Joseph A. Brum Director General Brazilian Association for Synchrotron Light Technology National Synchrotron Light Laboratory Located in the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo. National Synchrotron Light Lab The LNLS is a pharmacy open to users in Brazil and abroad, offering exceptional conditions for scientists to conduct research at the level of global competitiveness.Was maintained with funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), the laboratory has an infrastructure that includes beamlines with experimental stations installed at the synchrotron light source, electron microscopes, high resolution, microscopes scanning tip spectrometers and nuclear magnetic resonance. In these installations, carried out experiments that help to develop expertise in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Environment and Life Sciences, among other areas. NOTE: In order to reduce costs, the Brazilian Association for Synchrotron Light Technology, which operates the National Synchrotron Light Laboratory, is taking the following measures: 1) temporary suspension of the activities of multi-user installation and opening of the laboratories of the following: – Mass Spectrometry Laboratory – Laboratory of micromachining and thin film – Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory and Atomic Force The activities of research networks associated with these laboratories will be maintained. 2) the temporary suspension of the Program of Assistance to Members The ABTLuS regrets the inconvenience to users and the scientific and technological community in Brazil and Latin America and these activities will resume as soon as the situation normalizes. CONTACTS: Professor Jose Antonio Brum, Diretor do Synchrotron Light Laboratory / Institute of Physics da Unicamp. Selma Tsuda Secret ria Diretoria Geral da Associa o Brasileira de Tecnologia de Luz Synchrotron – ABTLuS National Synchrotron Light Laboratory – LNLS Tel: 55 19 3287-4520 – ramal 306 selma