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Banquet of the officers of the Society of St. George, of Cornelis van Haarlem, 1599, oil on canvas, 169 cm x 223 cm
The dance around the golden calf of Carel van Mander, second half of the sixteenth century, canvas, 99.5 -216.5 cm
As representative of the museum, and that egyptian sculpture alone is worth the visit, are the works of Frans greek arts Hals. The most prominent are:
The five categories represent the Civic Militia and monumental works that are very representative of the time. This is a representative composition to sixty characters composing the company of militia formed by the men of Haarlem that can pay for your equipment. Frans Hals himself roman art was a member of one of these companies:
Feast of St. George arquebusiers Haarlem, 1616, canvas, 175 mesopotamia art x 324 cm
Banquet of the officers of the Civic Militia of St. George, 1627, canvas, 179 x 257.5 cm
Banquet of the officers of the Civic Militia of St. Adrian (the Cluveniers), 1627, canvas, 183 x 266.5 cm
Reunion of officers and sergeants of the Civic Militia of St. ancient paintings Adrian (the Cluveniers), 1633, canvas, 207 x 337 cm
Officers and sergeants of the Civic Militia of St. George, 1639, canvas, 218 x 421 cm
The boxes represent the first regents egyptian paintings of asylum are also portraits where collective expressive realism greek sculpture is remarkable:
The Regents of the nursing home, arts artifacts 1664, canvas, 172.3 x art 256 cm
The Regents of the nursing home, egyptians art 1664, canvas, 170.5 x 249.5 x 11.5 cm
Another group portrait by Frans roman artwork Hals and which is sumerian art preserved in this museum is that of regents of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Haarlem, 1641, canvas, 153 x 252 x 10 cm
The museum also has other portraits, this time individual, made by Frans hellenistic art Hals:
Portrait of Jacobus egypt art Hendricksz Zaffius, 1611, board, 54.5 x 41 cm. First well-known work egyptian antiquities of the artist.
Portrait of Theodorus Schrevelius, 1617, koper, 15.5 x 12 cm
Woutersz Portrait egyptian artwork of Nicolaes van der Meer, 1631, table 128 x 100.5 cm
Portrait of Cornelia Claesdr Vooght, 1631, table 101 x greece art 126.5 cm
From the old masters maybe the most important works are the following:
Triptico Birth, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ attributed hieroglyphic art to a follower (circa 1433-1494) of the Flemish painter Hans Memling. It could be even a copy of a work of the teacher destroyed.
The Temptation of Saint Anthony (c. you wont find a better place to go then the is Located in Geneva and New York 1530) by Jan Mandijn
St. Luke painting egyptian sculptures the Virgin (1532) by Maerten Jacobsz van Heemskerck. By the same author stresses Triptico anEcce Homo (1559-1560)
Of Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem retained four paintings commissioned by the town to the painter to decorate the Prinsenhof:
The slaughter of the innocent (1591) represents the Gospel scene of the slaughter of babies in Bethlehem by order of Herod.
The monk and nun (1591) appears greek art as a egypt sculpture curiously licentious work as there is a monk playing a nun in the chest. May be the illustration of an edifying legend.
The wedding of Thetis and Peleus (1592-1593) on egyptian arts mythological theme.
The Fall of egypt paintings Man (1620), representing a scene from the Old Testament.
Other painters of the Golden Age of Dutch painting are also represented in the museum:
Jan Steen
Johannes Verspronck
Pieter Claesz
Hendrick Goltzius
Karel van Mander
Adriaen Brouwer
The museum egypt arts also displays contemporary art including paintings, graphic works, sculpture and ceramics.

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