something that, although we imagined, you had it so clear.

there will also

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Reception and legacy

Mary Wollstonecraft by John Opie (c. 1797). Posthumous Works, the collection in The Wrongs of Woman, which occupied most part had a “reasonably wide audience” when it was published in 1798, but “most critics were negative.” This was due in large part to the simultaneous release of Memoirs of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, of Godwin, which broke the story on Wollstonecraft’s illegitimate son and their love affairs. Most critics and readers transferred unconventional life and less orthodox Mary Wollstonecraft lived and felt that many of the words were of Wollstonecraft’s character, so they realized that Wollstonecraft feared that his books were interpreted as a simple mirror of his life.The eighteenth century moralist Hannah More, for example, described to The Wrongs of Woman as a “vindication of adultery.” Many critics and even ordinary readers did not understand the fundamental point of Wollstonecraft, that the “injustices” suffered by Mary are political and not personal. He wrote to a friend who had criticized: I am shocked and surprised that I do not think that the situation of Mary is sufficiently important, and I can only understand this … Should I tell fragility of sentiment, considering the fact that you’re a man.For my part I can not imagine a more painful to a sensitive woman with a mind that is better than being tied to a man as I have described, for life – is forced to renounce all human affections, to avoid cultivating his taste in order not to develop a sense of grace and refinement of feeling that sharpen the agony of the torments of his disappointment. Even Godwin, her husband said: “I do not want a story about a violent husband and insensitive ‘. Both the Anti-Jacobin Review and the Monthly Review slammed the novel, attacking both the author and her book as Memoirs and Political Justice, Godwin: Restrictions on adultery are, in the view Mary, a great injustice committed against women. This is the moral of this work, these are the lessons to be learned from the writings of Mrs.Wollstonecraft, these are the benefits that the public should enjoy this book released to the world by Godwin, held by him, and perfectly consonant with the principles of “their” justice pol tica. “But since there have been writers, who in theory have enacted their subversive views on morality, but his conduct was not immoral, Godwin has worked to inform the world that the theory of Mrs. Wollstonecraft was reduced to practice, as lived and felt, then he wrote and taught. Note in the original: We can identify some of the “students” of this lady, who have followed the instructions given her, have imitated their behavior and reduced its principles into practice. (Emphasis in original) 62 With the heading “Prostitution” in the index of the magazine, the ors listed only one entry: Mary Wollstonecraft.Partly because of these reactions, female sexuality so openly would be held in Britain until at least a century later. While Wollstonecraft’s arguments in The Wrongs of Woman may appear normal for modern feminism were “incredibly brave” at the end of the eighteenth century: “The last novel highlights what Wollstonecraft in A Vindication of the Rights of Women had barely hinted at: that the titles of women-as citizens, mothers and sexual beings are incompatible with a system of patriarchal marriage. ” However, while The Wrongs of Woman is considered, at present, as the progenitor of many feminist texts and the inspiration for many feminist arguments and rhetorical styles (eg, confession staff), Wollstonecraft was not part of a feminist movement was not expressly for the benefit of all.Even though The Wrongs of Woman presents a ‘woman’ as ‘attack’ or British Wollstonecraft or any other that has shown the inequalities suffered by women at the time (such as Mary Hays and Mary Robinson) tried to formulate a collective solution . As part of the Enlightenment, devoted themselves to propose individual solutions.

You’re the boss

AUDIO: Radio Next Episode No. 12 Aired: Dec. 13, 2008 Episode No. 12 Contents Radio Go talk to Latinos working in the circus and Sarah Horne presents an analysis of the political situation in Venezuela. The latest national and international news as well as the community calendar complete the episode. Circus: Forward talks with Latinos who work for the circus National and International news Compiled by Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari Venezuela in Turmoil: Analysis of the political situation in Venezuela Community Calendar: Reported by Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari Carolina Escalera Host / Reporter: Carolina Escalera Reporter: Beverly Rivera, Mark Stanley and Nicolas Jimenez Producers: Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari Business Manager: Mark Stanley

National Synchrotron Light Laboratory

Joseph A. Brum Director General Brazilian Association for Synchrotron Light Technology National Synchrotron Light Laboratory Located in the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo. National Synchrotron Light Lab The LNLS is a pharmacy open to users in Brazil and abroad, offering exceptional conditions for scientists to conduct research at the level of global competitiveness.Was maintained with funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), the laboratory has an infrastructure that includes beamlines with experimental stations installed at the synchrotron light source, electron microscopes, high resolution, microscopes scanning tip spectrometers and nuclear magnetic resonance. In these installations, carried out experiments that help to develop expertise in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Environment and Life Sciences, among other areas. NOTE: In order to reduce costs, the Brazilian Association for Synchrotron Light Technology, which operates the National Synchrotron Light Laboratory, is taking the following measures: 1) temporary suspension of the activities of multi-user installation and opening of the laboratories of the following: – Mass Spectrometry Laboratory – Laboratory of micromachining and thin film – Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory and Atomic Force The activities of research networks associated with these laboratories will be maintained. 2) the temporary suspension of the Program of Assistance to Members The ABTLuS regrets the inconvenience to users and the scientific and technological community in Brazil and Latin America and these activities will resume as soon as the situation normalizes. CONTACTS: Professor Jose Antonio Brum, Diretor do Synchrotron Light Laboratory / Institute of Physics da Unicamp. Selma Tsuda Secret ria Diretoria Geral da Associa o Brasileira de Tecnologia de Luz Synchrotron – ABTLuS National Synchrotron Light Laboratory – LNLS Tel: 55 19 3287-4520 – ramal 306 selma

Publication Pliny

Publication Pliny apparently published the first ten books on their own at 77, and saw to revise and expand the rest during the remaining two years of his life. His work was probably published with little or no review by his nephew, Pliny the Younger, who thirty years later, in the history of a dolphin domestic and description of the floating islands of Lake Vadimonio (VIII 20, IX 33), seems to forget that both are in the work of his uncle (II 209, IX 26). The Young describes the Naturalis Historia Naturae as a story, and characterizes it as a “scholarly work and filled with matter, and as varied as nature itself.” The lack of a final revision may partly explain the many repetitions and contradictions, errors in passages from Greek authors, and the insertion of marginal additions at wrong places in the text.


Jonah Lomu, with the Blues jersey. He stayed in the All Blacks until 2002, when he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome who departed from an apparently rugby final. However, the desire to play Jonah Lomu was rewarded in 2006 when, recovering from his illness, joined the Cardiff Blues in an attempt to recapture his best form and qualify for a Super 14 contract in 2007, a prerequisite for again represent New Zealand. However, the years took their toll and Jonah Lomu did not get his contract in the Super 14. In January 2005, announced his intention to lead a team at the invitation of Martin Johnson benefit match for the June 4, at Twickenham.In that test scored a game but injured a shoulder and could not return for the second time but had an encouraging return. This injury was more serious than first thought and had surgery, which prevented him from playing the NPC in 2005. Before returning to professional rugby had to talk to WADA on the medicines you could take due to his illness. On 8 April 2005, signed a two-year contract to play in the first division of New Zealand in the North Harbor. On 9 August 2005, he joined the North Harbor but suffered from the operation of shoulder and missed, so it worked with the team at practice. The North Harbor agreed to allow Lomu to play outside the country after the end of the league NPC, so he signed with the Cardiff Blues of the Magners League. In December of that year he began to play in Wales but returned to North Harbor for the next season of the NPC 2006.His first match in competition since the transplant was 10 December in the Heineken Cup to the Rugby Calvisano of Italy. He played the game from the start and played 60 minutes and although did not score a line break very important to make the first test of his team winning by 25 to 10. A week later he made his debut at Cardiff Arms Park and played the entire game. No score, but his team won by 43 to 16 before the Rugby Calvisano. On December 27, 2005 and scored his first test was the “man of the match” in a game of the Magners League by winning 41 to 23 at the Newport Gwent Dragons. In early 2006 focused on gaining speed and strength and said “I lost between 10 and 11 kilos.” On 15 April he returned to play because he had not done for their training since January and returned to the Border Reivers. In this match he broke his ankle and how it felt, was out for six weeks, missing the final of the Magners League.After three seasons out of rugby in New Zealand, Lomu to play again at Massey against Marist Rugby Club in a competition of North Harbor. Lomu played 30 minutes, making a lock before spraining his right ankle and be replaced. In this game, Lomu said he was “a small step in his comeback. The aim of Lomu was back to the National Provincial Championship and to compete with the All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2007. Lomu ended up playing for the North Harbor in the fourth round of the National Provincial Championship in a match against Wellington in which he played 26 minutes of game. He won by 31 to 16 and after the game said to me is a dream come true … I always said that this was my goal to play again with New Zealand. However, it became apparent that Lomu would not contest the 2007 World Cup because they did not sign with the team of New Zealand’s Super 14.Before that, Lomu had been demoted to second team of the North Harbor to what they expressed disappointment at his failure but he had not failed himself. At that time, there was speculation he would play in Australia in 2007 at a club in the new national league. On 16 October 2006, it was reported that Lomu was close to signing for the Queensland Gold Coast Titans. He was offered a contract of one hundred thousand dollars but ultimately did not materialize. On 5 November 2006, the BBC said that Lomu was considering a return to Welsh rugby. On 9 April 2007, Lomu appeared in the New Zealand version of “This Is Your Life”, which appeared together with his brother Noah Lomu. On 4 June 2007, was awarded the Order of Merit, New Zealand, on the honor roll of the Queen’s birthday. Lomu retired from rugby in 2007.


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