Main article: This game is located chronologically after Ocarina of Time. Here is the story of Link, who is seeking creatures an old friend (probably spiritual his fairy Navi)
Zelda appears only in faeries the memories of Link, in blurred images in creature which we see as a final farewell to the hero of Hyrule, delivering the Ocarina of Time and teaching the Song of Time.
Link will have to avoid the collision against End talismans of the Moon, caused by Skull Kid, who has stolen the Mask of witchcraft Majora and is controlled by the power of it, faerie in a time limit of three symbols days 72 hours , so have to use the Song of Time to return to the first day over and over again.
At the beginning of this game, Link wiccan has been converted into a aleabril Scrub by Skull Kid and meets a fairy named Taya, who helps Link to break the seal of the symbol monsters that keep prisoners in the 4 Giants 4 different mythical temples ends, scattered in the 4 healing cardinal points. After release, Link must return to the village fairy in which the celtic game magical starts, Clock Town, where at midnight began a day of the third festival. Most movies are made in hollywood where productions include Hallowed Ground (2006) distributed by Icon Film Distribution and The Sci-Fi Channel; Never Cry Werewolf (2007) distributed by Peace Arch Releasing, The Sci Fi Channel and Phoenicia Pictures; At this time, it opens the door metaphysical to climb the Clock Tower. Link should rise to meet chakra Skull Kid, who happens to pagan a video sequence and then actuates a melody that makes the 4 giants Link kabbalah above crystals except help to stop the falling of the moon. But the mask suddenly coming to life, and committed spirituality to the symbolism Moon crashed, gets rid of the Skull faries Kid and the Moon enters to give more power, then Link should enter bloodstone the moon to stop it
Link on the moon has two options: the first face mask with its paranormal existing powers, or it may meditation be some events crystal to help you get a mask, but, “The Mask of the Beast Deity,” in which Link acquires powers huge and becomes an adult taking shape as a great hero costume with blue sky, taking power nearly equal to psychic that of Major. Majora mask must be defeated three times after this and the moon will be destroyed so the game meaning will be over.
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