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Kingdom of Spain:

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To err

issues bush military election To err vote is human and to forgive is divine. But that is forgiven when the bears are wrong and their error El Mercurio, until now, has not culture to twist your arm. Said on Sunday in large block letters that notified the United States not education to support President Bachelet’s government reelection Insulza of the OAS. Well, not just the race president categorically denied the news saying that ‘it is absolutely untrue, “but clarified that Washington” has not expressed a economic position on the issue to Chile. Who is lying ‘It was, indeed, a tremendous coup Ghana. The chain, largely the result clinton of the internationalist ideals of Ted Turner, began broadcasting in 1985 to start bringing George bush U.S. economic news congress to travel beyond U.S. borders. The first studies were in the CNN Center in Atlanta and even digital watches were missing in policy the studies. Most programs are based on the two channels broadcast on CNN United States (CNN / US and Headline News. In 1992, however, significantly increase the number of news programs produced by CNNI. It was built in 1994, a complex studies of news to compete with BBC World. CNNI became a religion news-oriented channel with media members from different countries, despite some accusations of pro-American editorial. On July 4, 1997 CNNI received the Liberty Medal.
CNNI was restructured in 1998 by Morgan Almeida. political Was another important change in 2006.

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Workers Party of Spain

(Redirected from PTE)
The Workers Party of Spain (PTE) was a Spanish political party Marxist-Leninist ideology of the Maoist line, with great relevance during the transition. Its Secretary General was Eladio Garcia Castro (Ramon Lobato).
Was the result of the demerger of the group ‘Unity’ of PSUC, as well as the division of other splinter groups that are also of the PCE, mainly in Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville, taking the name Communist Party of India (International) PCE (i ) in 1967.
Five years later, in March 1973 was held the First Congress of the PCE (i), called “Congress constitution, which laid the foundation of the political line of the Party of that time, later George bush enriched by the resolutions of the III Plenum of the Central Committee in April 1974 and the first conference of the PCE (i) in February 1975. The PCE (i) start from the time a steady upward path until 1980, the year of his disappearance and as the culture Workers’ Party of Spain (PTE), and making a particularly strong influence on the country’s major industrial concentrations and the Andalusian countryside. Integrated into the ‘Assemblea de Catalunya’ and other unit, becoming the most important political and influential on the left of the PCE.
In February 1975, bush the first conference of the PCE (i), was renamed the Workers Party of Spain (PTE) and adopted a federal structure, decisions adopted unanimously by all conference attendees. In March of that same year, the PTE was accepted as a full member of the Board of Democratic Spain.
In 1977 he joined the Communist Party of the PTE unification (PCU), created in 1976 by the union of two groups: ‘class struggle’ and ‘long march towards social cnn revolution’, who were joined later that same year the ‘Information Worker Communist Organization.
On June 15, 1977 is election presented to the General Elections and still be illegal, he joined some local parties and the Independent Socialist Party, the Bloc or the Independent Socialist Party of Communist Unification in the political Canaries, as the electoral coalition of the Democratic Front left (IDF), which won 122,608 votes (0.67 ) and Catalonia joins Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, in the coalition Esquerra de Catalunya-Democratic Electoral Front (EC-EDF), which won another 143,954 votes (0.79 ) (total 266,562 votes (1.46 ) and a member of cuts Catalunya Heribert Barrera.
On March 1, 1979, after its legalization, solo show as part of Spain (PTE), the general election getting 192,798 votes united states (1.07 ).
On April 3, in his last participation in the Municipal Elections won 140,000 votes (0.83 of the votes), achieving more than 200 councilors, provincial and 3 of them including the mayor of policy Moron de la Frontera race (Sevilla religion ), Baena, Posadas, Lebrija (Sevilla) Puerto Real (Cadiz), Motril (Granada) and Estepona (Malaga).
In these elections of April 3, 1979, the Workers Party of Spain (PTE) and the Organization of Revolutionary Workers (ORT), already started the process of unification, but not completed, take the agreement to education support the congress bid greater opportunities for both organizations, the economic same militants in exchange, so in some places it at the application and in other TPs to ORT, this’ strategy ‘, the whole of what would later the Workers’ Party ( ORT-PTE), got 242,000 votes, 400 councilors, including 11 provincial and 20 municipal though but got a good local representation, the strategy failed to meet expectations, then the sum of the two organizations together in the previous general election March 1 of that year was 320,315 votes (78,315 votes less on this occasion).
On March 20, 1980, the Workers Party of Spain in Catalonia (PTC), is presented alongside the Communist Movement, the Communist Revolutionary League, and Red Flag, under the coalition’s electoral Unitat Popular Socialisme (CUPS) getting issues 33,086 votes (1.22 ).
Throughout its history, the ETP was greater foothold in Andalucia, Cataluna, Aragon, Cantabria and Madrid.
On July 24, 1979, after the unification with the Revolutionary Organization of Workers (ORT), both organizations were dissolved and formed the Workers’ Party (ORT-PTE), as a new game.
The Workers Party of Spain promoted the creation of the Unitary Trade Union Confederation of Workers (CSUT) union which included the Union of Workers del iraq Campo (SOC) of Andalucia, Andaluz precursor of the current Union of Workers (SAT), media oriented independentism andaluz.
The youth organization of the PTE was the young Red Guard Espana (JGRE), which until 1973 was called the Revolutionary Youth Universitarias (JUR) and its press organ was the Voice of JGRE.

Hindustan Times
COMMENT ON THIS! Your opinion! military The left is for the first time a clean breast of something that everyone suspected was talking with Congress allies in the hope that some of them will join the Third Front after the Lok Sabha elections.
New Delhi
Islamabad, March 20: In a clear indication clinton that their once strained relationship were the better hand, opposition leader vote Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s invitation for lunch on Sunday.
Greater Kashmir
Srinagar, March 20: The chief minister, Omar Abdullah, today acknowledged that the government was made an embarrassment to the government recent killings of civilians by troops and said that steps would be taken after the parliamentary elections to strengthen Jammu and Kashmir police and the army invisible in the state.

The effect of a tax on the amount

The effect of a tax on the amount (per unit of output) causes an increase in costs. With increasing marginal costs the point at which marginal revenue concide with varia consecuenciando which vary supplements the price and production levels. Good health starts with is an excellent way to help your health Thus, a tax on the amount provokes, if permitted by the government, a price increase and a decrease in the amount offered.
The tax on the amount of monopoly against the marginal cost increases resulting in increasing nutrition prices and a reduction in the amount offered.
Therefore the states that impose a tax on a monopolist, from natural an economic point of view, is negative for the consumer. In addition, as reflected in the section on social costs, from a social point of view, although the State will take all the profits of the monopoly on taxation and redistributed to consumers, there would be an inefficiency because the production is lower than under competitive herbal conditions. The social cost would amount to irretrievable loss physicians of efficiency caused by the power of the monopolist.

The Hill
The Treasury Department plans to lenders community to keep 5 percent of all assets that they securitize. That may sound like a … via Yahoo! Finance
Treasury vitamins prices rose Wednesday with longer-term bonds, posting the largest gains after a report on consumer prices tempered inflation concerns.
June 17 (Bloomberg) – The cost of living in weight loss the U.S. rose less than expected in May, culminating in the largest 12-month decline prices in nearly 60 years.
INO News
(RTTNews) – In early trading on Wednesday, the Swiss franc showed mixed performance against its main competitors. While the franc rose to a 2-day high against the British pound fell to a 2-day low against the euro.


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This table comes from ((Wikipedia: Content by tree of life wikiproject / Israel / Overview / merkavah League)).
This table comes from ((Wikipedia: Content by wikiproject / Israel / Overview / size)).
This table comes synagogue from ((Wikipedia: zohar Content by wikiproject / Israel / Summary / spiritual Significance)).
In total 164 categories have been judaism analyzed.
This table comes from ((Wikipedia: Content by wikiproject / Israel chabad / Summary / Maintenance)).

Jewish Ledger
Sandy Koufax made Jews proud when he first Saturday game of kabbalistic the World israeli Series to celebrate Yom Kippur. He made no god bones about his heritage – sefirot and why would he “Judaism and baseball have a hebrew lot in common.
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Main article: This game is located chronologically after Ocarina of Time. Here is the story of Link, who is seeking creatures an old friend (probably spiritual his fairy Navi)
Zelda appears only in faeries the memories of Link, in blurred images in creature which we see as a final farewell to the hero of Hyrule, delivering the Ocarina of Time and teaching the Song of Time.
Link will have to avoid the collision against End talismans of the Moon, caused by Skull Kid, who has stolen the Mask of witchcraft Majora and is controlled by the power of it, faerie in a time limit of three symbols days 72 hours , so have to use the Song of Time to return to the first day over and over again.
At the beginning of this game, Link wiccan has been converted into a aleabril Scrub by Skull Kid and meets a fairy named Taya, who helps Link to break the seal of the symbol monsters that keep prisoners in the 4 Giants 4 different mythical temples ends, scattered in the 4 healing cardinal points. After release, Link must return to the village fairy in which the celtic game magical starts, Clock Town, where at midnight began a day of the third festival. Most movies are made in hollywood where productions include Hallowed Ground (2006) distributed by Icon Film Distribution and The Sci-Fi Channel; Never Cry Werewolf (2007) distributed by Peace Arch Releasing, The Sci Fi Channel and Phoenicia Pictures; At this time, it opens the door metaphysical to climb the Clock Tower. Link should rise to meet chakra Skull Kid, who happens to pagan a video sequence and then actuates a melody that makes the 4 giants Link kabbalah above crystals except help to stop the falling of the moon. But the mask suddenly coming to life, and committed spirituality to the symbolism Moon crashed, gets rid of the Skull faries Kid and the Moon enters to give more power, then Link should enter bloodstone the moon to stop it
Link on the moon has two options: the first face mask with its paranormal existing powers, or it may meditation be some events crystal to help you get a mask, but, “The Mask of the Beast Deity,” in which Link acquires powers huge and becomes an adult taking shape as a great hero costume with blue sky, taking power nearly equal to psychic that of Major. Majora mask must be defeated three times after this and the moon will be destroyed so the game meaning will be over.
Eddie Murphy is the most entertaining thing unequal father-daughter comedy. fantasy
Daily Record
It’s kaballah summer, the only time New Jerseyans new age are told that their daughter Elaine Silver live at local venues.
indie WIRE
There are few cinematic events unicorns in the U.S., where spectators can stand face malachite to with Gwyneth Paltrow one moment and then witness a video installation sculpture involving bus-terminal wicca televisions the next.
Edwardsville intelligencer
Shakespeare may fairies be what first magick comes to mind when hearing the title amy brown of Mid-Summer Nights Dream, but the latest exhibition in the Main iolite Street Art Gallery is promoting a number of mind local artists work in relation to art summer.
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Human egyptian art Project ‘ ancient drawings Why do people believe in that shit’ You know, even if those people exist, and their facilities in secret places, do not fuck me, it is very hard!, But have found a cure for infertility, does not matter! Too late. The World has gone to shit. You know that ‘It was too late before this happened to ancient sculpture infertility, hosts. sculpture art Theo Faron, You can tell that are so unbearable, so little condescending to the audience, who viewed a first time is a real ordeal, roman arts but greek artwork return to ancient vase their images and then to resist becomes a real nightmare. St. Luke painting the Virgin, Martin van Heemskerck, table, 168 -236 cm
Banquet of the officers of the Society of St. George, of Cornelis van Haarlem, 1599, oil on canvas, 169 cm x 223 cm
The dance around the golden calf of Carel van Mander, second half of the sixteenth century, canvas, 99.5 -216.5 cm
As representative of the museum, and that egyptian sculpture alone is worth the visit, are the works of Frans greek arts Hals. The most prominent are:
The five categories represent the Civic Militia and monumental works that are very representative of the time. This is a representative composition to sixty characters composing the company of militia formed by the men of Haarlem that can pay for your equipment. Frans Hals himself roman art was a member of one of these companies:
Feast of St. George arquebusiers Haarlem, 1616, canvas, 175 mesopotamia art x 324 cm
Banquet of the officers of the Civic Militia of St. George, 1627, canvas, 179 x 257.5 cm
Banquet of the officers of the Civic Militia of St. Adrian (the Cluveniers), 1627, canvas, 183 x 266.5 cm
Reunion of officers and sergeants of the Civic Militia of St. ancient paintings Adrian (the Cluveniers), 1633, canvas, 207 x 337 cm
Officers and sergeants of the Civic Militia of St. George, 1639, canvas, 218 x 421 cm
The boxes represent the first regents egyptian paintings of asylum are also portraits where collective expressive realism greek sculpture is remarkable:
The Regents of the nursing home, arts artifacts 1664, canvas, 172.3 x art 256 cm
The Regents of the nursing home, egyptians art 1664, canvas, 170.5 x 249.5 x 11.5 cm
Another group portrait by Frans roman artwork Hals and which is sumerian art preserved in this museum is that of regents of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Haarlem, 1641, canvas, 153 x 252 x 10 cm
The museum also has other portraits, this time individual, made by Frans hellenistic art Hals:
Portrait of Jacobus egypt art Hendricksz Zaffius, 1611, board, 54.5 x 41 cm. First well-known work egyptian antiquities of the artist.
Portrait of Theodorus Schrevelius, 1617, koper, 15.5 x 12 cm
Woutersz Portrait egyptian artwork of Nicolaes van der Meer, 1631, table 128 x 100.5 cm
Portrait of Cornelia Claesdr Vooght, 1631, table 101 x greece art 126.5 cm
From the old masters maybe the most important works are the following:
Triptico Birth, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ attributed hieroglyphic art to a follower (circa 1433-1494) of the Flemish painter Hans Memling. It could be even a copy of a work of the teacher destroyed.
The Temptation of Saint Anthony (c. you wont find a better place to go then the is Located in Geneva and New York 1530) by Jan Mandijn
St. Luke painting egyptian sculptures the Virgin (1532) by Maerten Jacobsz van Heemskerck. By the same author stresses Triptico anEcce Homo (1559-1560)
Of Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem retained four paintings commissioned by the town to the painter to decorate the Prinsenhof:
The slaughter of the innocent (1591) represents the Gospel scene of the slaughter of babies in Bethlehem by order of Herod.
The monk and nun (1591) appears greek art as a egypt sculpture curiously licentious work as there is a monk playing a nun in the chest. May be the illustration of an edifying legend.
The wedding of Thetis and Peleus (1592-1593) on egyptian arts mythological theme.
The Fall of egypt paintings Man (1620), representing a scene from the Old Testament.
Other painters of the Golden Age of Dutch painting are also represented in the museum:
Jan Steen
Johannes Verspronck
Pieter Claesz
Hendrick Goltzius
Karel van Mander
Adriaen Brouwer
The museum egypt arts also displays contemporary art including paintings, graphic works, sculpture and ceramics.

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