How Anytime massive expression against the graffiti culture has been slowly incorporated into popular culture. Now we can see the graffiti as an art and not as an act of vandalism. However, the use of new technologies has expanded what was known as street art, restoring a sense anti-social and creating new aesthetic proposals. The graffiti has been accepted as art, and we can see that many artists get permission to carry out their work. These acts will no longer have to be done at night and secretly, but it may occur in broad daylight on a busy street, and the view. So it has cleaned up graffiti and name has been given the opportunity for artists to take credit for their creations. However the majority of street art is still done at night without permission, keeping the creators how ghosts, or simple pseudonyms. In this work we can see two totally different situations in which art takes to the streets. First we see an example of what I mentioned how the creation of a graffiti on a wall donated to the artists. In the second part we will see the process of creating a homemade poster. Since the adhesive and printing until it reaches the street.