“That is right!” You remember that phrase Yes, Alfonso Guerra said at his rallies years ago. In those years he was criticized because he said transmitting the call by some “politics of fear”.Now things have changed and now we can say that if that is right, but this time, unlike when she said Alfonso, is shown with crystal clarity that always occurs right at the next election. With the church on your side, giving the face more than ever and completely backward positions and against the social advances of Spain such as the law of divorce, abortion or gay marriage once shows his true colors.And finally gulls have unpacked that had been Democrats, tolerant and center and show that they hid the truth, the claws of the eagle that once made us much harm. A party that goes straight ahead and not trying to hoodwink and deceive the Spanish, where when you think of another way in which “the boss” is eliminated lightning speed (this reminds me of coffee after dinner “tito paco”) does not deserve neither trust nor respect for the citizens. I have heard several times across the street to people saying “if he wins it, I’m going to Spain,” well, here in Andalusia say we are very “exagerao” and it is possible that this expression has some of that but in this case I think (without exaggeration) that if he wins the popular game many people are going to have to leave the country as of old to avoid persecution.Persecuted as we are still some doctors responsible for emergency services in communities governed by the hawks or persecuted as women summoned to testify that criminals when all they have done is to undergo an abortion. And then we have a former president of the country they should declare him persona non-grata Spain. A person who despises all the institutions elected by the Spanish, although it hurts. So I say to Mr. Alfonso: Thank you. Thanks for noticing something that, although we imagined, you had it so clear.